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ORGANO Gold Promotes Drinking Coffee

ORGANO Gold states that drinking coffee can reduce the onset of several diseases that include heart disease and stroke.

This is not the first time that the benefits of coffee have come to the forefront. This is something that has been studied many times before. Coffee drinkers have been told many times before that their morning habit can lead to a longer life.

ORGANO Gold mentions a study that was conducted on more than 185,000 Americans. The study indicated that people drinking coffee, whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, were associated with lower risk of countering diseases such as heart problem, cancer, stroke, as well as diabetes besides kidney disease and so on. This study was conducted on African-Americans, besides Japanese Americans, as well as Latinos and whites.

What needs to be noted here is that there is a similar pattern that is spread across different populations. Hence the argument gets a much stronger biological backing. This means that coffee is good for all, irrespective of the fact that the person is white, or African-American, or Latino or even Asian.

ORGANO Gold further stated that all those who had more than two or three cups of coffee each had an 18% lower chance of death as compared to all those who were not drinking coffee. The study further clarified that drinking coffee cannot be considered as a way to prolong life, but there is definitely an association.

There was another European study on more than 520,000 people who were spread across 10 countries. Even this proved that those who were drinking several cups of coffee in a day had a much lower risk of death than all those who were not drinking coffee.

But these studies will have their limitations too. The researchers could not pinpoint any causal relationship. They could not find out the real reasons for these benefits coming in from drinking coffee.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy Advices How to Buy Inexpensive French Wine and Dress Stylish under White Coat

Dr. Akhil Reddy, a leading dentist in the U.S. who is also part of MB2 Dental network, advises everyone how to buy excellent quality French wine at budget prices. He says that there are many inexpensive five-star French wine, but people do not know where to find it.  Dr. Reddy says that he likes to see himself as a wine connoisseur when not practicing dentistry. He listed a number of high-quality wine with unique flavor and great taste for the wine lovers. Dr. Reddy thinks Chateau d’Aiguilhe wine produced by Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon is an excellent choice at $18 per bottle. The red wine has a fruity flavor and floral notes and an excellent choice for a good meal.

Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit is another great choice with a hint of cream and vanilla. The wine comes with stone fruit and grapefruit flavors along with excellent aroma produced by PGI Côtes de Gascogne, and it is priced at $9. Château Haut Bernasse Le Clos is another inexpensive choice from Monbazillac with a different note. It comes with a savory taste and showcases a mix of Semillon, Sauvignon blanc, and Muscadelle. People who go for it would experience honey, marmalade, and sprightly acidity flavors at $15.

Dr. Akhil Reddy also explained how a dentist or physician can look stylish while wearing a white coat. He says that doctors can wear a shirt and tie under the white coat and look like professionals. It is a way to let the patients know that the doctor is confident and capable of handling their ailments. Secondly, Dr. Reddy bats for business casuals that come without a necktie. He says that by using a semi-casual or formal shirt, physicians can still look professional. They can also transform the attire by wearing an additional blazer, sweater, or sports jacket to look more stylish and comfortable.

Using a complete casual attire is also another option to look stylish. The doctors can choose khakis or chinos and can dress some stylish casual shirts to give a lasting impression. Dr. Akhil Reddy thinks that dark jeans and a collared shirt are another options of great stylish attire. It creates a feeling of a more relaxed workplace and makes a condition of more approachable for the patients as well as colleagues.  The physicians should ensure that the shirts are subtle fit, and the jeans should not have any extra pockets, zips, or extensions to make it ultra-stylish. The doctors should look comfortable, but that does not mean that they should wear like they are going to party or nightclub.

James Dondero Solving Investment’s Most Innovative Puzzles

The Dallas metro area certainly has something to be proud of in the puzzle-solving genius that is James Dondero. He has taken to the fiercely competitive investment marketplace in order to transform his early endeavors into a multi-billion dollar giant known as Highland Capital Management. It is a company which has come a long way since he set about to co-found it way back in 1993. He has helped to make a number of aggressive and bold calls which based the bets on information and speculations as to things like turnarounds, emerging trends, and complicated debt deals. There is no denying the results that he has seen.

Many of the high profile names which come out of Texas are the heavy hitter stereotypes. However, James Dondero is a little unique in that regard since his personality is more introverted with intuitive thinking and perceiving according to the Myer-Briggs personality test which classifies him as INTP. His company has a myriad of funds which allow investors to get in on the action from a number of different of angles all while working with some of the best mutual fund managers in the business. One of the best entry-level ways to do this is through the Highland Global Allocation Fund which goes under the ticker HCOAX. Therein lies some of the most highly sought after and intriguing investment ideas all while remaining inexpensive enough so that just about anyone will be able to get their own piece of the action.

Some of the most current themes which James Dondero has been relying on for impressive proceeds include things like master limited partnerships, the Argentina situation, and the recent restructuring of Vistra Energy which goes under the ticker VSTE. Some of his funds which are offered through Highland Capital Management have had historic performance swings which have been wide in margin. Sometimes this volatility might take the fund to the top of its class while other times it might be at the bottom because of the exact same condition. However, it is certain that anyone who follows his advice and offerings will learn a lot about the markets that are being targeted.

Amazing FreedomPlus Instant Credit

As back to school period nears at the end of the summer, it’s time to think and get highly organized for the coming year. You should get the supply list ahead of time. Since the supply lists remain the same year after another, when you purchase certain items earlier you find yourself ahead for the next year hence making the shopping trip more time and cost-effective.

Set up an adequate budget which starts with setting goals for you and your kid. Shopping early is discouraged hence you should wait towards the beginning of the year so that when the time comes, you avoid purchasing stuff that you might already have at home. Base your list on what you need and remember to carry your items list to avoid buying something twice.

Shopping depends on whether the school is only open to school uniform or it allows casual day to day wear, but in all, you must have a plan. If looking for a conservative way shopping for clothes, organize your neighborhood clothes swap where parents get to save a little cash. It might be tempting to procrastinate planning process for back to school but getting organized early enough helps to avoid a stressful transition to school.

FreedomPlus entails a personal loan provider providing money for activities such as home remodeling, debt consolidation, and travel. There is much convenience at FreedomPlus since approval and funding of loans is within 24 hours. They have low credit score requirement hence it may be ideal for people who can’t get approved for other competitive credit lines. As for the loan terms and interest rates, FreedomPlus determines what one qualifies for based on your credit score and other factors. At quicken loan, FreedomPlus loans include home improvement, home decorating, lawn and garden and much more.

Read More: my.freedomplus.com/

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco Bank In Innovation And Success

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is ranked among the top 100 most influential people in Brazil. Because they are enacted to develop fascinating business solutions, they intend to develop a new enigma that associates itself with business deals that develop a new world enigma. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has always strived to become part of the solutions to the problems facing the middle-class individuals in the country by tailoring financial solutions to the problems that affect the people in the banking industry. Because of his tailored solutions, he has capacitated better business in a wide range of capabilities that have enacted better business through solutions that are developed in the marketing world.

Bradesco Bank is one of the few banks that strive to become part of the solution to the financial problems facing their clients in the country. Because of this capability, they are ranked among the most sophisticated business leaders in a way that achieves better business in the country. Working with Luiz Carlos Trabuco in Bradesco Bank has always yielded the desired business solutions that develop better innovation capabilities that are designed to impact the business world in a way that achieves the desired effects in the banking industry. Bradesco Bank is also ranked as one of the largest banks in the country due to its value of assets as well as the large groups of satisfied clients in the industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is now a world-class economic entity that has gained its success because of their tailored business solutions for those in need of financial entities.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco entered the service of Bradesco Bank in 1951. The 18-year-old Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to commence his work as a clerk at the lowest level of professional management practices. Because of his solutions in the business world, no one knew he would become part of the solutions to the needs of the students in the country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also considered as one of the individuals who love to progress from the lowest levels of trajectory to the highest management levels in business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked for 15 years as a clerk before he determined to move to the next level of advancement in the industry. As a result, he decided that he would capacitate better business through entities that deserve skills for better solutions and services to their team of satisfied clients all over the country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the University of Fundacio Penteado as a student studying a degree in Business Administration. For four years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco went on to develop a better business in a manner that depicts the true leadership skills in the industry. Because Luiz Carlos Trabuco wanted to become an experienced professional managing a world-class bank, he decided to enroll for a master’s degree in Sociology and Philosophy in the same University. He graduated with the best credits that enabled him to embark on a doctorate in Sao Paulo University undertaking Sociology and Philosophy. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco was done studying, he went on to become part of the marketing department of Bradesco Bank. The management board of Bradesco Bank decided to nominate Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the next managing director of the marketing department of Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

During his time as a managing director, Luiz Carlos Trabuco promoted the bank’s portfolio in numerous television infomercials as well as print media. It led to the development of new financial programs that attracted new clients to the bank such as the asset loans, pays slip loans, and the pension plans for clients. This action led to his determination as for the only fit person to hold the highest office in the bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was elected as the new CEO and President of Bradesco Bank.

Rocketship Education Taught Preston Smith These Three Things

Preston Smith grew up in California, specifically in the San Jose area. He went to college on the opposite end of the Untied States, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, its flagstaff campus, earning a degree in Latin American Studies, preparing him for interacting with low-income families that only know Spanish in San Jose. After returning to San Jose, he found that today’s San Jose is filled with little opportunity for children, entirely different from kids of his era, which were commonly able to make something out of nothing, according to research from the likes of Harvard and UC Berkeley.


This is exactly why Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education in 2007, after earning a master’s degree in education from San Jose State University. Usually shortened to the acronym RSED, the 18-deep nexus of nonprofit, public charter schools has all of its branches in low-income places throughout America in an attempt to prove free, top-notch K-5 education to kids who need it most, whose families are entirely unable to afford to move to areas with good public schools, or, even more unaffordable, pay their way through private school.


Throughout Preston’s decade or better with Rocketship Education, he has experienced several lessons that will stick with him forever in educational theory and practice – here’s a few important ones.


Parents should be involved in panel interviews, composed of at least six parents and one school administrator. Parents are always concerned about the quality of instruction their children receive at schools, and even though RSED’s instructors are often top-notch, parents’ screenings help weed out less than optimal candidates.


Parents also submit monthly feedback about what their children think of current events at school, how well their instructors connect, and other important educational information. Kids tell their guardians thoughts and things nobody else is privy to, marking the need for parents’ interaction.


Kids with special needs are mandated to spend at least four-fifths of their time at school in general classes, instead of special education classes, in which they’re segregated from regular students. Traditional practice isn’t good for the development of special needs students, birthing the need for RSED’s “meaningful inclusion model.”


Doe Deere Sets Out to Help Other Entrepreneurs

In the last ten years, it seems that the business of ‘getting into business for yourself’ is getting more and more popular. Record amounts of people are taking the plunge and trying out entrepreneurship. Doe Deere is one of many people who have taken that plunge; but unlike some, she’s succeeded. In fact, she’s succeeded in big way. Now she’s a CEO of her very own, very successful cosmetics company. And she wants to offer advice for the other people wanting to take the plunge into becoming an entrepreneur. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lime-crime-launches-mlf-velvetine-collection-for-mothers-day-300444493.html



Doe Deere believes that the first step in finding success is discovering what your passion is. There is no way to reach untold success in an area in which you are not passionate about. You should being working in a career that makes you wake up every day excited; with a fire in your belly. After you find what makes you most passionate, you should begin honing your skills.



Each one of us has our own set of natural skill sets that set us apart from each other. Doe Deere believes that you must figure out what your natural skill set is and hone it in order to be successful. When you discover the things you are naturally good at, you can begin building your skill set and becoming exceptional at your craft.



The successful CEO also recommends learning from the people around you, especially those who can teach you things about whatever industry it is you are passionate about. You should always hit each problem you face head on; never procrastinate and always solve. Addressing problems as they arise instead of ignoring them always winds up being the best choice in the end.



Doe Deere also wants all future entrepreneurs to know that taking risks comes with the territory. If you don’t put yourself out there and take a leap of faith, you will never know what you could have accomplished. Believing in yourself is a necessary step in success. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/



Lime Crime cosmetics is a fan sensation, up-and-coming makeup company founded by CEO Doe Deere. Deere began her journey by sharing makeup videos online with fans, with a dream of creating fun, bright, and vibrant makeup for women. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 and has soared to fame ever since. She is a part of every piece of the company, from creating the ideas, to packaging and research and development.

The Empowered Securus Technologies

Safety is a priority for most people throughout the world. In the US, we are glad that we have the benefits of a company like Securus Technologies. They are the leader of the public safety industry. Their clients are based in the US, but they are known all over the world for what they can do.


Their clients are so pleased with the technologies that they have received from Securus Technologies, and they have written to them to say so. The company has published them in an article so that other people can see them.


They also invited the public to see their plant in TX firsthand. The people were pleased with what they got to see, and they enjoy the question and answer session too.


One of Securus Technologies largest clients is the US government. They deal with over a million inmates at various correction facilities all over the country. They used investigations, interviews and videos to help keep the entire environment safe.


The work that they company does is so needed. Their staff is dedicated and loyal, and they do their jobs impeccably. They are determined to be the best, and the best they are. Moving into the future, they will make the world a much safer place for all.


Grow your career at home with Travelling Vineyard

Most mothers find it hard to carry out full-time jobs. The reason is that the jobs’ pay is unsatisfying. Therefore, moms seek job opportunities that allow them to work from their homes. With these problems at hand, there is a company that has drawn attention recently. This company is the Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard has built a lot of opportunities for moms and other interested persons who are willing to develop their career. Traveling Vineyard offers extensive training and multiple layer support. Traveling Vineyard is a company where the workers can work with time flexibility. Moreover, the independent sales consultants spend ample time with their old and new friends while sampling wines.

It is not difficult to become a wine guide with the Traveling Vineyard. The first step involves buying a complete kit that contains all that you need at a low price of $99. The kit is consisting of order forms, marketing materials, and brochures. In addition to these, there are wine glasses and beautiful carrying bags for wine.

Another thing that you will have to purchase is the testing kit for the first two parties. After buying the two of these, you will be assured that you will have a set of your hands. The test comes at $75. When you sell at$150 and then receive three orders from a party, you will get $ 75 credit in your next tasting set. Therefore, your initial test may be your only investment. Try selling $ 1400 within the first eight weeks and receive $50 rebate.

In Traveling Vineyard you will be receiving a commission of 15-35 percent based on monthly sales. Also, you will be receiving 20 percent off of products by Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard’s wine goes for $14-$25 per bottle.

There are more benefits since there are bonuses whenever you recruit a person into the Traveling Vineyard, you will get $100 when the person receives$750 in sales. For every wine guide, a personal website is given that runs free of charge for three months. Afterward, the company starts charging at a rate of $15.95 per month. The site provides a place where customers can place orders on wine beside providing videos and accounting software.

Traveling Vineyard offers no quotas, and therefore the company gives a discount on the sales to boost your sales. In other times, you can also receive a fully paid travel to reach your clients. By this, the advantage of working with Traveling Vineyard adds up. More over you will find enough time to spend with your family. Freedom to work from home can cause other distractions as you continue with your work. To curb this, just ensure that you set aside time and work space for your job.

Traveling Vineyard info: www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/

Vincent Parascandola Financial and Business Advisor

Vincent Parascandola is a leader within the financial planning industry. With all of the his experience in the industry, there are many people who love working with him. He is currently working with AXA Advisors. This is one of the most popular companies in the country in the financial planning industry.

Vincent Parascandola has a great track record of success helping customers in this area. With all of the changes that he has helped others make, he is making a positive impact on the world.

Financial Advice

Vincent Parascandola loves to give financial advice to people he is working with. With the changes that are taking place in the economy today, investors need to be able to react quickly to opportunities as they come up.

AXA Advisors primarily works with clients who have some experience investing or in business. Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. Many business owners want to let other people handle their investing for them. This is where people like Vincent Parascandola add a ton of value to clients. Learn more about investing and business on Vimeo.

Future Plans

In the years ahead, Parascandola wants to continue helping clients whenever possible. He has started to put online content out around the subject of investing. This is a great way for him to help others as much as possible.

Anyone who needs financial advice should work with Vincent Parascandola. He also gives small business advice for people who own their own business. This is a great way to make more money in the years ahead. Read more about Parascandola and his success on pocomuseum.org.