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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a Hard Book to Put Down

Sean Penn wrote and recently published a book known to its readers as, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” and it’s a hot item. The book was stirring the pot before it even got released as soon as parts were released and had even gone viral on the social media platform.

So many people are trying to compare it to real life even though it is a fictitious book. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff follows a man throughout many different situations, jobs, and even killings and is sure to be a real page-turner for any who read it. It is strange, intriguing, and entertaining all at the same time.

Penn has tried his hand at writing a book cover to cover in the past but has never had the time to devote to finishing what he started. Now, at the age of 57, he has the time to really enjoy the process of writing and is even thinking of doing it again.

Penn has done many different things with his life including interviewing El Chapo, and convicted killer, Jeff Spicoli, and his recent accomplishment of publishing a novel just goes to show that he is ambitious and unafraid to try new things. Penn has written before and is a big fan of Harry Crews, Terry Southern, and Thomas Pynchon.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was released first as an audiobook before it was released in print form partly because the whole process of publishing is quite tedious. Penn found that writing was a lot more enjoyable than he had expected and even though certain areas were less than pleasant such as editing, it was overall, an enjoyable experience. He even wonders why he hadn’t done it much sooner. Penn has stepped back from filmmaking somewhat these days to pursue his own endeavors, and he is loving the freedom.

The main character of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff can be likened to the state of the world today as well as seen solely as fiction. It just depends on who is reading it and how it is depicted.



Kamil Idris, Protecting Intellectual Property

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese statesman, writer, and advocate for intellectual property. His life and career celebrate the vast potential that is human creativity. He holds several degrees from Bachelors in Law, Philosophy, and Political Science to a Doctorate in International Law and honorary Doctorates from Franklin Pierce Law Center (US) and a Doctor of Letters (India).

He joined the World Intellectual Property Organization in late 1982 and served in various leadership positions within that organization, including Director General, who oversees global efforts for intellectual property protection, starting in 1997 and again in 2003. He served for six years during each term.

While the author of several books himself, Kamil Idris has dedicated his life to showing the value of intellectual property like stories that become hit books, ideas that become innovation, or the melodies that become cultural movements.

Idris recognizes the ideas that percolate through the human is our most valuable resource and are the driving force behind our evolution. From the first time a caveman painted a crude beast on a wall to van Gogh, art and creative thinking drive understanding in man in a way other things cannot. Understanding becomes action and action, improvement.

While the human has infinite potential, Kamil Idris recognizes that potential is also directly related to advancement for our entire population. The rights of those individuals must be protected to ensure that advancement makes it to a platform where it can benefit everyone.

Because of the nature of technology in the modern world, the law must race to catch up in order to protect intellectual property rights of citizens who are trying to harness their individual potential to benefit all of mankind.

Kamil Idris has dedicated his life to being a leader in protecting individual intellectual property rights, recognizing the importance of being able to claim ideas for those who are able to think creatively enough to benefit us all.

Find Kamil Idris’s blog here:


Barbara Stokes: A Businesswoman Leading From the Front

If you have not heard of Barbara Stokes, let me tell you about her. She is an upstanding woman of society and always gives back to the community. She is also known to those around her as a driven businesswoman. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes of Huntsville, Alabama. She works alongside husband and Chief Operations Officer, Scott Stokes. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase. Each brings about success with each step they take. They have each committed their lives to the management of Green Structure Homes. Barbara has turned the company into a place with a reputation for providing high quality homes that are energy efficient and economical. The company’s key purpose is disaster relief. In addition, the construction of the homes also occur offsite to help lower impact on the surrounding areas. Barbara has ensured that Green Structure Homes plays a huge role in the support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Follow Barbara Stokes on Linkedin.com. They are part of the Disaster Relief Construction Industry. Barbara and her employees each play a crucial part in the designing, building, and delivery of each project. Barbara and her team have each played a part in supporting relief efforts of several natural disasters including Hurricane Harvey that began on August 17, 2017 and stretched all the way to September 3, 2017. Hurricane Harvey had destroyed several lives, homes and families when it finally subsided. Green Structure Homes’ contribution includes a $28,516,300 contract that will provide modular homes to those affected by the disaster. March 2018 was the deadline and expected completed date for the contract. With over thirty years in disaster relief experience, Barbara as well as her husband, considered themselves one of these best for the job and took pride in the fact that their company could provide relief to families at a time where many of them had lost everything. Barbara’s career began in 2001 when she graduated from Mercer University. She studied many subjects including Thermodynamics, Structures and Properties of Materials, Technical Communication as well as Manufacturing and Management. As well as being extremely educated, Barbara Stokes also has extensive experience in government contracting. She knows how to lead from the front and because of her, her company as well as the employees under her, thrive everyday. With her drive, education, and work ethic, Barbara Stokes will continue to lead Green Structure Homes and maintain the quality reputation they have established for years to come.

Visit: https://www.whitepages.com/name/Barbara-Stokes/Huntsville-AL


Equities first holdings is a company that is customer oriented, the company was founded by AL Christy Jr, in Indianapolis Indiana. The main objective of the company is to offer the customers of the company a chance to get the financing they need to help them accomplish their personal and financial goals. Company has very highly experienced individuals with over 25 years working for them,

The company has a system, that secures the loans against the customers shares and loans. Equities will give them easy to qualify terms making it possible for them to get the loans.

They are also known for their low interest rates, that helps them pay the loans back on time.

Equities has five offices, they are The United States,The United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia. They intend to open in more countries. The unique financing they offer, us gaining popularity all over the world. They are giving several customers the chance of a lifetime.

A Chat with Alex Pall

Alex Pall, one of the famous duos of “The Chainsmokers” band, had an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig around the release of their new track “Close” for “Interview Magazine,” on July 28, 2016.

Rosenzweig started his interview by asking Alex Pall to tell him how “The Chainsmorkers” started?

One day I was at an art gallery when it hit me that dance music was taking over my life and I was enjoying it. So I decided to see where this new love was taking me. My manager who is now our manager introduced me to Andrew Taggart, and we just hit it off well. That is how it all started.

Alex, how did you know it would work out after you two met?

We both grow up liking music we are both ambitious and driven. We both also pay close attention to what type of music works and which ones do not. Our working habits are the same we work hard to create our own identity as artists.

It surprises me that performers like you two actually sing your songs

Why shouldn’t we sing our songs? We wrote some of our songs, and sometimes songwriters write the other songs. However, no matter whether we write them or not it is still us.

How was it working with Halsey on “Closer” Alex?

Halsey is one of the artists that we have always wanted to work with she is the best. Halsey has a powerful voice; her sound is unique.

What type of people connect with your music?

Thanks to Social Media I am able to see actually who is connecting to our music. Our fans come from places like the Philippines and South Africa. We are reaching a demographic between 16 and 25. The demographic is half boys and half girls if I need to take a guess.

So Alex how is your music changing your live show?

We won’t be doing the same things; we want our show to be exciting to keep the audience coming. With “Closer” coming out it will dramatically change our shows.


Fortress of Financial Strength Randal Nardone

During difficult times, the masses will rush to the nearest fortress for safety. This is what investors did with the Fortress Investment Group. How did Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone build a fortress of financial strength?

Fortress of Financial Strength

The financial sector changed forever on February 9, 2007 when the Fortress Investment Group went public. For years, the wealthiest had been able to gain tremendous profits from hedge funds. Now, everyone could benefit.

Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone was a little like “Robin Hood.” He took the previous privileges of the wealthy and made them available to every man. This leveled the financial playing field.

Technology had advanced tremendously. Already, the top Wall Street banks were making consistent profits due to their computer algorithm technology and sophisticated trading strategies. Fortress Investment Group could use these proven strategies to deliver consistent results.

This was great news for institutions who had extra capital to invest and did not want much uncertainty. They could discuss their risk tolerance with Fortress Investment Group representatives, who could tailor the perfect portfolio for them.

Budgeting became easier for institutional investors. Large institutions could make more definitive plans for future developments based on the calculations of their consistent returns, delivered by hedge funds. Everyone benefited.

The institutions got the highest return on investment (ROI). The hedge funds got business, managing billions of dollars. The public was able to enjoy more successful developments. These led to job growth and tax revenue also.

SoftBank Acquires Fortress

While moving to the public realm can open up many avenues for the regular man, there are also many potential negatives to the strategy. Perhaps, this is what Co-Founder Randal Nardone determined when he and his co-founders sold the Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank. The financial industry always has mergers and acquisitions.

Public companies must follow many regulations. While it is beneficial to have more investors, it is also more difficult to run a successful company. There are many conflicting interests that might lead to a financial firm losing focus.

“Too many cooks spoil the brew.”

When the Fortress Investment Group was smaller, Executive Randal Nardone could more easily direct its future. When there were public investors, it was more difficult to enact certain hedge fund strategies. Selling the firm to SoftBank gave Executive Randal Nardone, a new lease on life. SoftBank was like a knight in shining armor.

Contact Randal Nardone: www.marketswiki.com/wiki/Randal_A._Nardone        

The Chainsmokers – Making Chart History

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, known musically as The Chainsmokers, hit the music scene hard in 2012. Their meteoric rise in the EDM genre is noteworthy. The music duo continually reinvents themselves as they grow individually and as musicians and that keeps their music fresh. While The Chainsmokers is comfortably topping the charts, they do not focus on the charts. Instead of letting the charts dictate where they want to go, they concentrate on making music that appeals to them and their dynamic and exciting live performances keep their fans wanting more.

Since their inception, The Chainsmokers have had five Top 10 hits and a Number 1 hit. Their first song to chart, “Closer” featuring Halsey peaked at Number 1. “Closer” stayed at its peak position for 12 straight weeks and it remained on the Billboard Charts for 52 weeks. “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya on lead vocals charted for a full year, peaking at Number 3 on the Billboard Charts. “Roses” featuring Rozes on vocals resided on the Billboard Chart for 31 weeks peaking at Number 6 position, as did another chart-topping hit, “Paris” that stayed on the Billboard Charts for 20 weeks. Peaking at Number 3 on the Billboard Charts and charting for ten months was their hit “Something Just Like This,” a collaboration with Coldplay.

Staying on the Billboard Chart for 11 weeks and peaking at Number 16, “#Selfie” was another chart-topping hit for the dynamic duo. Other chart-topping hit songs are “All We Know” featuring Phoebe Ryan; “Sick Boy” released this year; “Setting Fires” featuring XYLO; “Honest” and “The One” round out their chart-topping successes.

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Pall and Taggart pride themselves on pushing the envelope and stepping outside of their musical comfort zone to stay relevant musically. Realizing making music is a subjective activity, The Chainsmokers make music they want to do. They put their music out into the world with the goal of reaching the heart of their fans. Staying fresh and current has helped the duo win one Grammy and nomination for a second Grammy award.


Dallas Based Bank Is Poised for a Strong Future

NexBank is based in the city of Dallas, Texas, and as of June 2017 it was in control of about $6.4 billion in assets. The majority of NexBank’s clients are financial institutions, real estate investors, mid-market companies and large corporations. Throughout the state of Texas, NexBank’s 3 offices employ nearly 100 full-time workers, who help deliver excellent mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services.

NexBank’s executive management team is focused on merging their expertise in the financial industry with their strong dedication to serve their clients. This allows the company to offer great financial services to its individual, institutional and corporate customers.

Back in late 2015, NexBank SSB made an announcement detailing the acquisition of the Princeton, New Jersey based College Savings Bank. This company works within the niche of 529 plan college-savings programs. The acquisition of College Savings Bank was a big move for NexBank to close out its 2015 on a strong note.

Later, in the summer of 2016, NexBank made yet another impressive announcement. The Texas-based financial services provider managed to achieve a $24 million raise in common equity capital. NexBank reported the gains from this strong effort in raising capital will be put towards general corporate purposes.

Southridge Capital’s Role in Simplifying Investment Banking

Southridge Capital is an investment firm that privately provides security brokerage services. They also advise their clients on the most appropriate investments to partake in through their investment banking department. The group was founded in 1996 and has been in operation since its inception. It is headquartered in Connecticut although it is open to clients from all parts of the country. The company has about 50 employees, and most of them are financial experts in securities and investment banking.

Recently, the company announced through its CEO, Mr. Stephen Hicks that it had entered into an equity purchase deal with Elite Data Services (EDS). This company is based in Dallas, Texas. This company is a firm that markets software that is developed by their programmers. They have a wide range of software that covers almost all fields of life such as health, gaming, and automobiles. Mr. Hicks praised his company for getting into partnership with EDS citing their innovations as the key reason why they agreed to work together.

Southridge Capital has rapidly grown since its establishment as a small investment firm. Their fast growth can be directly attributed to their commitments towards helping their clients to improve their statuses. They always value the customer as the core facet in their company. They have posted impressive figures that are unmatched by entities of its size. Southridge Capital has invested an astonishing $1.8 billion into promising growing companies since they began their operations in 1996. An example of such an investment is the deal mentioned above with EDS.

Southridge Capital take upon themselves to identify the investment that will generate the highest revenue for their clients. They do thorough research to ensure that the chosen investment has the lowest risk to ensure that the client’s funds are safe. Once they are through with crafting a business plan, they set out their experts to the field. These experts are tasked with ensuring the business plan if effected according to the original plan.

The investment group is active on many social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. They also have a website southridge.com where prospective entrepreneurs in shares can get valuable information on how to approach the trade.

Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html

PSI-Pay – A Payment Processing Solution of Excellence

Your corporate or commercial payment solution needs couldn’t be any more sufficiently covered than through the services of PSI-Pay. Your reporting, settlement and approval requirements of MasterCard related occurrences and all activities required by the Farm Credit Administration (FDA) is totally handled with care, proficiency and promptness. There is not a related job too big or too small for PSI-Pay to handle. Experience payment processing solutions that totally facilitates economic matters with sheer certainty.

As a client of PSI-Pay what exactly are you entitled to?

* Well, for one, you are allotted your very own PSI-Pay account in which you have access to all when you need it
* For two, you are given a MasterCard Independent Computer Architecture (ICA) and a Bank Identification Number (BIN) for ease of reporting and dealing with all related matters in which such provisions may require
* Thirdly, your interchange fees are directly passed through
Fourthly, Mastercard invoices are readily available for inspections at your convenience
* Fourthly, no mark ups
* Fifthly, you have the freedom to choose your very own processing partners with no commercial interruption from PSI-Pay
and much more!

Started in 2007, PSI-Pay has been a global force that has facilitated payment solutions throughout economies abroad consistently. A huge offer to customers – prideful is PSI-Pay – unlike many other payment processing solutions of the likes, is its availability of transparency. Customers are able to get a clear representation of their specific account, knowingly and sufficiently adequate in the details related to their case without hassle or frustration. PSI-Pay is an FCA regulated entity and Principal Member of MasterCard. Visit the PSI-Pay website today or call the office for any questions that you may have in regards to the details of what makes the company outstanding.

PSI-Pay is a steadily progressing company that increases its business volume as time elapse. For instance, based on a March of 2016 reporting through psi.pay.co.uk, PSI-Pay increased its business volume by 29% in 2015 up from 2014, and had increased its revenue by 45%. From 2013 to 2014, PSI-Pay had increased its revenue by 15%.

PSI-Pay plans extensively to continue increasing its significant numbers by sustainable amounts, and to pass, yet stay ahead in count, they refuse to pick the low hanging fruits and rather go the extra mile of accomplishing risky processes, eradicate disadvantages and excel by exceeding measures.

Visit the PSI-Pay website for all further details in which comes to mind.

PSI-Pay’s Social Media: twitter.com/psipayltd?lang=en