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How Evolution Of Smooth Broke Through A Stagnant Industry

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Evolution of Smooth is a beauty and cosmetic company that sells lip balm products, hand and body lotions and shaving creams. The staple product of Evolution of Smooth is its all natural lip balms. EOS ranks second in the United States in terms of number of lip balm sold per year. The company is a recent newcomer to the oral care sector. Yet, it has outpaced established companies like Chapstix and Blistex in sales.

How has Evolution Of Smooth, a new upstart in the beauty and oral care field, outpace and out-hustle companies like Chapstix and Blistex? The company has shaken up the lip balm aisle. It has created a new packaging for lip balms. This has immediately caught the attention of customers and brought a buzz in a market that was stagnant. The new spherical packaging is also easier to carry around in purses and actually easier to apply in most cases to your lips.

Another way that EOS lip balm has broken into the lip balm market is through its use of all natural and organic ingredients. Natural and organic products are seeing immense growth that is only expected to increase. By using all natural and organic ingredients for its lip balms and creams, Evolution Of Smooth is taking advantage of the growth in natural and organic products.

Evolution of smooth has also introduced the concept of flavored lip balms. Thanks to EOS you now have lips balms in flavors besides cherry or original. EOS has also created lip balms that make your lips shine and smooth them. This combines beauty and oral care together, which is a new concept.

Over a million units of EOS lip balm are now sold each week. That is a staggering sum that is only projected to increase as the global demand for lip balms is also slated to increase. You will find EOS lip balm and other products in stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy. It can also be bought online thru eBay and ULTA. Visit the website, for more information.