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Grow your career at home with Travelling Vineyard

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Most mothers find it hard to carry out full-time jobs. The reason is that the jobs’ pay is unsatisfying. Therefore, moms seek job opportunities that allow them to work from their homes. With these problems at hand, there is a company that has drawn attention recently. This company is the Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard has built a lot of opportunities for moms and other interested persons who are willing to develop their career. Traveling Vineyard offers extensive training and multiple layer support. Traveling Vineyard is a company where the workers can work with time flexibility. Moreover, the independent sales consultants spend ample time with their old and new friends while sampling wines.

It is not difficult to become a wine guide with the Traveling Vineyard. The first step involves buying a complete kit that contains all that you need at a low price of $99. The kit is consisting of order forms, marketing materials, and brochures. In addition to these, there are wine glasses and beautiful carrying bags for wine.

Another thing that you will have to purchase is the testing kit for the first two parties. After buying the two of these, you will be assured that you will have a set of your hands. The test comes at $75. When you sell at$150 and then receive three orders from a party, you will get $ 75 credit in your next tasting set. Therefore, your initial test may be your only investment. Try selling $ 1400 within the first eight weeks and receive $50 rebate.

In Traveling Vineyard you will be receiving a commission of 15-35 percent based on monthly sales. Also, you will be receiving 20 percent off of products by Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard’s wine goes for $14-$25 per bottle.

There are more benefits since there are bonuses whenever you recruit a person into the Traveling Vineyard, you will get $100 when the person receives$750 in sales. For every wine guide, a personal website is given that runs free of charge for three months. Afterward, the company starts charging at a rate of $15.95 per month. The site provides a place where customers can place orders on wine beside providing videos and accounting software.

Traveling Vineyard offers no quotas, and therefore the company gives a discount on the sales to boost your sales. In other times, you can also receive a fully paid travel to reach your clients. By this, the advantage of working with Traveling Vineyard adds up. More over you will find enough time to spend with your family. Freedom to work from home can cause other distractions as you continue with your work. To curb this, just ensure that you set aside time and work space for your job.

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