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The Zika Virus as Explained by Dr. Sergio Cortes .

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The Zika virus arrived in Brazil and was first detected in May of 2015 reported by NPR. There are already over half a million cases reported in Brazil alone. The Zika virus has now spread to 12 countries including the United States. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has placed a travel warning to pregnant women instructing them to avoid traveling to these countries like Brazil where the virus is now prevalent.

What is happening now and Latin America is extremely frightening according to Officials in Brazil and Colombia have actually gone to the extraordinary step of asking women not get pregnant at this time. Dr. Cortes explains that the Zika virus has been linked to Microcephaly and babies that were born to women who were infected with the Zika Virus. Dr Sergio also believes that Guillain-Barré syndrome may be linked to the virus as well. There needs to be a lot more research done on the relationship between Guillain-Barré syndrome and the Zika virus. Dr. Cortes also wants to gain a better understanding of how exactly the fetus is becoming infected within the womb. The Brazilian government has ordered the Brazilian Ministry of Health to try and find a vaccine and certain monies have been allocated for the project.

Dr. Sergio Cortes and the Ministry of Health of Brazil have warned pregnant women and those women that are planning to become pregnant outside activities cautiously and wear long sleeves clothing so as to keep their skin covered. Mosquito netting and the use of insect repellents is also advocate by Dr. Sergio Cortes at this time.
Dr. Sergio Cortes was recently quoted in where he was explaining the difference between a the 3 types of viruses that you can now catch in Brazil from one specific type of mosquito. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the culprit. This mosquito has the ability to spread virus like wildfire. The same mosquito also carries a Dengue Fever and also the chikungunya fever. Dr. Cortes says that the Chikungunya fever is a dengue disease caused by the Chikungunya virus. In September of 2o14 the transmission of these diseases that occur in endemic areas were brought back by Brazilians that had traveled there. Dr. Sergio Cortes says it is not lethal it will inflame the joints and can leave the patient with a crooked walk.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito is spreading these diseases and everyone especially pregnant women need to act in a preventive fashion. Dr. Sergio Cortes points out that even a small bottle cap left with water standing can become a breeding ground for this type of mosquito.

Dr. Cortes tells that us about the symptoms that a patient can expect if he or she is infected with the Zika virus. Most of the symptoms are not very aggressive last only 3 to 7 days without medical treatment. Common symptoms are sore muscles, fever and rashes.