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Andy Wirth Might Well Be Nature’s Ambassador

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There’s been a balance between people and nature for most of humanity’s history. But recent history has shown some unfortunate disruptions in that balance. One of the more unfortunate things about the situation is the fact that people do, quite sincerely, want to spend time in nature.

Study after study has shown how beneficial it is for people to spend time outdoors. But people often don’t know where to start. And even if they do know about where some great natural spots are they often don’t know how to get there. And this is where one man seeks to make some big changes. That man is Andy Wirth, and he has a couple quite important titles.

The title he’s had the longest is CEO of CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. In this position he’s made a remarkable impact by both preserving the area’s natural beauty and facilitating access to it. And this is exactly what the world needs these days. He’s a businessman, but not just a businessman.

And Andy Wirth a nature lover, but not just a nature lover. Instead he’s in a unique position to combine both of these traits into a concrete plan of action. And this is why not only has Squaw Valley Ski maintained it’s natural beauty, but neighboring locations as well. He’s been an instrumental force in bringing everyone in the area together to both preserve and promote the region’s breathtaking wonder.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

And this is why his new title is so important as well. He’s the new chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This position might sound like it’s all about working with planes. But it’s actually about extending his general philosophy in running Squaw Valley Ski even further outward. The position centers on the idea of showing people just how beautiful the region is, and providing the means to get them there.

By taking the position Andy Wirth is now able to almost act as an ambassador for nature itself. He’s not acting for any specific part of the area. But instead he’s simply working hard to showcase the sheer wonder of what’s available. He’s also a great match for this responsibility due to the simple fact that he’s an avid sports fan.

If there’s an event in the area than he’s the one to ask about it. This is so true, in fact, that he even pushed his recovery from a serious injury faster just so that he’d be able to participate in the local ironman competition.