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Spark Tank Gives Away Money To Socially Innovative nonprofits

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Marc Sparks is a name everyone should know. In today’s world of increasing rifts between rich and poor and marginalized and productive members of society where one misstep hurtles individuals from the brink into the abyss, Sparks does the unthinkable. He shares his secret to success to help the marginalized or marginally successful turn their lives around to become better than ever.

Sparks is a serial entrepreneur who applies his ability to up-and-coming fledgling companies, offers them all of the support they need to prepare them for business from business consulting to graphic design resources. Startups often struggle to afford operating costs while they are locating sufficient financial resources to manufacture and market their products to retailers and the public. He makes it a non-issue by providing all of these services.

Many of his Timber Creek Capital fledglings become successes en par with his own personal financial investments. He does not hold back.

His Sparks Tank concept is similar to his Timber Creek Capital efforts. Sparks Tank holds contests to award a $5,000 lifesaver to nonprofits who can prove how they will effectively use the money to improve their recipients’ lives.

For instance, recently Sparks Tank awarded the $5,000 grant to Dog Matters, a nonprofit whose focus is to provide temporary shelter to dogs of addicts and alcoholics who have found their way into recovery. In cases where an addict is engaged in addiction their dog would normally be taken by the local city or town. It adds a layer of devastation and loss to someone who is in the throes of an illness.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

In the world of big business $5,000 may not seem like much. Yet, Marc Sparks puts his money where his mouth is. Not only does he give these awards to nonprofits, but he has successfully started and grown his own nonprofits. He knows that $5,000 is something any prepared nonprofit can work with to make their organization successful, because that’s what he was able to accomplish time and again. Read more: @msparks5010

Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora transformed The Samaritan Inn, a small homeless shelter from a thread bare house and transformed it into a $3 million annual operation that serves 200 people daily by feeding and housing them. In full Sparks style, the two do not just provide shelter, but they transformed thousands of homeless people’s overturned existences to regain their independence.

How Did $5,000 Help Samaritan Inn?

Marc Sparks and Sipiora built a kennel behind the Samaritan Inn shelter with $5,000. That sum allows the homeless to keep their pets until they have regained their independence. Children receive enriching and educational experiences such as student lessons and camp for the nominal amount of $5,000. The center’s shuttle bus provides rides for the once homeless to get to work every day, providing the $5,000 in gas. Now ask if $5,000 can make a difference.