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Unveiling the Solvy Math Solution

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Mathematics is often regarded as one of the most challenging courses. Over the years, stakeholders in the education sector have come up with numerous solutions to help students grasp the subject and SOLVY is one such solution.

According to an excerpt published inClasstechtips, SOLVY is a free homework program that targets students, teachers and schools. Teachers can use the platform to assign work to students based on their current needs. SOLVY is incredibly efficient and adaptive. Students who need assistance can easily send the teacher a notification alert.

Students can also interact with teachers using a graphic tool that reveals the problem solving techniques and underlying errors. The system is also designed to help maths teachers expend their time efficiently without interfering with traditional classroom learning.

The other benefit of using this highly integrated web learning tool is its ability to operate on different computing platforms. A new SOLVY solution for Algebra has also been availed. For this and more information, visit the SOLVY website.

About Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a well-known Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist with interests in investment banking, technology and education. The companies include Endemic Capital, SOLVY, Foro Energy and New Gas Technologies. According to his page, Alexei established Endemic Capital in 2013 as an entity for supporting Russian startups.

He also established A-Ventures Ltd to help struggling Russian companies with financial needs as well as industrial concerns that require quick operational turnaround. The success Alexei has had in the business has seen him advise the Russian government on various issues including the economy.

Alexei Beltyukov latest venture is the interactive education website SOLVY that debuted in 2015. According to a PRNewswire release published in April 2015, the highly anticipated software was unveiled during the Educator Day at Los Angeles based EdSurge technology conference.

The participating parties included tech coordinators, teachers and education administrators. In terms of education, according Alexei went to INSEAD School and graduated in 1997 with an MBA. In April 2010, he helped establish INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, which aims to curb the brain drain problem in Russia and Ukraine.