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George Soros Reveals Five Point Plan To Ease The Migrant Problem In Europe

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The future of the European Union has been placed under an increased threat level by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers displaced by Russian bombing in the war torn country. Market Watch reveals legendary hedge fund manager George Soros has published his own view on of how best to deal with the refugee crisis, which has seen already economically struggling areas of Greece and Italy flooded with those seeking a peaceful and better life. Over the last few months Hungarian born Soros has been quick to point out the problems being caused by Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The plight of those struggling to survive in societies that do not protect their human rights is a cause George Soros has always looked to assist in, which has often led to his charitable Open Societies Foundation being banned from working in countries like Russia. George Soros has used his personal wealth of over $25 billion according to Forbes to raise awareness of human rights and various philanthropic causes; in recent months, Soros has also taken an active role in the U.S. Presidential election after he became concerned about some of the rhetoric used by Republican candidates.

The chaos that has recently engulfed the European Union has the ability to bring down the entire community, but could be avoided if the member states agree that the responsibility for asylum seekers needs to be shared equally amongst themselves. Making sure a specific number of refugees are accepted each year is an important first step and should initially allow one million asylum seekers the opportunity to enter the EU each year.

George Soros believes the German Chancellor Angela Merkel could now be classed as the leader of the free world as she stands between the world and continued Russian aggression against Russia. The refugee crisis has spread beyond European borders to cause issues in many countries in the Middle East; easing this burden by providing aid to Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan in terms of financial and humanitarian aid from the European Union would improve communications between these countries.

The European Union has been struck by its own inability to take up a unified approach to the migrant crisis because of a lack of a continent wide border and migrant agency. A specific streamlined approach to the refugee crisis would make the process of identifying those who would qualify for asylum, including a continent wide benefit system to reduce the controversy seen across the continent. Establishing a continent wide immigration agency would also open up the channels of movement for refugees trapped in areas of Greece and Italy; George Soros believes the issues caused by the asylum crisis are adding to the debt problems seen across poorer regions of Europe. As a private business person George Soros foundero of the Open Society Foundations believes private groups should also become involved in the crisis in a bid to find the best ways of addressing the situation, which would also provide an economic stimulus to the struggling European economy.