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Arthur Becker Accomplishments in Real Estate

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Arthur Becker is a well-known hedge fund manager who currently works as the managing member at Madison Partners. Madison Partners is a respectable investment company, and it has been in the industry for a while. It mostly deals with early stage Bio Tech Ventures. The company also deals with real estate ventures. Arthur Becker was serving as the chairman and president of an institution known as Zinio LCC before acquiring his current position.

Not long ago, Becker revealed his career life during a special interview conducted by Ideamensch. According to the interview, Becker decided to start the company when he was working as the chief executive officer of a company known as NaviSite several years ago. The company gave him a lot of exposure in technology and real estate industries. However, NaviSite was acquired by another company in 2011, and this prompted the businessman to start his own business.

In an article on NY Daily News, after selling NaviSite, Becker invested in a company in Miami known as Condominiums Development. The company exposed him to early stage biotechnology and the experiences he had fascinated him. He also had a special desire to make a change in the lives of people in the society, and this forced him to start the company.

Every single day, Becker wakes up with the desire to transform the society around him. Positive attitude in all his activities ensures that he is successful in everything he does. To be productive, the businessman believes that surrounding yourself with the right people is the only way. His schedules at the moment, he is quite flexible because he does not have to attend business conferences and meetings. As per Huffington post, he says that his greatest responsibility is constructing luxury residential in his neighborhood.

Becker understands the importance of transforming his ideas into life. He says that he achieves this by working with the people he has respected for, and this always ensures efficiency. The businessman applies this strategy in real estate and technology, and this is one of the reasons he has done so well. When he is not working, the entrepreneur loves helping the needy people who are living in the society. Becker also enjoys spending time with his young family. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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