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Here Is How NGP VAN Kills The Game

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Sought-after careers, bragging rights, celebrity status, financial compensation, world-class benefits like insurance and savings account matching plans, satisfaction, and many more things are at stake in political elections across federal, local, and state levels. In general, the larger areas of jurisdiction a political office-holder is responsible for, the greater the rewards of being elected to such positions are.

People have long wondered what the most effective approaches, strategies, and views associated with running for office are. In the past, candidates and their respective gobs and oodles of campaign staffers, representatives, and other paid campaign officials have allotted a majority of their time working for such incumbent and prospective political office-holders’ campaigns in the form of trying to experiment with what paths are best for various, totally unique situations.

Today, the political sphere is full of campaign management tools. Candidates that don’t take advantage of such programs – like NGP VAN, a tech company that gears its software which can be used on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other modern technological devices, and has been associated directly with quite literally thousands upon thousands of political campaigns across all 50 states, various offices belonging to the ranks of the federal government of the United States of America, and both lowly and top-dog positions across over half of the nation’s local governments.

In short, NGP VAN uses its high-tech repertoire of capabilities to help candidates beef up their campaigns faster than any other Democratic-friendly campaign management software.


About NGP VAN, the Democratic Party’s favorite tech tool for succeeding in political campaigns

NGP VAN was founded through an equal merger of two smaller software companies that were both deeply involved providing technological products, services, and answers to individuals running for new positions across various levels of government all across the United States of America.

One-half of NGP VAN’s precursor companies was initially formed in 1997 by a tech expert named Nathaniel Pearlman. That company was known as NGP Software from its foundation through its merger with the second half of NGP VAN’s precursor entities.

The other company? Voter Activation Network – the second part of NGP VAN’s corporate formula – was formed a few years after NGP Software was founded by Mr. Pearlman – he later served Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton as an executive with responsibilities solely related to information technology and all things related to computers, websites, and modern technology.