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End Citizens United Identifies Widespread Meddlers In The 2016 Presidential Election

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While a significant percentage of people in the United States believe that there were Russian interventions in the 2016 Presidential election, the recent developments do not stop there. The investigation conducted by End Citizens United, a leading PAC that is fighting against big money into politics, showed that many other countries would have attempted to influence the American election process. It revealed that a company run by Chinese nationals called American Pacific International Capital contributed as many as $1.3 million to a super PAC that was supporting Jeb Bush. Similarly, a Mexican billionaire made donations to some of the super PACs by creating a shell company. These are found apart from the Facebook campaign initiated by the Russian troll farm that gave immediate attention to foreign interference.

Additionally, in the early months of 2017, FEC found 15 potential cases of foreign funding in election campaigning. Though the foreign companies are not allowed to spend on elections, the ineffective laws of FEC are making them difficult to track. The weak campaign finance laws are giving potential loopholes for the foreign firms and players to access the democratic processing of the country easily. It can be seen as the threat created by the right-wing lobbyists as they removed the finance laws through various court rulings to make them favorable for themselves. Interestingly, it helped the right-wing billionaires to conveniently purchase the election results in their favor for enabling them to say the final word on important policies.

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All these issues started with the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling in 2010 for Citizens United, a conservative PAC. The ruling gave corporations, advocacy groups, and labor unions a status similar to citizens and gave unlimited spending options in elections without any accountability. Though it was widely criticized from then, the big money donors and corporations saw it as an option to bribe the politicians or make their favorite representatives get elected in the campaigns. Sadly, the representatives who won with the support of those money groups always gave priority to the needs of such groups without showing integrity to the constitution or the people.

To challenge the ill effects of the Supreme Court ruling, ECU was formed in 2015 by the backing of mainly grass root donors. The PAC is trying to make a meaningful legislation passed to eliminate the effects of Citizens United order. For that, it plans to send maximum pro-reform candidates to both the houses in the coming elections. With that mission, ECU supports all the liberal candidates who are ready to support its mission, by offering financial support as well as grass root level campaigns. The PAC also spreads its message and brings the attempts of conservatives to spoil the election process to the people of America through its social media pages.