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Mark Mofid, Changing Perceptions In Plastic Surgery

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San Diego plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid, has pioneered and innovated some of the latest methods in gluteal augmentation. Although this procedure is an aesthetic practice, Dr. Mark Mofid is looking to have conversations with his peers about the origins of the procedure and how it can be done is a safe manner. His goal is to alter the perception of his peers as they discuss research he has done and innovative procedures he has created.

Described as confident, conservative and contemplative in his approach to gluteal augmentation, Dr. Mark Mofid sets boundaries when working with patients. Bigger isn’t always better and the doctor doesn’t hesitate to disagree with patients who want to push the boundaries. He won’t use implants larger than 330cc and sub-facial placement is never an option. Dr. Mark Mofid won’t go beyond what he thinks will look appealing, even though his patients insist it will make them look better or increase their fame. The risks of trouble over time out weigh the patients desire to go bigger and more

When Mark Mofid started practicing the procedure of gluteal augmentation about eight years ago, he was not satisfied with the option of silicon implants on the shelves. Then the available implants were too large for inter-muscular placement. He used to spend hours before surgeries trying to carve implants to look more appealing for placement during surgery. All of this time and effort resulted in the doctor coming up with a new implant to be used in gluteal augmentation. He designed a low profile round implant that solved two of his major problems and looked more natural.

Mark Mofid, was educated at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. He then studied under Raul Gonzales, a plastic surgeon in Brazil who began preforming buttock surgeries in 1984. He considers Brazil to be leading the way when it comes to body contouring surgery. As popularity of gluteal augmentation grows in the United States expect to hear more from Dr. Mofid as he is sure to be leading the way and training others.