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George Soros: Donating Billions to Charities

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George Soros is the most successful investor in the history of the United States. Despite the wealth and influence that he is currently enjoying, his life as a child is very different. Living in Nazi-occupied Hungary as a Jew, George Soros had to endure every single day. He lives in constant fear, knowing that anytime, the Nazi army could arrest them and send them to concentration camps. George Soros and his family managed to survive one of the deadliest wars in the history of the world, and he decided to transfer to London to study. He took up a degree in Economics, and he worked several jobs to support his studies. After graduating, he decided to leave for the United States and decided to chase his American Dream. Living in the United States was not easy for George Soros, and he had to be creative to make it through the day. Applying what he learned from the university, George Soros started trading at the stock market and establishing his hedge fund. His fortune and wealth began to accumulate, and soon after, he became a billionaire. He continued to earn more and built his business empire, and as of 2017, his net worth is more than $26 billion.

Because of the horrific experiences that he had during his childhood, George Soros wanted to eliminate hatred and discrimination in society. He worked with liberal groups to promote a society where everyone is equal and has the right to do whatever they wanted. He established the Open Society Foundations and unified all of the liberal groups operating around the world. George Soros is already in his 80s, and he wanted his groups to mobilize so that his global agenda can be made into reality. Recently, it was reported that he had given around $18 billion of his wealth to Open Society Foundations. George Soros is serious about his plans on changing the society, and he is hoping that through the funds he provided, the groups which are under the Open Society Foundations would continue lobbying for a liberal society.

The Open Society Foundations has been helping the society since their establishment, and they have been focusing their work on Asia recently. One of the examples of the assistance that was provided by the Open Society Foundations is when they helped out the victims of political oppression in Nepal during the 2000s. There was a massive protest in the capital between the supporters of the king and those who are opposing him. The Nepalese military started to arrest those who are fighting the king and tortured them to death. The families of those who were falsely accused of initiating the rebellion asked for the help from Open Society Foundations, and they were given lawyers as a form of assistance. The perpetrators of the brutal tortures and executions were brought to the court and justice was served to the families. They thanked George Soros for helping them out, and Open Society Foundations stated that they would continue helping the oppressed and their capabilities widened because of the $18 billion fund given to them.

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Another Year of Giving Makes George Soros a Popular Philanthropist among Recipients

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George Soros, one of the world’s most successful investors and named one of Forbes magazine’s wealthiest businessmen, recently donated $18 million to his nonprofit foundation. The Open Society Foundation will benefit from the donation for the use of grants, scholarships and community restructuring all across the globe.

Founded in 1979 by George, the Open Society Foundation leads the world’s charge to empower people to bring forth better opportunities to live in society with dignity, honor and humanity. The majority of the grants that are awarded to organizations are those that the foundation approaches directly due to the work already being conducted by the organization. However, the organizations who have a supportive public following often reach the foundation’s grant list by continued open calls received by Open Society Foundation.

George has been unfairly demonized by those who unknowingly or unwillingly seeing his compassion for the world community. Being one of the wealthiest men in the world with an estimated net worth of $8 billion, George has been the target of many unfair conspiracy theories that surround the political climate and social awareness efforts. Despite those efforts by those who seek to discredit his incredible philanthropy efforts, George continues to serve the communities of the globe and makes a huge difference.

With a theme in the country of “Wealthy America” verses “Main Stream America”, the incredible contributions that George has given to society has been misconstrued in ways that have left some to believe the untruths of his factual efforts. George was raised during the Nazi-Germany ERA that lasted until his immigration to England in 1947. His business skills and knowledge of economics, which he learned from the London School of Economics, provided him a pathway to become successful as well as give back to society.

Since becoming wealthy, George has consistently donated to worthy causes within the United States and abroad. He has contributed to civil rights groups, minority groups, political causes and equal rights groups that include the gay and lesbian community as well as women rights. George donates to the New York City school system which has amounted to over $35 million to contribute to the well-being of underprivileged children and assist their parents who are in low-income situations. His donations within U.S. politics have been widely publicized through his support of former President Barrack Obama as well as Democratic Nominee Hillary Rodham- Clinton.

With his roots in Hungary and being born in Budapest, in 1984 George provided a budget of $3 million to start the first Open Society Foundation in the country. He was also credited with helping the economic crisis surrounding Central Europe and Eastern Europe and donated $100 million to the non-government agencies throughout the region. Open Society Foundation has been instrumental in combating the HIV and AIDS crisis in South Africa through its initiative of collaborating with organizations for human rights, economic development and poverty reduction.

It is estimated that George Soros has provided more than $11 billion towards philanthropy causes over the last four decades.