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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Are a Hit and Unstoppable as a Team

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Roc Nation head executive Desiree Perez landed a meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge as the chairman for Universal Music Group. They met with him in his offices in Santa Monica, California. The speculation is that the Universal Music Group may place a hand in the pot with Roc Nation. This move may be something that allows for Jay Z to bring more new artists to the boards in order to bring a war against Apple and their head competitor Spotify. Read more on

The Universal music label has developed a deal for distribution with Roc Nation. This is just a very small percentage for the artists business. If UMG would invest more, the UMG would hold a larger stake for the Roc Nation artists.

The Universal Music Group insider says that the partnership is very significant without anything changing. For Jay Z, he alone is phenomenal and everyone thinks that doing business with him is great. For Desiree Perez, there is not a discussion that has been had in regards to the end of the deal between Live Nation and Roc Nation.  For Updates on Dez timeline activities, hit on

The landmark deal for Jay Z that began with Live Nation started out with $150 million dollars. This deal is nearing a close and Jay Z has stated that he is approaching new music industry heads to earn a place in the stake of Roc Nation. Jay Z first signed the deal which was for 10 years back in 2008 for the price tag of $150 million.   Check

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This deal, known as the 360 deal is coming to a close next year and this can result in the buy and sell means. This will allow for either side of the deal to purchase the other side of the contract for Roc Nation. The sources say that the deal for touring with Jay Z is still being maintained however the deal portion for the recorded side of the music is what they are hoping to close.  More updates on Desiree’s page.

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Desiree Perez Behind The Scenes In ROC Nation

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Desiree Perez is known in the entertainment industry, for her excellent skills in tough negotiations involving multi-million deals. She has used her negotiation skills in ROC Nation and that has helped the company to reach new heights of success. In particular, she has made significant deals with renowned artists such as Rihanna. She is known as a terrific deal maker and a shrewd entrepreneur in the entertainment industry and that has helped so many artists to grow. She was behind the successful agreement between Rihanna and Samsung.

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Her aggressiveness to get the best deals cannot be underrated. However, she has also managed to successfully negotiate contracts, for baseball players under the ROC Nation Sports Agency. She is one of the top executives at ROC Nation. She is involved in the management that oversees operations such as branding, labeling, and publishing. Read about her on

Her input has been felt as the business has grown beyond imagination. She does not only strive to make ROC Nation successful but also makes the artists she engages and works with prosperous. Her primary objective is to provide ideas on how ROC Nation can register profits from album sales. She is part of the HovCircle that oversees all the activities and decisions of ROC nation. Head over to for a related article.

She is married to Juan Perez who heads the ROC Nation Sports department. She is commonly referred to as “babe fierce.” Desiree is always inspired to get the very best. However, she is passionate about grooming upcoming artists.  For more of Dez, click this.   One of her constant recommendation to upcoming artists is that they should sign contracts with music labels, which own the biggest artists in the industry. She believes that this will help them to learn and grow as professionals. There is no doubt that she is the mover and shaker of the entertainment industry. As the Executive of ROC Nation, she is determined to make it grow its borders and reach the biggest artists on the planet.  Click for an interesting article.

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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Look for New Deal

Home | Music Streaming Business | Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Look for New Deal

Desiree Perez and Jay Z of Roc Nation have a heck of a decision to make in the coming months. Jay Z had locked in his company, Roc Nation, to a huge ten year contract with the company Live Nation. The deal paid Jay Z a hefty $150 million and made him one of the largest business moguls in the hip hop game. With the ten year ‘360 Deal’ coming to a culminating it means that Jay Z and his team are ready to start negotiating again. Live Nation and Jay Z have both gone under big changes over the past decade and that could mean a huge change for both parties.  Refer to for more news.

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Preliminary talks between Live Nation and the Jay Z camp have been relatively fruitless at this point. Live Nation wants to move away from recorded music in studios but that is a huge aspect, obviously, of what Jay Z and Roc Nation are trying to do. Live Nation is reportedly still interested in representing Jay Z’s touring businesses but that could mean dramatically altering the deal. It only makes sense that Perez and Jay Z would want to go ahead and try out different contracts.  Interesting news on, be sure to read it.

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Jay Z and Desiree Perez were spotted at a sit down dinner in Santa Monica, CA alongside Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Groupe. Grainge is the Chairman and CEO at Universal Music Group and a sit down meeting between the two parties is pretty clearly a big deal. Still, UMG has been pretty hush about the topics of the meeting only saying that they are enjoying a ‘fruitful relationship’ with Jay Z. However, this doesn’t mean that Jay Z and Desiree Perez are ready to sign any deals any time soon. We’ll see when Jay and his team are ready and not before.  Head over to for more reading.

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