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Oncotarget: A Guide to Good Health

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In today’s world, there are so many kinds of diseases. Some are degenerative and some noninfectious. The degenerative diseases have become more popular and a bit hard to treat. One that has drifted faster over time is the monster cancer treatment that has taken the life of most people and hence won the title the killer infection. Doctors and researchers have been kept on toes by this infection hence minimizing people’s fears of the diseases. That has brought about the ideas off writing and publishing of journals that help in distinguishing the different types of cancers, and a perfect example remains to be Oncotarget.

Oncotarget is a journal that was brought about in 2010 by Mikhail and Andrei as the chief editors and scientists as well. It is published and issued weekly and covers all that is need and is important about tumors and cancers. It talks about their diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They scientists are working to see that the disease is eliminated from the face of the earth which is what people want to hear especially those that have lost loved ones to the monster.

Oncotarget is of so much meaning to those who suffer from cancer because it takes them through various steps through their treatment. It also brings with it all the new and improved ways of treatment as soon as they are noted to be working on the patients. New therapies are also included in the journal. Research shows that illnesses take in on different trends every day. Its possible today amoeba is spread through dirty water and in the next minute amoeba is found in dirty vegetables. Here Oncotarget keeps up with any new diagnosis hence preventing the high spread of the ailment. Mainly Oncortarget is here to make the most out of research and help people live happy and healthy lives. The authors are so good to accept corrections and work on them once submitted. They have created a platform for people to express themselves. The medical journal today has been expounded to focus more on all the areas in medicine. It is open to anyone wishing to have a personal follow up. They can download it from the internet and go through it in their comfort zone. These positive aspects of the journal made it be ranked among the best journals of Thompson Reuter JCR impact of 2011. and more