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Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah Creating Positive Change

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One of the practices that all successful people possess is the gift of giving back. Sanjay Shah is a British millionaire that clearly understands the responsibility that comes with success. Not only has he created and guided his company Solo Capital Partners to incredible heights of success, he has engineered several programs that give back to the world and make the lives of others a better experience. It is important to understand the background of the life of Shah in order to appreciate how far he has come in his journey. He is a self made man and his charitable contributions allow others to live better lives as well.

Solo Capital was born because Sanjay Shah changed his mind. Originally, he believed that his career path would be in medicine but after a short time, he decided that the lucrative world of finance might fit him better. That is when his focus changed to financial studies and after his education was achieved he got his first job at Merrill Lynch. In an interview Shah reported that he had a hard time following the leadership of others and the rigid structure of his job. Although he was successful in financial matters the economic crisis of 2009 hit and Shah was at a crossroads in his career. It was at this point he took the gamble to strike out on his own and start his own company.

Solo Capital proved to become a viable and successful boutique investment firm that started to lead the industry in investments including professional sports franchises. It has been five years that Solo Capital has been in operation and in that time Shah has accumulated a net worth north of $280 million. One of his continued charitable causes has been to assist poor children in India which has been an ongoing passion for that past 10 years but a personal tragedy propelled Shah to make a unbelievable impact in the world and change the lives of others.

Once Shah reached a certain financial level, he wanted to let Solo Capital work on its own and allow him to step into retirement. In 2011, Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism and rather than be overcome by the problem this created, Shah decided to become proactive and start a brand new charitable organization called Autism Rocks. The idea is a simple one, hold invitation only concerts with popular performers donating their talents. Then taking the profits and giving them to research facilities working on the causes and the cures for this neurological disorder.

Global Citizen Reasearch has shown that a child that gets 20 hours of therapy each week will develop quicker and be able to fit into society better. So much of the funding that was raised went to raising awareness about and money for autism treatment facilities. They also help families with autistic children receive all of the resources they need to help their children assimilate into society. Autism is such a prevalent disease that it is becoming harder and harder to find proper treatment facilities. The resources that currently exist are full. That is one of the places that funding from Autism Rocks will help solve the autism Crisis.