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Kamil Idris, Protecting Intellectual Property

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Kamil Idris is a Sudanese statesman, writer, and advocate for intellectual property. His life and career celebrate the vast potential that is human creativity. He holds several degrees from Bachelors in Law, Philosophy, and Political Science to a Doctorate in International Law and honorary Doctorates from Franklin Pierce Law Center (US) and a Doctor of Letters (India).

He joined the World Intellectual Property Organization in late 1982 and served in various leadership positions within that organization, including Director General, who oversees global efforts for intellectual property protection, starting in 1997 and again in 2003. He served for six years during each term.

While the author of several books himself, Kamil Idris has dedicated his life to showing the value of intellectual property like stories that become hit books, ideas that become innovation, or the melodies that become cultural movements.

Idris recognizes the ideas that percolate through the human is our most valuable resource and are the driving force behind our evolution. From the first time a caveman painted a crude beast on a wall to van Gogh, art and creative thinking drive understanding in man in a way other things cannot. Understanding becomes action and action, improvement.

While the human has infinite potential, Kamil Idris recognizes that potential is also directly related to advancement for our entire population. The rights of those individuals must be protected to ensure that advancement makes it to a platform where it can benefit everyone.

Because of the nature of technology in the modern world, the law must race to catch up in order to protect intellectual property rights of citizens who are trying to harness their individual potential to benefit all of mankind.

Kamil Idris has dedicated his life to being a leader in protecting individual intellectual property rights, recognizing the importance of being able to claim ideas for those who are able to think creatively enough to benefit us all.

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