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Jordan Lindsay is a Financial Services Provider and Guru

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If you have been a keen follower of cryptocurrency headlines, then you are probably aware that 2017 was relatively a favorable year for Initial Coin Offerings. What you probably don’t know is the fact that the 752 ICOs introduced to the market in the last year cost over $5 billion. This amount surpassed the initial stage funding that was raised by venture capitalists in the history of the business.

75 percent of corporations like Microsoft and its counterparts are beginning to embrace ICOs and blockchain technology. Similarly, extreme companies like Kik as well as Aptoide are adopting the same investment model. As such, this trend is projected to proceed into this year (2018). Nevertheless, the big question lies in the series of news headlines regarding what lies ahead of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as well as the ICOs. Inclusive of the funding mechanism, especially for start-ups, there have been a plethora of questions regarding the eventuality of success or even failure.

In 2017, most ICOs aimed at the enormous numbers while striving to come up with about $100 million. With that said, most of them succeeded. Unlike that duration, the current trend is taking a somewhat lean direction with the graph subsiding. Over time, crowdfunding has become the in-thing within the industry. As such, more countries are stepping into the game by creating limitations regarding the amount a company can raise annually. Now instead of crowdfunding, companies will delve into raising the bare minimum.

Most companies with a running product in the vicinity are far much successful than companies with a possibly viable idea that has not been implemented. Currently, there are new opportunities for emerging players who would like to expand their businesses. Moreover, the IT industry is flourishing under ICOs. Alongside multiple CVs that have joined the movement, more companies are expected to join the blockchain business.

Jordan Lindsay grew up in New York. He loved sports and was very active as a child. Currently a veteran and trader in financial services, he has mastered the art of using technology to grow businesses. Also, a self-taught programmer and a guru in systems architecture and design, Lindsay is an alumnus of Mount Angel Seminary. All too often, he offers advice regarding the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Who is Jason Hope?

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Jason Hope has many titles, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. He also holds the title of futurist. What is a futurist you might ask? A futurist, simply put; refers to a person who tries to predict the future of a given trend or even a genre. They study what is happening and make predictions on where that industry will be in the future. Jason Hope world renowned for his love of tech.

He started his career with the creation of JAWA, a mobile communications company. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Hope gives back by focusing on education as well as investing in research that is designed to combat prominent diseases. He also strongly supports the Arizona public school system and maintains a great relationship with his hometown’s educational system. HE provides grants up to $5,000 by way of supporting local students’ research and start- up plans. This is done via an online submitting process where students can upload their research plans in order to get funding to launch they projects or start up ideas.

Jason has also worked with several groups such as the Boys & Girls Club in Arizona, the Tony Hawk Foundation and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. Merging his titles of futurist, philanthropy and investor, Jason joined forces with the research organization Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation or SENS. The main focus of research done here is geared towards fighting the aging process. The way the company is attempting to do this is by taking a preventative route and attempting to stop diseases before they even begin. Jason also has an interest in politics, specifically relating to business dealings within his home state of Arizona. More can be learned about this fascinating individual via his website,,which is also where students can submit their ideas for possible grants and start up funding.

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