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George Soros Will contribute $5 Million For Immigrants Voters Win PAC

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This year political campaigns mark the highest contributions by the wealthy folks especially the Democrats. New and potential leaders have also come open to vie for positions with the Democrats group. George Soros and other liberal donors as posted in a New York Times article is planning to raise $15 million to try to increase the number of Latino voters and swing immigrants to vote for the Democrats come November. Their strategy is to fund the Latino super PAC campaign managed by a Latino, who is also angry about Trump referring to them as thieves and rapists. By November the Latino and immigrants who compose a large population could raise the vote number by 400,000 votes.

Soros has made a huge comeback in the political arena since 2004 when he did not make to get Bush out of the election league. He is now summing up to $13 million part of it donated to support Clinton on her political campaign. Soros is a liberal democrat and is bell weather among other investors who in collaboration with are trying to make more people opt for the Democrats. However, the problem is there are Clinton and Sanders on the Democratic side while the Republicans are only following and supporting Donald. The working class of the whites especially has the urge to vote him in so that he can push for the anti-immigrants law and build a long wall at the Mexican border. Soros, on the other hand, finds this as a complete injustice and disrespect to the rights of democracy for all persons.

Soros has been operating an Open Society Foundation that runs in many parts of the word. The principles of his organization are to promote democracy, human rights and a free open society. He has been giving scholarships to his foundations to youths like in South Africa who could not access good education because of the apartheid policy. He respects public opinions and has written books explaining the importance of respecting democracy. He refers to himself as an independent thinker which he has earned from being independently wealthy.

Soros was born in Hungary and is a great investor; he owns a hedge fund that is listed in the highest earning hedge funds by Forbes. He is number 10 in the list of the top earning hedge fund managers in the world. He is currently endorsing Clinton on her political campaign and regrets for having not supported her in 2008. Soros does not meet with politicians, but he was ready to have an open discussion with Clinton. In this political campaign, his contribution awards him the title a liberal hero. He, however, likes investor, philanthropist as part of his titles. Oxford University awarded him an honorary degree considering his outstanding efforts.