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An Experiment With Wen Cleansing Conditioner

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WEN Hair by Chaz is a line of hair-care products designed to make your hair routine easier and more effective. Their 5-in-one cleansing conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. An article on walks the reader through one woman’s 7-day experiment with Wen’s cleansing conditioner. The original article can be found at the following link:
The woman who conducted this experiment, Emily McClure, had shoulder-length, fine hair and was hoping the product would give her “luscious, QVC-worthy strands“. She provides pictures of before and after each use of the product on each of the seven days.

On the first day she noted that not as much hair piled up in the drain as usual and that her hair felt more shiny and bouncy. She also mentioned that the bottle says to use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium-length hair, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. She used 10 pumps which, from looking at the pictures, is about five times the amount of shampoo she would normally use.

Throughout the rest of the week she noticed that her roots were greasier and oilier than normal, but her hair was more voluminous and shiny as a result. Her hair was also softer, which caused her curls to fall sooner in the day than normal.

McClure concluded that this Wen hair works best if used everyday at the same time of day. She advises not to skip days, because hair will become extremely greasy and difficult to manage. Overall, this Amazon available product is good to use for shinier looking hair.

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