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Fabletics For All Women

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There are a lot of places you may be looking for great clothing. Fabletics should be on your list of ones to check out. They may just have the clothing you want and need.


Fit for All

When Fabletics started out, they were using a subscription program that helped them become a household name. The subscription program is still something that happens now. You sign up and pick a style to get every month. That is all there is to it. You will then get clothing every month that will fit your style. Each outfit and style is tailored to fit different body types. This makes it easy for anyone to wear Fabletics clothing. The cuts are great for all looks and the fit is comfortable for anyone that wants something different.



A great thing about the Fabletics line is they are great quality and they give you some wonderful style for your clothing while you are exercising or are running errands. You can be sure to feel comfortable as well as look great with Fabletics and their line of clothing.


Online Store

The online store fits all women because it makes the clothing low cost and available for anyone to buy if they want. The online store makes it easy to get outfits sent to your address. The online store did so well, they started a few limited stores in larger cities. This made it that much more available to other women. The stores offer things that the online ones don’t. They allow you to try on your clothing and see things that are colorful without being concerned that the colors are not going to be what you thought they were.


There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking at clothing, but Fabletics may be a great one to look into. You will find they are fit for any woman and they give women an ability to feel good about themselves and the way they look. You should make sure you are getting the right style for your tastes and the right options for your needs. What are you waiting for? Get some Fabletics and see why they are so good for you.


The EOS Lip Balm Phenomenon

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EOS, know as the evolution of smooth, seems to be everywhere. The popularity of their colorful flavored lip balms has skyrocketed. Celebrities are loving these little pods as well. Available in a myriad of flavors, the favorites of customers appears to be unanimous.

What’s so great about these lip balms? People have been moving towards organic products more these days. Since 2009, EOS lip balm has been boasting about their petroleum-free 95% organic aspects of the lip balms. Other benefits include the following:

  • 100% natural ingredients, including Shea butter and jojoba oil
  • Glides on the lips
  • Promotes smooth lips without over-drying
  • Petroleum and paraben-free aspects prevent from having to reapply frequently
  • Vitamin E antioxidant
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic

As a small startup company, they’ve achieved success against very large corporations who’ve been in business a lot longer. Their innovative packaging has been a huge draw for customers as well as flavors such as strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, and lemon drop. Consumers love the smell but state it’s not overpowering. Selling at only $3.29 on, people are raving about the assortment of flavors. Pages of positive reviews in high-profile magazines attest to their success and the customers’ satisfaction.

Other companies attempt to emulate the lip balms in flavor and appearance, but they can’t compare to the original. With thousands of followers on social media platforms, consumers share their favorite flavors while praising the product. The luscious flavors and benefits of the lip balms keep customers loyal to the brand.

View the EOS product gallery on Facebook. Also visit the website,


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg reshapes fashion e-commerce through JustFab

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JustFab is a fashion business enterprise founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They both serve the company as co-CEOs to bring out the unique and the trending brands in the fashion industry. They both have a great passion for fashion, and to make sure that their brands or the business grow successfully, they resolved on having a different model of operations. E-commerce is one term that describes the way they carry out their business.

Don is an entrepreneur who specialized in brand building. Don Ressler sold one of his companies, in the year 2001 to intermix Media. Adam was working at Intermix Media then, serving as the Chief Operating Officer and his friendship grew into business partners a few years later. From the several businesses Don has been able to operate, he managed to raise about $1 billion, and when Intermix Media got bought by News Corporation, Adam and Don thought of establishing their company.

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They kicked off 2006 by creating an online shopping platform, Intelligent Beauty and after creating several brands, they realized that their clients had embraced the e-commerce shopping. The two entrepreneurs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler thought of a new personalized shopping method that they could introduce to improve their customer’s online shopping experience. They aimed at achieving an interface where people can interact freely, have fun and above all allow affordable subscriptions. JustFab grew out of this idea where they created the personalized platform, hired highly experienced designers and style consultants and ensured that the subscription model is cheap and attractive to all. The subscribers were able to select handbags, shoes, and many more accessories made according to their taste and preferences for only $39.95 a month.

Don says that they don’t just ship in any product in their premises. Instead, they engage their customers through the subscription model. Don Ressler added that they aim at inspiring women from their brand collections and also give them tips on styles through their leaders working in the field. Additionally, they are also given a chance to interact and share views with each other. JustFab was an amazing women’s fashion brand that they launched, and Adam says it brought them an overwhelming potentiality. He added that they focus on the best designs, creativity, affordable price range and hiring of a highly experienced team of stylists. JustFab has grown into a great e-commerce fashion enterprise globally.

Apart from JustFab, Don Ressler had established different businesses and served them holding executive positions. They include FitnessHeaven, Alena Media as well as Intelligent Beauty.

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The Need to Know on Fabletics

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Fabletics is one of many different retailers that is based online, using online subscriptions for a base so that their clients get the most out of their buy. This famous retailer sells different types of women’s sportswear and accessories. These types of items have also been known to be called “athleisure”. Fabletics is happy to do all of the work for you, when it comes to picking out the right things to wear, by basing their outfits off of the lifestyle and the fashion preferences that are pertaining to the member. The Fabletics website has been a must-have for many women who love to look good.

The History Behind Fabletics

Kate Hudson (famous actress), Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler all put together their heads and launched this famous store on July 2013 with one goal in mind, making sure that everyone was able to get the style of clothing they wanted from Fabletics, while also not having to pay too much for it. In the year of 2015, Fabletics launched a new line, men’s activewear, and it was all thanks to the help of Kate Hudson’s famously known brother, Oliver Hudson. During the 2016 year, the Fabletics company made the decision to make expansions with their inventory by adding to it some dresses and swimsuits.

The expansion of 2016 made the company flourish even more so. Now the Fabletics company has reached a record high for exposure as far as their advertising is concerned, thanks to their brilliant team of people. Over the years, this company has made a great name for themselves.

During the months of September and October of the year 2015, the Fabletics company on Twitter made the great decision to launch its first ever brick and mortar stores of retail within malls that were owned by the well-known company Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc. This year, during the month of February, Fabletics was said to have been scheduled to launch between the amount of 75 and 100 more different types of stores to help expand their business.


The membership for the Fabletics website only costs $49.95 a month, which is a money saver and a half compared to other fashion retailers. The Fabletics subscription however, does allow members the opportunity to skip payment for a month without having any extra charges added on to their bill. When members sign up, they will have to fill out some basic question that are a breeze to go through, and these questions will be used to help offer some advice on which outfits members should choose from. All in all, this site is a must-have for every woman who wants to look good, and save money while doing it.

Fabletics For Everyday

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There are a lot of ways you can get some great clothing that you can use for your exercise as you do for your everyday life. The good thing is that you can get these clothing items at a low cost or that you can get from the internet for a low cost. You may be wondering how it works. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think to make it work for you.


Fabletics is a great company that was started by Kate Hudson and is for the woman who wants to exercise and still look great. You can take your money and start to get your great clothing for a small fee each month. You can get what you want in Fabletics as well as save money and time.

How it Works

The way Fabletics works is that you sign up and do a survey to find the styles you like. Then you will get monthly packages sent to you with clothing that you will love. You can wear Fabletics to exercise in or you can wear it when you are just doing what you do. This way you aren’t spending a ton on clothing you don’t want.

There are a lot of different things you can buy to wear when you are looking at keeping things low cost. You can save yourself time when you are looking at exercise clothing. You also can find that you are saving yourself money because you are getting these clothing items from an online store. Fabletics can cut the costs by a lot and can help you to get more for your money. You should look into what clothing you really want and if this is the right choice for you and your needs. This way you will get the clothes you want as much as possible. 


JustFab Opens Up Its Catalog To Plus Size Women

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The Curvy Fashionista is saying that JustFab has opened up their catalog to plus size women who want to wear good clothes. JustFab has been on the cutting edge of the fashion industry for a long time, and now they are making their catalog the place where plus size women can find the things that they need. There are a lot of things that women will love as they shop, and it is important that every woman at least looks at JustFab once to see what they can find.

Curvy women are trying to find a way to embrace their curves in a body positive society, but they still have to be able to shop for these things easily. The shopping is the hardest part, and that is why it is so important that JustFab has done this. Just Fab has made sure that they are making clothes that are going to flatter curvy women, and they are going to make as many clothes as they can to help plus size women find something they want.
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The next best thing for women to do is to make sure that they are going to have clothes that actually look like the clothes their friends wear. JustFab is trying to be right where other fashion lines are, and they are going to make it easy for women to see something that they saw on the runway or in a magazine that was beautiful.

The report from The Curvy Fashionista is something that women need to pay attention to even if they do not wear plus sizes themselves. They are going to be able to help women get the clothes they want, and they are going to be able to recommend the site to their friends. A friend who finds something at JustFab is going to be really happy, and they are going to feel great because they have been given their friend a way to get some great clothes. The two can shop together, and it helps plus size women avoid shopping in places where they know they would never find a thing.

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