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Drakes Gets Super Bowl Spot

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When Drake released this hugely popular hit song “Hotline Bling” there was a lot of chatter about this reggae soaked R&B hit. It didn’t quite come out in the summer of 2015, but it appears to be a summer styled jam that will probably carryover into summer 2016.

A bevy of people got kicks out of the bazaar dancing of Drake in the video for the song, and many parities would soon follow, says Jon Urbana, a great music artist in his own right. There was even a Saturday Night Live skit about this video. Many people decided to laugh and chuckle it up, but it appears that Drake will be having the last laugh. The popularity of this song has actually landed Drake a Super Bowl commercial spot with T-Mobile.

This is huge news for someone like Drake that was already dominant and pop and rap culture because it still expands the audience. Millions of people have seen the video and heard the song, but there still are a lot of football fans that have never heard of Drake. Now he gets a chance to add a twist to the song and possibly gain even more sales of this single.

This mat be another lucrative deal that comes in addition to the great deal he had in 2015 with Apple Radio. Apple is currently paying Drake to be a DJ in order to bring some much-needed hype to the new Apple Radio show format.