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Doe Deere: A Business Icon

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If you are a beauty junkie, you’ve probably heard of the popular makeup company called Lime Crime. But, did you know how it all came to be? The creator of the worldwide phenomenon has been wildly successful all because of her two true passion- expressing herself through color and cosmetics. Doe Deere is a force of nature, a major success story and someone you’d probably love to befriend!


It all started out as a creative outlet she truly enjoys, but her creativity stems back even further. Doe was born in Russia, and moved to New York as a teenager. She used to hand draw temporary tattoos and sell them in the streets of New York for extra cash. She was also a musician, alongside her husband in her early twenties. She always had creative talent and was determined to use it in her business life. Learn more:


At the time, the desired look was no so bold and bright, but Doe had other needs when it came to her makeup palettes. She wanted to put her stamp on the cosmetics industry and really stand out from the rest. She created Lime Crime, which offered the most unique shades of lip and eye products and it was an overnight success. By creating something different from the norm, she was able to not only express herself and her true passion, but become a successful business icon.


On her Instagram, you can really see the type of person she is- fun, bold and unafraid to be herself. She exudes confidence and happiness and has become an internet inspiration to many, especially her “unicorns,” another word for her many fans. “The Queen of Unicorns” couldn’t be happier about the way her business has found success and how many people have been able to identify with being different and unique. It has always been about making others happy and able to self express. This is one reason why she is such an inspiration in both the business world and social media.


If you haven’t familiarized with Lime Crime yet, you will be absolutely impressed in this bold and bright line of fun cosmetics. Lip colors, eye colors and so much more will have you wanting to self express in no time!


Boraie Development: Transforming Atlantic City’s Skyline

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Atlantic City, situated on the eastern portion of the state of New Jersey, was once a thriving settlement which has the best casinos and entertainment centers in the country. However, the construction of casinos in nearby states and cities has crippled the city’s economy, and it remained stagnant. People lost their jobs, and the city started to degenerate. The people who lived in Atlantic City because of its vibrant city life started to move away from the city they once called home. Opportunities are rare in the city, and there is no source of income for those who stayed. This is what the new mayor of the city wanted to change, so he partnered with several companies to transform Atlantic City. One of the chosen partners is Boraie Development, a New Jersey based real estate property development founded by Omar Boraie. The plan is to build structures that would change the city’s skyline and would lure more people to work, live, and invest in the city.

Boraie Development is planning to build The Beach at South Inlet, which is a 250 apartment complex that will be built on a vacant lot near the city’s major avenues. According to Boraie Development, their plan is to create an affordable housing for those who are working in the city’s entertainment sector. More than 80% of the total number of employees working in Atlantic City chose to live in the cheaper Atlantic County, and only 5% of them decided to live in the downtown. Boraie Development wanted more people to move into the city center, which is why they are building residential properties that are suitable for those who are earning a decent living. The mayor of Atlantic City welcomed the plan from Boraie Development, and Wasseem Boraie will overlook the construction of the property. He stated that The Beach at South Inlet will open next year, and it can house up to 50,000 people. For more details visit Bloomberg.

The total cost of building the projects is around $81 million, and these newly built units are said to lure the younger generation because of its modern architectural style. According to Wasseem Boraie, one of the problems of Atlantic City is that they have too many residential units that are over 40 years old, and most people do not want to live inside dilapidated old homes. What the city needs, according to the vice president of Boraie Development, is the construction of new residential units that will attract more buyers and investors.

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Doe Deere Sets Out to Help Other Entrepreneurs

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In the last ten years, it seems that the business of ‘getting into business for yourself’ is getting more and more popular. Record amounts of people are taking the plunge and trying out entrepreneurship. Doe Deere is one of many people who have taken that plunge; but unlike some, she’s succeeded. In fact, she’s succeeded in big way. Now she’s a CEO of her very own, very successful cosmetics company. And she wants to offer advice for the other people wanting to take the plunge into becoming an entrepreneur. Learn more:

Doe Deere believes that the first step in finding success is discovering what your passion is. There is no way to reach untold success in an area in which you are not passionate about. You should being working in a career that makes you wake up every day excited; with a fire in your belly. After you find what makes you most passionate, you should begin honing your skills.

Each one of us has our own set of natural skill sets that set us apart from each other. Doe Deere believes that you must figure out what your natural skill set is and hone it in order to be successful. When you discover the things you are naturally good at, you can begin building your skill set and becoming exceptional at your craft.

The successful CEO also recommends learning from the people around you, especially those who can teach you things about whatever industry it is you are passionate about. You should always hit each problem you face head on; never procrastinate and always solve. Addressing problems as they arise instead of ignoring them always winds up being the best choice in the end.

Doe Deere also wants all future entrepreneurs to know that taking risks comes with the territory. If you don’t put yourself out there and take a leap of faith, you will never know what you could have accomplished. Believing in yourself is a necessary step in success. Learn more:

Lime Crime cosmetics is a fan sensation, up-and-coming makeup company founded by CEO Doe Deere. Deere began her journey by sharing makeup videos online with fans, with a dream of creating fun, bright, and vibrant makeup for women. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 and has soared to fame ever since. She is a part of every piece of the company, from creating the ideas, to packaging and research and development.