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Shaygan Kheradpir Triumphantly Returns to Coriant

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Recently Coriant, the famed optical transport company has pronounced that Shaygan Kheradpir will once again assume the role of its CEO. He is taking over the job from previous CEO Pat DiPietro. Dipietro will now assume the role of the company’s vice chairman and this will let him spend more time in his partner role at Marlin Equity Partners as well. Coriant was formed by Marlin Equity Partners years ago when it fused together elements of Nokia, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs.

Kheradpir will be ready to assume all the responsibilities of Coriant CEO on day one. A high ranking Coriant executive has observed him working closely with the upper management team for many months already. Coriant has great faith in Kheradpir because of his years of experience in technology and business. In total, Kherdadpir has 28 years of executive experience in the technology and financial sectors. Notably, he performed well in executive roles at both GTE and Verizon Communications. In those companies, he had the roles of Chief Operations Officer an Chief Technology Officer.

Pat Dipietro had some very enthusiastic and kind words to say about Shaygan Kheradpir’s return to the company. He said that the whole company was honored and very fortunate to have a man of his caliber at the helm. Further, he believes Kheradpir to possess key insights and execution ability that will help Coriant reach new heights in its growth.

Coriant is a networking solution company with a reputation for being innovative. Last year, Coriant did $1 billion in sales to its network operators and it has a presence in more than 100 countries around the globe. Of the world’s Tier 1 Communication Service Providers 9 of 10 are serviced by Coriant. Due to its cutting edge technology and superior leadership Coriant practically has a monopoly in the industry, yet it only expects to grow further and expand revenue.

In addition to working at GTE and Verizon, Shaygan was also employed at Barclays as the company’s CTO and COO. He played a crucial role in modernizing Barclay’s technological infrastructure thus bringing it up the 21st century technological and security standards.

Since his youth, Kheradpir was regarded as a genius by his peers. He holds a Ph.D in engineering and privately holds many patents in the technology industry because he is a true pioneer of innovative technology.

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Mike Baur Oversees a Partnership between CTI Invest and Swiss Venture to Organize Events

Home | Business | Mike Baur Oversees a Partnership between CTI Invest and Swiss Venture to Organize Events

Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the founding partner of Swiss Start-up Factory AG. He served in the Swiss banking sector for over 20 years. Mike is popular for coming up with the idea of fundraising and financing rounds at Swiss Start-up Factory. He is an entrepreneur and popular businessman.

Swiss Start-up Factory

The factory is based in Zurich and was launched in 2014. It looks for digital entrepreneurs with great minds. They must be doing well in entrepreneurship, then they provide them with exciting opportunities. They provide openings to entrepreneurs because they have a good network in Switzerland and other places around the world.

The factory runs an accelerator program that lasts for three months. During the program, they offer a unique platform for services including mentorship, office space in Zurich, training and entrepreneurial network to help digital entrepreneurs attain their ambitious objectives.

New partnership with CTI Invest

The managing director of CTI Invest made various vital announcements during the previous Swiss Venture Day that took place in December 2015. The popular financing platform for innovative ventures will partner with Swiss Startup Factory. The partnership will foresee the organization of events and coaching start-ups. The two agencies have already unveiled a site with video clips of Swiss start-ups and Podcasts.

The partnership aims at developing the Swiss Startup ecosystem. Jean-Pierre, who is the managing direct at CTI Invest, will be the managing partner of the factory as from 1st of January 2016. The organizations will partner in diverse fields. Swiss Factory will assist CTI Invest to co-organize events such as Swiss Startup day as well as coaching entrepreneurs under Swiss Startup Training.

There will be changes in the format for Swiss Venture day. Events in Zurich and Lausanne will have simultaneous tracks. The two tracks include one for life sciences and the other for Information Technology. Another option for venture day in Basel is the pure life sciences. Other Swiss Venture days will happen in St. Gallen and Ticino.

Note that the startup day extends by half a day this year. The partnership between the two organizations brings new people and a new offering. A lot is expected to change after the partnership.

CTI Invest has over 100 investor members. It has been supporting the private association for over ten years. CTI Invest has printed a report with this conclusion, “CTI Invest is an essential actor of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem. The financing platform is responsible for the organization of events like Networking events, Swiss Venture day and educational events also known as Angel day.

Brian Bonar Is Recipient of Exec Of The Year Award

Home | Business | Brian Bonar Is Recipient of Exec Of The Year Award

Brian Bonar, the BPO and employee staffing outsourcing giant has been honored Executive of the Year by the prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who® Registry. The visionary CEO is recognized for his esteemed professional accomplishments and excellence.

This prestigious national award, put on by a leading organization, recognizes professionals with advanced leadership attributes, and significant community contributions. “Brian Bonar has definitely set the bar high for others,” said one associate. The Executive of the Year award is testament to Bonar’s laser focus on customer service and excellence in the Finance industry.  Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages and Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service
“I look forward to continuing to promote a strong momentum throughout this year and beyond,” said Bonar. Bonar has led Dalrada Financial Corporation from its infancy to a company with more than 100 employees and tremendous growth over the last decade. Under his leadership, Dalrada Financial has been instrumental in acquiring like minded companies, as well as securing a bigger share of the BPO staffing industry.

Record-breaking years have included great revenue and solidified Dalrada Financial as a national staffing solution for small to mid-sized companies. The company’s accomplishments and achievements over the past decade have cemented Bonar’s position as a visionary.

Each year, the Executive of the Year award goes to two men and two women professionals who embody extraordinary leadership attributes, commitment and passion, while motivating their teams to reach new heights towards excellence. Brian Bonar demonstrated vision, and has shown vast knowledge of business norms, as well as being a huge success in advancing Dalrada Financial.

After earning his B.A., and Master’s degree, Brian Bonar began his career at IBM, serving in executive posts overseas, as he worked his way up the corporate ladder. From San Jose-based Adaptec, to the Rastek Corporation, and QMS, Inc., Bonar empowered others toward a common goal. He became a Director of Dalrada Financial in 1995, and CEO in 1999. Dalrada now operates nationally, and is listed as a public company.

Brian Bonar has also founded several staffing companies, including Smart-Tek Automated and Allegiant Professional Business Services, both temporary staffing companies, offering solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. “It’s challenging for companies to find employees with the right mix of talent today, and this has resulted in a high level of unemployment,” says Bonar.

His staffing companies address this problem, and has made big contributions to the community. Bonar offers his clients a realistic picture of today’s market, and exactly what his companies can provide.
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Bob Reina Founded Talk Fusion As A Better Video Communication Platform

Home | Business | Bob Reina Founded Talk Fusion As A Better Video Communication Platform

In today’s world of fast paced messaging and technology driven activities, it is no surprise that a video communication company is the most visited direct selling website in the world. This website, according to the Alexa Rating System, is Talk Fusion. This company is great to work with because they are reliable, their services are affordable, and they provide an incredible services that cannot be matched. Also, their CEO is a great man whom we will discuss at the end of this post.

More About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has seven services to offer their customers. They are constantly updating their website, services and packages to provide the most comprehensive products and services to their clients. They offer video communication services, video conferencing, video email, webinar services and other video related marketing services.

Talk Fusion currently has 200,000 distributors of their products that live in 114 countries around the world, so it is easy to see that Talk Fusion is growing quickly. They actually had to open up an office in India to deal with the high demand for their products and services.

Understanding How Talk Fusion Started

The company wasn’t founded by accident. In fact, the CEO, Bob Reina, had a special vision for it long before he founded it. He actually left his full time job as a police officer in Tampa to pursue his career in direct selling when he had the same type of vision. When he started doing direct selling as a full time career he found himself quickly rising to the top percentile of all earners in many of the companies that he joined.

He found time to start his own company. That company was Cash Card Worldwide, and Bob gladly served as their president. It was his vision for a better video communication platform that brought others to his network. Bob Reina knew that it was possible for our technology to be used in a way that connects us closer to one another. He was right. In 2007, Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, and the rest is history.

Eucatex Is The Leader Of Brazilian Development Plans

Home | Business | Eucatex Is The Leader Of Brazilian Development Plans

Eucatex is the foremost construction supply firm in Brazil, and the company has participated in many of the greatest building projects in the country’s history. Brazil has built multiple soccer stadiums over the past few years, and the country is building venues for the upcoming Olympics. Businesses are moving into Brazil to provide more commerce, and Eucatex is at the heart of it all. The company is led by a member of the family in Flavio Maluf who is uniquely qualified to lead, and this article explains how Flavio is using his business experience to make Eucatex a more viable development partner for Brazil.

#1: Flavio’s Education

LinkedIn indicates that Flavio has an engineering degree that he uses every day in his work. He works with the people who make Eucatex products, and he understands how each product is manufactured in one of their plants. The family business is much stronger because of Flavio’s leadership, and he has the expertise necessary to streamline the company’s operations. Eucatex is making more money every yer because of savings created by Flavio himself and he’s passed on those secrets to up and coming entrepreneurs.

#2: Flavio’s Business Background

Wikipedia indicates that Flavio did not come back to the family business immediately after graduating from university. He worked with some of the largest banks in the country to learn about business management, and he uses his experience from banks in Brazil to help Eucatex save money, and his business acumen is far greater than other people in his industry. Construction supplies have a high profit margin, and Flavio wants to keep the profit margin as high as possible.

#3: Eucatex Can Be Found Anywhere

Eucatex products can be found in many places in Brazil. The Eucatex banner is flown at large construction sites where their paints and parts are in use, and the company’s products are sold in retail stores across the country, and Flavio plans to expand his company’s operations to other parts of the world. Everyone will see Eucatex products in use during the Olympics, and Flavio wants to parlay that exposure into massive profits for his company.

#4: The Family Aspect

Many large companies in Brazil are still family businesses, and Flavio Maluf is continuing the family tradition that was set by his predecessors. The company is seeing its profits rise every year, and Flavio is planning to release new products that will make Eucatex more relevant after the Olympics are over. Brazilian development will continue after the Olympics, and Eucatex will be there to help.

One of the most storied and successful companies in the history of Brazil is Eucatex. Their leader Flavio Maluf is helping the company progress into the 21st Century, and he has streamlined operations while improving their retail opportunities all over the world.

Coriant appoints Shaygan Kheradpir to lead operations in the company

Home | Business | Coriant appoints Shaygan Kheradpir to lead operations in the company

Coriant Company that was formed by the Merlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm, is a great supplier of innovative networking solutions. Recently the company has extended its services to leading network operators in over a 100 countries.

Coriant was formed by the strong merge between Nokia Siemens optical networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks businesses. Based on an over 35 years of technology innovations it has been renown for offering the best packet optical transport.

The company has so far attracted a vast line of customers. These include; cloud providers, large enterprises, government agencies and the nine top 10 global Tier 1 communications Service Providers.

In a recent press release, link:, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the new Coriant CEO. Shaygan came in to succeed the former president Mr. DiPietro. Mr. DiPietro later on became the vice chairman at Coriant and transitioned back to his position as an operating partner at Merlin Equity Partners.

Shaygan Kheradpir who has gained much of executive industry, business and operational experience, is expected to lead Coriant to the next level of growth. His skills will be vital in intensifying data application in the growing market. These include long haul transport deployments, mobile back-haul upgrades centered on the evolution of 4G and 5G and big scale data-center and cloud infrastructure build outs.

Shaygan has been in the business and technology service field for 28 years. He then has gained much experience working with telecom, technology and financial service industries. Shaygan acquired his bachelors, masters and PhD from Cornell University where he was also in the Cornell University Engineering Council.

He began his career at GTE Corporation. Later on Shaygan, as a chief operations and technology officer joined Barclays Bank. At one time, he also served as a CEO at Juniper Networks where he worked for the development of operating plan for the company. Prior to his new position as Coriant CEO, he worked with the senior management team at Coriant where he got to familiarize himself with the ongoing processes at Coriant. With his guidance and insights, Shaygan is expected to lead operational execution at Coriant and lead the company to the next level.

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