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Men’s Fashion Trends just go a little less expensive

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According to a Bloomberg article many people are cutting out the middleman in order to make more money and make customers happier. Throughout the years, some companies have started online businesses and have figured out that certain middlemen could be excluded from their business process. Online companies that sell mattresses, apparel, razors, and even eye glasses have found much financial success by removing middlemen. About three years ago some innovative individuals felt that they could do the same with shoes.

Two friends, Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson, came up with a plan that would allow them to remove the middle man from the sale of fancy footwear. Their plan included starting their own e-commerce business called Jack Erwin that would offer fancy footwear at an unbelievable low cost of about $200. They were convinced that their idea would work because the cost of fancy footwear included a markup of about $350, making them to be priced at about $500. With their website, the two planned to spend $100 to make the fancy footwear and then sell them at approximately $200 per shoe.

The idea sounded great but when the business was started the two friends, learned that the italian shoe business isn’t easy business. The business of fancy footwear includes many complex steps that the two were not ready for. Thankfully, they were able to recruit the assistance of a professional. With help of the professional the friends were able to land their first production order of 2,500 pairs of fancy shoes. Their first production order was funded with $275,000 from friends and families. The Jack Erwin’s shoe sold out quickly when they were released in October of 2013.

The success of Jack Erwin’s led to more orders being placed and the owners figuring out more middlemen to cut from the shoe manufacturing equation. Their removal of certain middlemen helped the company to become even more successful and helped to raise the quality of shoe that they sell.

Jack Erwin’s is not the only shoe company that is available online. Paul Evans is also a brand that is available online at nice prices. Paul Evans sells fancy men shoes of high quality.

Paul Evans was started in order to provide the buyer with a different and more satisfying shopping experience. With the help of Paul Evan, shoppers are able to purchase shoes that are created in Italy by skilled artisans. These artisans help to provide a comfortable shoe to shoppers that is both stylish and of high quality.