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Sentient AI – ecommerce personalization begins to explode on the scene

Home | Business Strategy | Sentient AI – ecommerce personalization begins to explode on the scene

Ecommerce personalization has many forms but one example is the concept whereby the retailer tries to deliver a unique shopping experience suited for each and every customer. Its essence is that it is personalized and specifically unique for each customer. This concept now is moving to a larger idiom. Personalization that allows a retailer to try and predict what you want before you want it via sentient AI (Artificial Intelligence). The key here for the retailer is to develop a shopping experience that is ubiquitous and delivers as expected and wanted by the consumer in a manner that is fluid, easy and understandable.

Leveraging sentient AI calls for a retailer to engage an ecommerce personalization platform that delivers shopping experiences that are today considered archaic and simply don’t truly delivery what the consumer wants. Its premise delivers an experience where the consumers unique shopping DNA is predicted and figured out by programming literally on the fly. A great example of this is the recent rise of Stitch Fix. This new IPO apparel firm uses AI ecommerce personalization and human interaction to deliver apparel that is unique to each customer without the customer actually asking for the particular outfit.

In order to achieve this Stitch Fix leverages big data to run comprehensive algorithms (computer programs) on everything about the shopping characteristics of each and every customer. Stitch Fix collects over 85 customer data points to start, including demographic information, purchasing habits, family lifestyle data, and a host of data points all intended to determine via algorithms to predict what you might want to buy and they send you apparel that has a very high probability that you will like it without you selecting the items yourself. This ecommerce personalization has been around for years but it is in its infancy. Google for years has delivered ads on your desktop computer or mobile device after you search for a certain type of shoe, you will then see ads for that particular show as you browse the web. This concept too is personalization similar to ecommerce personalization.

Needless to say, personalization in the ecommerce space is about to take off. The key for traditional retailers who are not necessarily the ecommerce personalization experts will be to deliver this new concept in the realm of its physical stores. Digitally it will be lead by firms like Amazon, Google and Walmart, but through their respective ecommerce efforts.

Successful Greg Secker’s Contributions to the Business Realm Today

Home | Business | Successful Greg Secker’s Contributions to the Business Realm Today

Greg Secker is an individual with a combination of both entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He is evolving day by day in the field of international speaking. He is so much remarkably good at combining all these attributes in the achievement of a certain goal. He is rightfully the owner of Learn to Trade. Here, he mostly concentrates on advising different businessmen and women whether successful or not yet with just one aim of impacting different mentality of achieving greatness in business platforms. He has done this for some years now granting him enough experience to handle different issues and situations in business perspective.

He has founded an organization that is very much functional and aiding many that run towards it in search for help. Greg Secker Foundation is the name of this project that is so much non-profit in nature. It focuses more on giving back to the society than on its own benefits. It impacts positively on raising the living standards and quality of life for all the people around the globe. Greg’s mind full of creativity and innovation did more good when he was in his 20’s. Here is when he came up with most influential and successful companies in Europe.

Currently, Greg Secker owns a company in Europe ranked as the topmost in coaching and rightly guiding individuals on how to become successful businessmen and women. Though he is enjoying success and fruits of his labor, his journey all the way to where he is have never been as easy as people have been thinking. Greg started by being employed after his studies at the University at very small firms. This is where he got his field experience on matters to do with business aside from the theory usually taught in class.

Greg Secker was so much exposed to business and widely gained knowledge in finance and forex exchange matters. Working with diverse organizations gave him a platform for learning collective strategies in the business. With all that knowledge and technology, that is when Greg started coming up with his own businesses and till today they flourish due to Secker’s passion and hard work in entrepreneurial activities.


Quality Services and Products to Inmates-Securus Technologies

Home | Video Visitation App | Quality Services and Products to Inmates-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leader in the correctional industry. Ever since our creation, we have been in the forefront to deliver criminal and civil justice technology resolution for the purpose of public security, correction, investigation, as well as monitoring. We are dedicated to delivering better services as well as products to our clients, and the results are evident due to the numerous letters and emails we have been receiving in the recent past. To be able to serve our clients all over the United States with quality services and products, our group has been working hard to ensure that once a week we develop a new product. We have received letters and emails and some of them are as listed below.

  • One of our clients mentioned that it is because of our telephone services that they were able to obtain a search warrant for a suspected individual and was arrested and the case will be in court.
  • One of the correctional facilities monitored their calls and obtained information on the use and the purchase of drugs, alcohol and other illegal substances by the prisoners.
  • Our organization has a reporting data and as said by a happy customer the service has enabled them to prevent the sell and the spread of the counterfeit products.
  • Another customer said that the LBS Software was reason enough for them to continue using our services.
  • A client said that as they were still carrying out their investigations, they called our institution and with our help, they were able to arrest the suspect.

Securus Technologies have their Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas. Since our foundation, we have been experiencing a marvelous growth with our company distributing the services as well as the products to over 3450 correctional facilities and more than 120000 inmates enjoy our services. We are devoted to connecting what matters.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution to Better Cancer Care

Home | Cancer | Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution to Better Cancer Care

Healthcare costs in America have gone up due to the increase of intensity and rates for those services. Due to the increase in population in America, the amount of revenue spent on healthcare has increased. In addition, the aging factor has also played a role in the increase in costs for healthcare services. The type of disease however determines the amount spent on treating the conditions.

Despite all of those costs going up, the Eric Lefkofsky Foundation has played a big role in the easing of such costs. Founded by Eric and his wife Elizabeth, the foundation promotes the cause of researching for the cure of cancer and developing revolutionary therapies that treat patients. At Tempus, Lefkofsky has been able to help physicians come up with custom real-time treatments for cancer patients based on collected data and analyzing molecular therapies rhyming with the patient’s genetic sequence.

American born Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an industrious entrepreneur and one of the industry’s biggest technology icons. Eric co-founded Tempus and serves as CEO. He has also co-founded Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. He is popular for his philanthropic moves with the goal of acquiring a cure for cancer.

The University of Michigan graduated co-founded an internet company known as Starbelly. The company that dealt with the sale of promotional items which led to its quick development. The venture was later sold to Halo industries in 2000. As a result of the sale, Eric joined Halo Industries and served as CEO for a year before creating InnerWorkings. The printing solutions provider experienced a successful first year and continued growing until he left in 2012. Over the years, Lefkofsky developed an interest for the cancer medication and treatment. He was driven to develop custom cancer treatments and even develop a cure. This passion led to the creation of the Tempus, where he serves as chief executive officer.


End Citizens United Identifies Widespread Meddlers In The 2016 Presidential Election

Home | Campaign Funding | End Citizens United Identifies Widespread Meddlers In The 2016 Presidential Election

While a significant percentage of people in the United States believe that there were Russian interventions in the 2016 Presidential election, the recent developments do not stop there. The investigation conducted by End Citizens United, a leading PAC that is fighting against big money into politics, showed that many other countries would have attempted to influence the American election process. It revealed that a company run by Chinese nationals called American Pacific International Capital contributed as many as $1.3 million to a super PAC that was supporting Jeb Bush. Similarly, a Mexican billionaire made donations to some of the super PACs by creating a shell company. These are found apart from the Facebook campaign initiated by the Russian troll farm that gave immediate attention to foreign interference.

Additionally, in the early months of 2017, FEC found 15 potential cases of foreign funding in election campaigning. Though the foreign companies are not allowed to spend on elections, the ineffective laws of FEC are making them difficult to track. The weak campaign finance laws are giving potential loopholes for the foreign firms and players to access the democratic processing of the country easily. It can be seen as the threat created by the right-wing lobbyists as they removed the finance laws through various court rulings to make them favorable for themselves. Interestingly, it helped the right-wing billionaires to conveniently purchase the election results in their favor for enabling them to say the final word on important policies.

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All these issues started with the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling in 2010 for Citizens United, a conservative PAC. The ruling gave corporations, advocacy groups, and labor unions a status similar to citizens and gave unlimited spending options in elections without any accountability. Though it was widely criticized from then, the big money donors and corporations saw it as an option to bribe the politicians or make their favorite representatives get elected in the campaigns. Sadly, the representatives who won with the support of those money groups always gave priority to the needs of such groups without showing integrity to the constitution or the people.

To challenge the ill effects of the Supreme Court ruling, ECU was formed in 2015 by the backing of mainly grass root donors. The PAC is trying to make a meaningful legislation passed to eliminate the effects of Citizens United order. For that, it plans to send maximum pro-reform candidates to both the houses in the coming elections. With that mission, ECU supports all the liberal candidates who are ready to support its mission, by offering financial support as well as grass root level campaigns. The PAC also spreads its message and brings the attempts of conservatives to spoil the election process to the people of America through its social media pages.

See: http://positivethefacts.com/2017/10/activist-investigations-uncover-russian-meddling-according-to-end-citizens-united/

Oncotarget: A Guide to Good Health

Home | Medical Journal | Oncotarget: A Guide to Good Health

In today’s world, there are so many kinds of diseases. Some are degenerative and some noninfectious. The degenerative diseases have become more popular and a bit hard to treat. One that has drifted faster over time is the monster cancer treatment that has taken the life of most people and hence won the title the killer infection. Doctors and researchers have been kept on toes by this infection hence minimizing people’s fears of the diseases. That has brought about the ideas off writing and publishing of journals that help in distinguishing the different types of cancers, and a perfect example remains to be Oncotarget.

Oncotarget is a journal that was brought about in 2010 by Mikhail and Andrei as the chief editors and scientists as well. It is published and issued weekly and covers all that is need and is important about tumors and cancers. It talks about their diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They scientists are working to see that the disease is eliminated from the face of the earth which is what people want to hear especially those that have lost loved ones to the monster.

Oncotarget is of so much meaning to those who suffer from cancer because it takes them through various steps through their treatment. It also brings with it all the new and improved ways of treatment as soon as they are noted to be working on the patients. New therapies are also included in the journal. Research shows that illnesses take in on different trends every day. Its possible today amoeba is spread through dirty water and in the next minute amoeba is found in dirty vegetables. Here Oncotarget keeps up with any new diagnosis hence preventing the high spread of the ailment. Mainly Oncortarget is here to make the most out of research and help people live happy and healthy lives. The authors are so good to accept corrections and work on them once submitted. They have created a platform for people to express themselves. The medical journal today has been expounded to focus more on all the areas in medicine. It is open to anyone wishing to have a personal follow up. They can download it from the internet and go through it in their comfort zone. These positive aspects of the journal made it be ranked among the best journals of Thompson Reuter JCR impact of 2011. and more

Inspiring Growth though Excellent Leadership, A Case of OSI Group

Home | Entrepreneur | Inspiring Growth though Excellent Leadership, A Case of OSI Group

OSI Group is a global leader in food service and retail food brands. It is among the most significant private entities in the United States. The Group has a presence in other parts of the globe offering customized products and services. It has continued to expand through the purchase of other companies in the food manufacturing industry to become a multi-billion-dollar entity. Despite the global expansion, the Group has always retained its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI group was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. He opened a family meat market which grew into a wholesale meat trade offering quality meat to the locals. The family business was run by Otto’s sons who entered into a deal with McDonald’s, which was by then a vibrant startup. It supplied meat to McDonald’s and other consumers in America as it expanded geographically. OSI Industries deals with the supply of products such as meat patties, bacon, pork, poultry, and vegetables among others.

One crucial aspect of the OSI’s growth is maintaining local management teams. The approach helps the Group’s understanding of local markets, cultures, and tastes. The Group also partners with suppliers in understanding the needs and preferences of consumers. For instance, the increased demand for natural and organic foods has led to the Group’s production an array of such products. In essence, this translates to satisfied consumers and by extension more sales for the suppliers. The success of the unique approach is illustrated by the presence of the group’s existence in seventeen countries outside the United States.

The President David McDonald and CEO, Sheldon Lavin lead an experienced team at OSI Industries. The President, Mc Donald holds the belief that local entities provide better services that those “half a world away.” The philosophy explains the Group’s acquisition of businesses in different localities and the retaining of management teams. The CEO, Mr. Sheldon, is credited with steering the Group to greater heights. In fact, Mr. McDonald believes that Sheldon has created the energy that helps OSI Industries to grow, provide more products, and resonate to consumers’ needs. The experienced finance and accounting expert continues to guide the Group’s pathway to global expansion and success. Sheldon has spent years, since the 70s, in developing OSI Group to its current status with over sixty-five facilities and twenty thousand employees around the world. He remains committed towards the welfare of OSI, its values, and its workforce.

Read More: www.thecaterer.com/articles/493412/osi-group-acquires-flagship-europe

Omar Boraie’s Relentlessness in Building New Brunswick

Home | Entrepreneur | Omar Boraie’s Relentlessness in Building New Brunswick

Even in our busy hustle schedules, let us not forget the significance of the smallest unit of governance; family. Foundational values are implanted in someone at this level. This makes family a significant part of life and won’t hurt sparing your time to have happy moments especially during summer. Anna Marie Gewirtz, the head of Development and Strategic Partnerships at State Theatre New Jersey recently announced their joint effort at Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development to provide free summer series without any charges.

The two companies have had always supported the same in the previous summer season, but this is exciting it is expanded in viewership with six series in the line. The films are family based and hence have no adverse effects to the young ones beside it will connect families and friends. The Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie says the sponsorship will see the youth get contained by the free movie series made at the New Jersey Stage.

According to NYTimes, Boraie Developments estimates that about 7,500 families will benefit from this generosity made possible by their Community Access Initiatives. Madam Anna says viewers will be treated to an adventurous experience as the movies are shot at precision using their high tech equipment. In the portfolio are Barco projector, HD cinema camera projection system and excellent sound unit. State Theatre can accommodate 1,850 in the audience room in one seating.

About Omar Boraie

In a report by NJBiz, he is the owner and founder of Boraie Development LLC, a construction, building, and warehousing company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Boraie is a visionary man who had always seen economic opportunities even when there was nothing to show in New Brunswick. Looking back he recalls the many time people thought he was crazy when he attempted to rebuild the town back in 1972. However, his dreams have pushed him to achieve more, and he is thankful at what he has achieved at 72.

Omar Boraie’s first accomplishment that made doubts fly away is the Albany Street Plaza Tower One which is a refurbishment of old isolated and vacated building. It now serves as an office space. The town has grown and become more modernized thanks to Boraie Development. It completed the ONE Spring Street Condominium Building; the tallest and most spectacular in New Brunswick in 25 floors. Mr. Omar Boraie has recently embarked on yet another monumental project called the Aspire on Somerset Street. Boraie is happy to see the town taking shape and his long desired dream come into reality.

See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/omar-boraie#/entity

Freedom Debt Relief Shares 3 Ways You Can Protect Yourself After The Equifax Breach

Home | Freedom Plus | Freedom Debt Relief Shares 3 Ways You Can Protect Yourself After The Equifax Breach

If you think you may be a victim of the Equifax breach that took place a few weeks ago, here are 3 ways you can protect yourself.

Find Out If You Are Indeed A Victim

There is not much you can do unless you first find out if you were affected by the breach. Equifax has set up a website where you can see if you were one of the 140 million plus individuals who were affected. The website can be found at https://www.freedomdebtrelief.com/.

Sign Up For Credit Monitoring

After some bad press from the media Equifax finally decided to do the right thing and offer free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to the millions of people whose information may now be vulnerable.

To get access to free credit monitoring you will need to visit

http://www.freedomfinancialnetwork.com/our_companies and sign up before 11/21/2017. The service is free for a year.

Place A Credit Freeze

Even though Equifax is the only company that was breached, it is still a good idea to put a credit freeze on your account with the other credit bureaus as well. When there is a freeze on your credit it makes it very difficult for scammers to open lines of new credit in your name.

What Is Freedom Debt Relief?

FDR is a company that specializes in helping consumers get out of debt. They are one of the top debt settlement companies in the nation and have helped thousands of individuals settle over $7 billion worth of debt. For more info about us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usPKMwbCCPU click here.

When you work with FDR you will be working with a company that has years of experience on their side. Not only will they help you get out of debt, but they will educate you on how to stay out of debt.

To learn more visit them online at www.FreedomDebtRelief.com.

ORGANO Gold Promotes Drinking Coffee

Home | Uncategorized | ORGANO Gold Promotes Drinking Coffee

ORGANO Gold states that drinking coffee can reduce the onset of several diseases that include heart disease and stroke.

This is not the first time that the benefits of coffee have come to the forefront. This is something that has been studied many times before. Coffee drinkers have been told many times before that their morning habit can lead to a longer life.

ORGANO Gold mentions a study that was conducted on more than 185,000 Americans. The study indicated that people drinking coffee, whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, were associated with lower risk of countering diseases such as heart problem, cancer, stroke, as well as diabetes besides kidney disease and so on. This study was conducted on African-Americans, besides Japanese Americans, as well as Latinos and whites.

What needs to be noted here is that there is a similar pattern that is spread across different populations. Hence the argument gets a much stronger biological backing. This means that coffee is good for all, irrespective of the fact that the person is white, or African-American, or Latino or even Asian.

ORGANO Gold further stated that all those who had more than two or three cups of coffee each had an 18% lower chance of death as compared to all those who were not drinking coffee. The study further clarified that drinking coffee cannot be considered as a way to prolong life, but there is definitely an association.

There was another European study on more than 520,000 people who were spread across 10 countries. Even this proved that those who were drinking several cups of coffee in a day had a much lower risk of death than all those who were not drinking coffee.

But these studies will have their limitations too. The researchers could not pinpoint any causal relationship. They could not find out the real reasons for these benefits coming in from drinking coffee.

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