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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Are a Hit and Unstoppable as a Team

Home | Music Streaming Business | Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Are a Hit and Unstoppable as a Team

Roc Nation head executive Desiree Perez landed a meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge as the chairman for Universal Music Group. They met with him in his offices in Santa Monica, California. The speculation is that the Universal Music Group may place a hand in the pot with Roc Nation. This move may be something that allows for Jay Z to bring more new artists to the boards in order to bring a war against Apple and their head competitor Spotify. Read more on igstars.com.

The Universal music label has developed a deal for distribution with Roc Nation. This is just a very small percentage for the artists business. If UMG would invest more, the UMG would hold a larger stake for the Roc Nation artists.

The Universal Music Group insider says that the partnership is very significant without anything changing. For Jay Z, he alone is phenomenal and everyone thinks that doing business with him is great. For Desiree Perez, there is not a discussion that has been had in regards to the end of the deal between Live Nation and Roc Nation.  For Updates on Dez timeline activities, hit on crunchbase.com.

The landmark deal for Jay Z that began with Live Nation started out with $150 million dollars. This deal is nearing a close and Jay Z has stated that he is approaching new music industry heads to earn a place in the stake of Roc Nation. Jay Z first signed the deal which was for 10 years back in 2008 for the price tag of $150 million.   Check pagesix.com.

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This deal, known as the 360 deal is coming to a close next year and this can result in the buy and sell means. This will allow for either side of the deal to purchase the other side of the contract for Roc Nation. The sources say that the deal for touring with Jay Z is still being maintained however the deal portion for the recorded side of the music is what they are hoping to close.  More updates on Desiree’s linkedin.com page.

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Dick DeVos the Philanthropic Angel.

Home | Philanthropic Works | Dick DeVos the Philanthropic Angel.

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, are among America’s top givers: the world knows it, and the Forbes magazine recently immortalized the fact in writing and publication. The can never be questioned as to how much the power couple has given or is willing to give to make the world a better place. However, despite the generosity and national praise for having such a kind heart, some critics still brew discussions and even contempt for the charitable deeds of the power couple. Some question the giving nature the long-lasted family dynasty lead by Dick. According to them, the generosity has always been a Trojan horse, or bait used to lure the obliged multitudes blinded by gratitude.

But just objective or subjective is the notion that the generosity of the said philanthropists of simply a facade meant to front the necessity of the dynasty to be allowed to exist? Just how fair would it be to dismiss the 1.33 billion dollars that the American society has benefited from the extended DeVos family? What is wrong with the couple selecting what causes to fund if the funding has always been free of any strings attached?

Dick and Betsy are strong supporters of the conservative wing and do fund the Republican Party. Perhaps, their political affiliation is the major reason their critics oppose them and even vilify their generosity. It could be political intolerance that drives people into criticizing the two for their good work.

Over 26 percent of the 139 million dollars’ worth of lifetime charitable giving by the power couple has always gone to education causes. Although the DeVoses have always had their personal belief that the public should afford students the choice to attend private schools through charters and vouchers, their contributions have not always gone only to the privately sponsored church schools. The couple has also been sponsoring non-religious schools, and they have always donated to educate kids from impoverished backgrounds. Also, they have constructed an aviation school inside an airport and do sponsor them to fulfill their dreams. The successful pass out rate averages at an impressive 86 percent. The couple’s second priority in their donations has always been art and art management.

Dick DeVos, son of the prosperous Rich DeVos, has always been a keen observer of how education and public policy affect the American society and has always desired to improve it. He seldom fails to speak against actions that he figures could negatively affect the nation. He served his family owned Amway Corp. as the chief executive officer from 1993 to 2002. He has always been involved in the formation of policies at the Republican Party and has numerously tried to sell his ideologies. However, he never imposes them on the people around him, including his employees. He has recently spent a good amount of time defending the family’s stand on education and their donations at Senate hearings and the media as well. He had earlier on unsuccessfully run for the gubernatorial seat against the incumbent.


What Does Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer Say About Becoming An Executive?

Home | Entertainment | What Does Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer Say About Becoming An Executive?

Grupo RBS is one of Brazil’s top media and advertising corporations that’s built a 60-year history of success since being founded in 1957. It’s current leader is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer who grew up with the nickname “Duda” and has stuck with it ever since. Duda Melzer understands that hard work his family predecessors put into the company to make it one of Brazil’s most recognized brands, and he took steps along the way to make sure he was prepared to take over the reins. On being the CEO and now Chairman, Duda Melzer said he learned a lot from Harvard Professor John Davis whose consulting services helped the company become more professionally run. He also says he expects future leaders of Grupo RBS to follow a similar path to his.

Duda Melzer was born in 1972 and as a young boy spent time with his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho around the company studios. When he grew older he enrolled in a prestigious university known as the Pontificate Catholic University of Rio Grande de Sul. He then enrolled in Harvard’s business school to complete his MBA and actually started in several other companies before Grupo RBS. His first executive position was as at Sweet Sweet Way, and then as a financial consultant for Buzz Allen & Hamilton in the US. After another two years at Delphi Corporation, Melzer first joined broadcasting and media at Boxtop Media in New York. Visit Clicrbs for more info.

Duda Melzer was then asked to join Grupo RBS in 2004 starting as a general director and then becoming vice president. In 2012 he became CEO of the company upon his uncle’s retirement and in 2015 became Chairman of the company’s board. Grupo RBS has produced top quality media in the years Duda Melzer has been there, and he first won the Cabore award in 2006. More recently he became a member of the Cambridge Institute’s Family Enterprise leaders. He’s also the founder of a technology investment company known as e.Bricks Digital.

Check out eduardosirotskymelzer.com

See more: http://g1.globo.com/rs/rio-grande-do-sul/jornal-do-almoco/videos/v/presidente-do-grupo-rbs-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-falar-sobre-a-transformacao-da-zh/3321858/

How OSI Provides To Big Brands

Home | Business Leader | How OSI Provides To Big Brands

Born in Iowa, David G. McDonald is the President and CEO of OSI industries. He focuses on China first since he feels that they have the largest growing consumer market and growing population.

Since then, David McDonald OSI Group has expanded OSI and is the energy that pushes for growth and better products for their customers. McDonald has listened to his customers and hasn’t let mass production take over his company. He spends time with his suppliers and customers needs to innovate new customized eco-friendly and organic foods.

Follow David McDonald on LinkedIn.

While their food products are being crafted to perfection, OSI has employees in handfuls of fields to make the process safe and faster. They monitor how their products are grown and even have high tech machines that can X-ray to see if there’s any unwanted particles while the food is made. David McDonald takes in customer feedback and lets his team know what changes to make everyone happy. Not only customers but business owners alike are supporting OSI. With the acquisition of Baho Foods and facilities opening up in Poland and other nations, OSI is on track to becoming the nation’s leading protein and food provider.

The OSI Group is a global food processing company that’s been around for more than 25 years. The company started out in Beijing in 1992 serving McDonald’s food along with theirs. One of their most notorious contributions was in the 2008 Beijing Olympics where they supplied 113 tons of ingredients including eggs, chicken, beef, pork, dehydrated onions and eggs to the event.

Receiving absolutely no complaints whatsoever, OSI China was praised and is now a supplier for big brands like Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, and more. Since then they’ve expanded all across the nation while still providing local support.

OSI Group strives for healthier and tastier food products.

Learn more about David McDonald: http://www.foundation.iastate.edu/s/1463/giving/interior.aspx?pgid=1708&gid=1&cid=3211

Get to Know Tony Petrello

Home | Business | Get to Know Tony Petrello

Anthony “Tony” Petrello is known as a great man in the business sphere. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries LLC. Nabors is a national leader in providing finest and most high tech oil and gas drilling equipment, specialty rigs and the world’s finest fleet of trained specialists to work in the drilling sector. Along with those, the company has been spearheading technology innovation in oil and gas drilling – a field that has known to be very traditional. Those innovations are surely paying off, as Nabors continues to skyrocket and serve the best and brightest drilling teams across the world. This growth is a testament to Tony Petrello’s guidance. He began with the board and executive committee in 1991 and since then has continued to expand leadership dynamic and grab more reigns and successfully master them to create massive expansion for the company. Prior to working with Nabors, Petrello worked exclusive law firm in New York City, where he managed the firm and serves in tax law and overseas arbitration.

Tony Petrello leading business leaders and his wife Cynthia are well known philanthropists and supporters of their community. While they live in Texas, their contributions touch all parts of the nation. Tony Petrello met his wife Cynthia in college and they became college sweethearts and married soon after. After the two wed, they got pregnant with a daughter that was born with periventricular leukomalacia, or PLV. Since then, the couple has made it their mission to devote their time, energy and resources to support the research of Texas Children’s Hospital. They both work tirelessly for the Texas Children’s Hospital jane and Dan Duncan Neurological research Institute that is innovating the latest in children’s neurological issue research. Petrello has donated over %6 million dollars to the research projects, but he also donates volunteer time and sits on the healthcare company’s board where he utilizes his business regimen to direct their strategy on combining the latest research findings, top physician staff and a true sense of patient care to create an environment unlike any other .

To know more visit @: executives.findthecompany.com/l/18290/Anthony-G-Petrello

Desiree Perez Behind The Scenes In ROC Nation

Home | Music Streaming Business | Desiree Perez Behind The Scenes In ROC Nation

Desiree Perez is known in the entertainment industry, for her excellent skills in tough negotiations involving multi-million deals. She has used her negotiation skills in ROC Nation and that has helped the company to reach new heights of success. In particular, she has made significant deals with renowned artists such as Rihanna. She is known as a terrific deal maker and a shrewd entrepreneur in the entertainment industry and that has helped so many artists to grow. She was behind the successful agreement between Rihanna and Samsung.

Additional article on pagesix.com.

Her aggressiveness to get the best deals cannot be underrated. However, she has also managed to successfully negotiate contracts, for baseball players under the ROC Nation Sports Agency. She is one of the top executives at ROC Nation. She is involved in the management that oversees operations such as branding, labeling, and publishing. Read about her on prettymanprettyman.com.

Her input has been felt as the business has grown beyond imagination. She does not only strive to make ROC Nation successful but also makes the artists she engages and works with prosperous. Her primary objective is to provide ideas on how ROC Nation can register profits from album sales. She is part of the HovCircle that oversees all the activities and decisions of ROC nation. Head over to hitsdailydouble.com for a related article.

She is married to Juan Perez who heads the ROC Nation Sports department. She is commonly referred to as “babe fierce.” Desiree is always inspired to get the very best. However, she is passionate about grooming upcoming artists.  For more of Dez, click this.   One of her constant recommendation to upcoming artists is that they should sign contracts with music labels, which own the biggest artists in the industry. She believes that this will help them to learn and grow as professionals. There is no doubt that she is the mover and shaker of the entertainment industry. As the Executive of ROC Nation, she is determined to make it grow its borders and reach the biggest artists on the planet.  Click billboard.com for an interesting article.

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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Look for New Deal

Home | Music Streaming Business | Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Look for New Deal

Desiree Perez and Jay Z of Roc Nation have a heck of a decision to make in the coming months. Jay Z had locked in his company, Roc Nation, to a huge ten year contract with the company Live Nation. The deal paid Jay Z a hefty $150 million and made him one of the largest business moguls in the hip hop game. With the ten year ‘360 Deal’ coming to a culminating it means that Jay Z and his team are ready to start negotiating again. Live Nation and Jay Z have both gone under big changes over the past decade and that could mean a huge change for both parties.  Refer to pagesix.com for more news.

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Preliminary talks between Live Nation and the Jay Z camp have been relatively fruitless at this point. Live Nation wants to move away from recorded music in studios but that is a huge aspect, obviously, of what Jay Z and Roc Nation are trying to do. Live Nation is reportedly still interested in representing Jay Z’s touring businesses but that could mean dramatically altering the deal. It only makes sense that Perez and Jay Z would want to go ahead and try out different contracts.  Interesting news on billboard.com, be sure to read it.

To know more about Dez, click on prettymanprettyman.com.

Jay Z and Desiree Perez were spotted at a sit down dinner in Santa Monica, CA alongside Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Groupe. Grainge is the Chairman and CEO at Universal Music Group and a sit down meeting between the two parties is pretty clearly a big deal. Still, UMG has been pretty hush about the topics of the meeting only saying that they are enjoying a ‘fruitful relationship’ with Jay Z. However, this doesn’t mean that Jay Z and Desiree Perez are ready to sign any deals any time soon. We’ll see when Jay and his team are ready and not before.  Head over to hitsdailydouble.com for more reading.

Have a glimpse of the music streaming world hit on http://www.apple.com/music /

Brian Bonar Connects the Dots in European Economy

Home | Investor | Brian Bonar Connects the Dots in European Economy

As a seasoned investor, Brian Bonar’s assessment of investing in EFTs (European Traded Funds) is that it makes sense depending on the successful performance of French President Emmanuel Macron. There are other political factors that make investing in these funds advisable as well. Among these are the French legislative elections and the national’s in Germany.

The overview of this prediction is based on the fact that Europe’s economy still heads strong with a good amount of the world’s economic weight under its belt. Many analysts look to parity with the USD (Unites States Dollar) as an indicator of real power in the global market. In that respect, the Euro has some growing to do. However, these phenomenon coinciding at the same time is exactly what makes investing in ETFs the smart move.

It all starts with growth. Europe’s economy is projected to improve as time marches on, even though some of the details and nuances of its system are delicate and difficult to predict. Presently, the most critical indicators to observe when predicting market trends in the continent are the political winds of change. If they shift toward unity and cooperation, international exchange is sure to strengthen the Euro.

The strategy behind investing in ETFs is simple and savvy, without necessarily taking on very much undo risk. Because the Euro is kind of cheap right now, buying low into a fund within a prudent amount should be fairly easy for an investor. Naturally, the financial hurt of any losses in this market should not turn out to affect other portfolios investors may have.

With the other two factors in place, all that is needed for the growth of the European economy is more decisions from its government officials and voters based on rationality instead of nationality. From the look of many major events, these choices are most likely on the horizon.

In fact the most intriguing aspect of Macron’s victory over Marine Le Penn is that many voters in France really do not display loyalty to his party. This means that something else can explain their decision. For those on the “grass roots” level of the election, the answer is that ultimately Le Penn’s message spelled economic stagnancy.

Only time can tell whether elected leaders can deliver on their promises of market growth across Europe, and whether voter are going to give them a chance to make good on these promises. If all goes well, investment in the EFTs toady are sure to bring in returns sometime in the future. At least, that is how Brian Bonar sees the situation. And, he has the experience along the education to make on-point observations on these matters.

After all, he is chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Trucept Inc., and Dalrada Financial Corp. Before serving in his current roles, his history includes positions with Smart-tek Automated Services Inc., Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., and The Amanda Co., Inc. His education includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Statchclycde. His MBA and doctorate are from Staffordshire University.

Lori Senecal: Above Expectations

Home | Career Success | Lori Senecal: Above Expectations

Lori Senecal is known best for landing American Airlines as a client while she served as the global CEO of CP+B. In a recent article, it was released that she will step down from this role at the end of the year. Now that all of her hard work for the company has resulted in clear procedures that are now in effect, there is no need for the role she now plays. She and other members of the current leadership team are on the prowl for new and promising faces to further the company’s progress in the new leadership roles which will take effect sometime in the near future.

Prior to CP+B Lori Senecal served as the president and CEO of MDC Partners Agency, and still filled the role while working for CP+B. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University. With her combined experience and education, there is no doubt the business news world will soon be flooded with her new exploits.

In a report by Adweek, armed with nothing but her education, and a go get me attitude, Lori is the definition of what success the American dream can yield. She has worked and continues to work hard to achieve her goals.

When asked by Adweek what first made her decide upon a business career, she said that her interest in business began in high school. Lori coached gymnastics when she was in high school and college, which gave her the necessary leadership qualities and experience to make it in the business world and also lit a fire inside her for leading. She learned to communicate without judgment and to set goals and stick to them.

Throughout her career, she has proven that stick-to-itiveness and overall dedication to success can pay off in a great way. Business is something that takes work but can pay off in a large way if you know what you’re doing.

Roc Nation Looks to Future as Jay Z and Desiree Perez Ponder Move

Home | Music News | Roc Nation Looks to Future as Jay Z and Desiree Perez Ponder Move

If there is anything in life that counts as a ‘slam dunk investment’ then Jay Z and his company, Roc Nation, are probably right at the top of that list. Almost a decade ago today Jay Z had signed a ten year deal worth an insane $150 million with the company Live Nation. Obviously that deal was well worth it and it was accomplished thanks to Jay Z’s business savvy and his ability to work hand in hand with business mogul and partner, Desiree Perez. With the deal coming to an end, Jay Z and his team is planning on looking to other avenues in the future.  More to read on onmogul.com.

As Jay Z begins to ponder his next move you can bet that executives around the industry are listening in close. Jay Z hitting the market for a new deal could be a game changer for just about anyone. Live Nation, on the record with ‘inside sources’, looks to be trying to keep Jay Z around — at least with a touring deal but the rumor is that they want out on the recording side. Another music industry insider has already stated, “Live Nation is not in the business of buying recorded music anymore.” So what does this mean for Jay Z and Roc Nation?  Check on pagesix.com for more reading.

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We doubt that Roc Nation will suffer no matter what deal they end up pulling together. Roc Nation is promoting top tier talent in Jay Z, Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill. Desiree Perez recently sat down with the CEO of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, in order to potentially feel out a possible deal. Industry insiders know how important Desiree Perez has been during the rise of Roc Nation, as she has been a close Jay Z associate for nearly two decades. Right now everything is up in the air, but Roc Nation is going to land alright no matter what.  Check on tidal.com for more.

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