Malcolm CasSelle: Simplifying Virtual Asset Access

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Malcolm CasSelle is president of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and CIO of OPSkins. His experience in the industry is extensive and has placed him at the head of two industry leading companies. OPSkins is the global leader in the sale of virtual assets in gaming and holds the position of the number one merchant of bitcoins on the planet. The company’s following of worldwide users make it a prime candidate for decentralized protocol. These users make frequent cross-border micro-payments, consistently adding value to the company through user demand.

CasSelle and OPSkins creators are in the process of launching a blockchain platform for the trading of its virtual assets. That platform is WAX. It is a peer to peer marketplace for trading virtual blockchain assets and allows for decentralized smart contracts. Essentially there is the freedom to trade without the involvement of third parties.

There are two major issues in virtual asset markets. They are fragmentation and fraud. WAX solves these issues with a simplistic blockchain-enabled widget which allows users to instantly buy and sell virtual goods and never having to click off their game. The current trading ecosystem for virtual assets contains a slew of local as well as regional marketplaces that are crippled from the beginning due to payment processing, language variances, and security matters having a tendency to restrict those outside of a particular county or region. The only way to solve this fragmented market is with the blockchain and WAX Token is the pioneer of its application.

Malcolm CasSelle holds degrees from MIT and from Stanford University in computer science. Early in his career Malcolm was co-founder of PCCW of Hong Kong which is valued, to date, in excess of $35 billion USD. He has contributed to the rapid growth of countless businesses by leveraging digital assets.

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