The Role of William Saito in Tech Industry

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William Saito is a Japanese –American businessman who has a competitive edge in cybersecurity and other technical aspects. William has significant knowledge and information in cybersecurity, and in the recent past, he played a role in the Japanese politics as the strategic advisor to the government. William Saito has been in the tech world for a long duration, and as a result, has experienced the dynamism that comes in the sector. At a tender age of ten, William landed his first internship in computer programming, and since then he has not looked back. After his internship, he incorporated his first software firm while still in college in his dorm room. The company provided the fellow students with tech solutions in the course of their learning. Notably, the company eventually grew to become I/Q Software, and the same tech company played an instrumental role in the development of Japanese Software space of authentication such as fingerprint recognition together with Sony. At a tender age of 34, William Saito sold the I/Q software to tech giant Microsoft. As a result of his dedication and impact, he was recognized as the Ernst &Young’s Entrepreneur of 1998.

William is recognized globally because of his candid insight when it comes to cybersecurity and other tech aspects. Thus he continually addresses individual’s stakeholders on the importance of the cybersecurity and how to ensure it’s achieved. Recently, he published an article that demonstrates the need for cybersecurity at present. In the article William states the importance of people applying cautionary measures when using the internet since it possesses significant threats that can affect the users. According to William Saito, cybersecurity is become a necessity due to the dependency on information as well as the Interaction when using the internet. Every user of the internet such as the public, organizations and the government need to ensure they are protected when using the internet. However, it is not an easy task to achieve complete cybersecurity because of the evolving nature of technology. For instance, despite the government’s spending vast pools of resources, their information systems are breached continuously and compromised. Thus, it is essential for people to continually upgrade their cybersecurity to prevent the likelihood of loss of data occurring. Notably, according to William Saito, it is crucial cybersecurity to be taken seriously, and resources are set aside to combat the challenge.