The ‘Ring’ Deal From PSI Pay

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How much money can you carry with you, either on a business trip, vacation or any other trip you might be having? This is a question many people around the world contend with every day. The introduction of mobile money and plastic money have in some way helped with the problem but they only work as substitutes but not a solution. However, a company has just a realized a new method that will look more of a solution than any other.

PSI-Pay in collaboration with Kerv just released the Kerv Payment Ring. This is a form of an Unnoticeable ring that can be worn anywhere that will hold the money in your account. The ring is designed in such a way that the ring will act as a form of conduit for payment without revealing the personal bank details of the holder. The details that are withheld by PSI Pay include Pin and the signature of the individual.

PSI-Pay a firm regulated by FCA has made sure that the ring meets the three simple requirements of any transactional conduit. First, PSI Pay has made the payment model accessible to most of the parts in Europe and is currently used and accepted by Close to 40 million people in the world. The second aspect is convenience. PSI-Pay has made sure that the Kerv Payment Ring is linked with other financial firms to facilitate payments and make the transaction easier and convenient. Additionally, they have also linked the payment method with businesses around the world. Lastly, Kerv Payment Ring has added security layers of encryption and theft detection. Another feature that has been added is the lowering of the transactional amount to 30 pounds to discourage theft or hacking.

PSI-Pay is one of high repute and is currently regulated by the FCA regulations. The company is also authorized by FCA and this is under the European Union Electronic Money Regulations passed in the year 2011.

The company is constantly under partners under its wings and Kerv is not going to be the last one in the plans of PSI-Pay. We all are hoping that the next innovation by the company is going to be as exciting as this one.