Why Robert Ivy Deserved the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award

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The annual Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award hosted by Mississippi Institute or Arts and letters is one of the state’s most prestigious honors. According to the institute’s president, Nancy LaForge, the award recognizes and appreciates living Mississippi connected professionals for their active role in spreading art to the state and the world. Founded in 1978 by such Mississippi residents as the then governor William Winter, Noel Polk, and Dr. Cora Norman, the annual award ceremony brings to the limelight the contributions of living Mississippi residents in the fields of art.

To date, the annual Noel Polk award has honored such Mississippi natives as the actor and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, songwriter and singer Leontyne Price, and celebrated author Shelby Foote. On 2nd June, the institution brings on stage author and practicing architect, Robert Ivy to receive the award. The ceremony will have a historic embedment to it as it would mark the first time the institution bestows such honor to an architect.

What makes Robert Ivy the ideal candidate for the award?

When making the announcement of Ivy’s selection public, Nancy Laforge highlighted some of the reasons the institution considered him for the award. She particularly lauded Robert’s role in making the architectural practice more accessible to the masses while at the helm of the American Institute of Architects. Given that the award takes into consideration an individual’s lifetime contributions to art, Nancy also pointed out to Ivy’s past engagements as a writer, author, and architectural commentator

How do these roles help Ivy scope the award?

Robert Ivy has a rare ability to translate success into most of his undertakings. This is evidenced by his achievements in all the positions mentioned as key considerations to making him the ideal candidate for this year’s lifetime achievement award. Note that while working as the Editor-in-Chief for Mc-Graw Hill’s architecture journal, Robert helped the journal reach unimagined levels regarding readership and distribution. At one time, the journal held the record of the most-distributed architectural journal worldwide. To achieve this global readership, Robert had McGraw-Hill open up a local chapter in China and translate the journal into Mandarin.

Upon joining the American Institute of Architects in 2011, Robert Ivy instituted several expansionary policies that involved opening up of new chapters in architects such countries as Canada and China. In effect, the institute has now hit its record highest membership since its establishment over 160 years ago. These noteworthy contributions to bringing awareness to the field or architecture make Robert Ivy the perfect recipient of the prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018.

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