Real Estate Expert Nick Vertucci Releases Inspiring Book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’

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Veteran real estate expert Nick Vertucci sees himself as living proof that anybody has the power to succeed. Now, through his new book ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed’, he is providing a roadmap to guide people of any background and from any walk of life to a successful career in real estate. The book goes into detail about Nick Vertucci’s personal challenges and the steps and principles he used to earn a fortune and gain financial freedom through real estate. Vertucci explains some of the key decisions he made that enabled him to go from struggling to make ends meet to being a millionaire.

In this memoir Nick Vertucci talks about the troubles he dealt with as a young man, how he ended up living in his van, building then losing his computer technology company and becoming involved in real estate. It’s an enlightening and inspiring story that shows that with the right mindset and consistent effort anyone can improve their financial situation by investing in real estate. Vertucci outlines the specific steps he took when he was broke to get the training and resources he needed to begin his lucrative career in real estate.

In ‘Seven Figure Decisions’ Nick Vertucci explains the importance of putting your clients first and how that can benefit you in the long run. He also talks about developing the mindset and confidence that enables you to overcome your fears and pursue your dreams. Vertucci also explains how setting your sights higher can dramatically improve the outcome you have professionally. He also teaches you about the turnkey real estate system he created and gives you a step-by-step guide for using it to find, fix, rent and sell commercial and residential real estate and make a significant profit.

In the book Nick Vertucci talks about the mistakes he made and how he overcame them and made a fortune. He talks about how difficult it was for him to take care of his wife and children before he learned about investing in real estate and how things changed dramatically afterwards. He talks about his father’s death when he was 10, having no money and no education, how he became a rags-to-riches story twice and starting the NV Real Estate Academy. This is the perfect book for anyone who dreams of being a wealthy entrepreneur or just wants a way to generate a good income.