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Paul Mampilly is an investor who has in the past managed many accounts belonging to high net-worth individuals. He has also been responsible to the cultivation of informing budding investors on what strategies would be beneficial for them to implement their process to achieving their aims in life. He never just carelessly throws money at what ever promises good returns on an investment, but he instead does serious due diligence when it comes to understanding what substance would make the opportunity not just promising but worthwhile as well. Paul Mampilly has been looking at the cryptocurrency bubble long enough to gain an insight few people would feel comfortable agreeing with. Meet the experts on This interesting view of his pertains to the short term sustainability of the market belonging to cryptocurrency. His conclusion is that buyers should immediately sell because of the unstable and wobbly nature of the markets as they struggle to find a common ground in the midst of people’s expections of what the prices of the coins should be. Read this article at Due to the mass populations fear, uncertainty, and doubt the cost per coin is constantly and unpredictability taking a roller coaster ride through the charts, and there is no certainty that in time the coins will be held in reverence by the community equally at anytime in the near future. Paul Mampilly also says that fundamental investing practitioners can even look at the groups who offer the coins and tell that these alternative forms of money have made tremendous leaps and bounds due to elation and excitement of people wanting a free form of currency from the government, but at any time falter because of disinterest by the masses. On the contrary the opposite effect is more likely to happen due to the attachment and greed investors will feel towards their holdings in the places they bought at in the market, and because the coin is not operating upon a completely functional foundation it is just a game of Jenga at this point. Although Paul Mampilly stays away from the crypto market that went to the moon in 2017, he favors the technology and functioning that underlies the whole hype of the crypto world. The block chain technology can be used to make transactions between debters and lenders a lot easier and much less expensive than the current fees charged for such transactions, and the technology would create a better future for the people of the Earth.