How to Get Started as a Business Owner

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Owning a successful business is an excellent way for people to have control over their schedule. With new technology, it is easier than ever to start a company. However, managing a successful company requires hard work and dedication. Few people have experience managing a company. A lack of experience is one of the biggest reasons that new business owners fail to reach their goals.

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful business owner who has had a great career. Many people are excited about his ideas for the future. Eric Lefkofsky also enjoys giving business advice to new business owners.

Early Business Ideas

Like many successful business owners, Eric Lefkofskyfailed multiple times before starting a successful company. His first few companies lacked organization and failed.

One of the most significant issues in his first company was too much debt. He borrowed excessive amounts of capital when starting out. The monthly payment became too much for him to handle.

After his first business collapsed, he decided to learn from successful business owners. Talking with other business owners helped him form new business ideas for the future.


Tempus is a successful company in the health industry. The company focuses on helping customers improve their overall lifestyle. There are millions of people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. However, few people understand the key areas to focus on for optimal health.

Losing weight is more straightforward than many people realize. The health coaches at Tempus help clients design an eating and exercise plan to reach their goals. Although Tempus is a small company, it is expanding rapidly.
Helping Others

Eric Lefkofsky is also involved in multiple charities in his local area. He firmly believes that successful people should use their excess resources to help others. Eric Lefkofsky enjoys assisting young people with their goals.

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