The Benefits of Rocketship Education Charter School and the Students they Serve

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Rocketship Education charter schools is a cutting edge educational institution. The first Rocketship Charter School was established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. These two men wanted to ensure that low-income people were given the best opportunity to educate their children. They knew that many inner city public schools were not designed to help their students to succeed. So, they came up with Rocketship Education to take on the job. Rocketship Education is now formally known as Rocketship Public Schools.

Smith and Danner created the schools with a unique purpose. They made it an institution that would tailor make a child’s education. The two founders wanted the schools to play a vital role in the lives of the low-income students that attend. Keep in mind that not all students who attend this school are low-income individuals. However, most of them are.

Donner and Smith wanted to set the school up so that teachers and their families would be connected. First, parents would be able to have a maximum amount of input into the institution. They would see it built up from the beginning by being able to safely access the construction site during the process. Once the school was finished, parents would also interview the teachers to see if they would be a good fit for the school.

Once teachers have been selected, the teachers would then form bonds with their families. Parents would be encouraged to visit the school and teachers would be required to make a trip into the homes of their student’s families. Parents would also be required to get involved with their child’s education. The curriculum is designed with STEM and engineering principles. The material is designed for young people between K and 5. Students receive a strong foundation that can be expanded upon once they reach the middle and high school level.

Rocketship also partners with other organizations to help students and their families. This connection with other community organizations helps the school to raise funds and resources when a family loses their home or experiences a traumatic event. Rocketship Public Schools offers so much to their students and to the communities in which they serve.