Rocketship Education Makes the Home to School Connection

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Rocketship Education makes a way to eliminate the achievement gap in low income areas. This non-profit organization strives to fix the problems of finding quality education in areas where it typically lacks. This organization understands that the way to helping their students achieve may not be conventional. It may involve fundraising that helps families during emergencies or to change a struggling student into a college bound one.

Recently, in the ROcketship school in San Jose, they found a way to help families devastated by a flood from Coyote Creek that affected nearby homes. The flood affected their student population and they found a way to help. Whether it was deposits for new housing or temporary housing, they helped their students regain stability needed in order to continue their education.

Rocketship operates 20 schools in three states, and each school immediately came to the aid of the “Rocketeers,” Rocketship students in need. They partnered with the Catholic charities to help raise close to $62,000. These funds helped over 30 families from 9 of their Bay area schools. These funds helped to house, cloth, and feed their students, so they can continue their education. Low income families typically have a harder time bouncing back after a disaster and their child’s education suffers.

They named the schools Rocketship, because they wanted it to serve as a metaphor. They wanted their students to know they can “soar to new heights.” Rocketship and Rocketeer are two ways they remind their students daily of their ability to do anything.

They strongly believe in the connection between school and community. Teachers are required to do home visits and this visit helps them understand the challenges their students face. These obstacles can be a barrier to education. By understanding their students’ needs, they can serve them better. Rocketship education strives to minimize the achievement gap by serving the whole student.