James Dondero Solving Investment’s Most Innovative Puzzles

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The Dallas metro area certainly has something to be proud of in the puzzle-solving genius that is James Dondero. He has taken to the fiercely competitive investment marketplace in order to transform his early endeavors into a multi-billion dollar giant known as Highland Capital Management. It is a company which has come a long way since he set about to co-found it way back in 1993. He has helped to make a number of aggressive and bold calls which based the bets on information and speculations as to things like turnarounds, emerging trends, and complicated debt deals. There is no denying the results that he has seen.

Many of the high profile names which come out of Texas are the heavy hitter stereotypes. However, James Dondero is a little unique in that regard since his personality is more introverted with intuitive thinking and perceiving according to the Myer-Briggs personality test which classifies him as INTP. His company has a myriad of funds which allow investors to get in on the action from a number of different of angles all while working with some of the best mutual fund managers in the business. One of the best entry-level ways to do this is through the Highland Global Allocation Fund which goes under the ticker HCOAX. Therein lies some of the most highly sought after and intriguing investment ideas all while remaining inexpensive enough so that just about anyone will be able to get their own piece of the action.

Some of the most current themes which James Dondero has been relying on for impressive proceeds include things like master limited partnerships, the Argentina situation, and the recent restructuring of Vistra Energy which goes under the ticker VSTE. Some of his funds which are offered through Highland Capital Management have had historic performance swings which have been wide in margin. Sometimes this volatility might take the fund to the top of its class while other times it might be at the bottom because of the exact same condition. However, it is certain that anyone who follows his advice and offerings will learn a lot about the markets that are being targeted.