Dick DeVos the Philanthropic Angel.

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Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, are among America’s top givers: the world knows it, and the Forbes magazine recently immortalized the fact in writing and publication. The can never be questioned as to how much the power couple has given or is willing to give to make the world a better place. However, despite the generosity and national praise for having such a kind heart, some critics still brew discussions and even contempt for the charitable deeds of the power couple. Some question the giving nature the long-lasted family dynasty lead by Dick. According to them, the generosity has always been a Trojan horse, or bait used to lure the obliged multitudes blinded by gratitude.

But just objective or subjective is the notion that the generosity of the said philanthropists of simply a facade meant to front the necessity of the dynasty to be allowed to exist? Just how fair would it be to dismiss the 1.33 billion dollars that the American society has benefited from the extended DeVos family? What is wrong with the couple selecting what causes to fund if the funding has always been free of any strings attached?

Dick and Betsy are strong supporters of the conservative wing and do fund the Republican Party. Perhaps, their political affiliation is the major reason their critics oppose them and even vilify their generosity. It could be political intolerance that drives people into criticizing the two for their good work.

Over 26 percent of the 139 million dollars’ worth of lifetime charitable giving by the power couple has always gone to education causes. Although the DeVoses have always had their personal belief that the public should afford students the choice to attend private schools through charters and vouchers, their contributions have not always gone only to the privately sponsored church schools. The couple has also been sponsoring non-religious schools, and they have always donated to educate kids from impoverished backgrounds. Also, they have constructed an aviation school inside an airport and do sponsor them to fulfill their dreams. The successful pass out rate averages at an impressive 86 percent. The couple’s second priority in their donations has always been art and art management.

Dick DeVos, son of the prosperous Rich DeVos, has always been a keen observer of how education and public policy affect the American society and has always desired to improve it. He seldom fails to speak against actions that he figures could negatively affect the nation. He served his family owned Amway Corp. as the chief executive officer from 1993 to 2002. He has always been involved in the formation of policies at the Republican Party and has numerously tried to sell his ideologies. However, he never imposes them on the people around him, including his employees. He has recently spent a good amount of time defending the family’s stand on education and their donations at Senate hearings and the media as well. He had earlier on unsuccessfully run for the gubernatorial seat against the incumbent.