Mr. Armour And Mr. Buffet Agree

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Timothy D. Armour, chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group, had something to say about Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet bet a million dollars that he could make more money than a group of hedge fund managers by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. It now seems as if Mr. Buffet will collect. Mr. Armour has said that an actively managed fund fares worse than passively managed funds. He has a very good, albeit, complicated, reason for this. To put it simply, it seems that actively managing a fund involves too many fees in buying and selling, rather than simply purchasing a fund and let it gather interest. That is an interesting concept, but it remains to be seen as true. Mr. Tim Armour has generally been right about a lot of things, however.

His friends call him Tim. He is Timothy D. Armour, and he is the chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group. But that is not all. He is also chairman of Capital Research and Management Company (winch is part of Capital Group).

He is an equity manager; he manages portfolios of stock holders. He started 34 years ago as an investment analyst at Capital Group. He mainly covered U. S. service companies.

Mr. Armour has been very much involved in education, having served for fifteen years with the JASON Foundation for Education. He was, in fact, the President of the foundation, which helps those in middle school with attempting to interest them in the sciences and mathematics.

His earlier career includes the fact that he was a senior fundraising official at Harvard Business

Living in Los Angeles, California, Timothy Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics.