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Mr. Armour And Mr. Buffet Agree

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Timothy D. Armour, chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group, had something to say about Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet bet a million dollars that he could make more money than a group of hedge fund managers by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. It now seems as if Mr. Buffet will collect. Mr. Armour has said that an actively managed fund fares worse than passively managed funds. He has a very good, albeit, complicated, reason for this. To put it simply, it seems that actively managing a fund involves too many fees in buying and selling, rather than simply purchasing a fund and let it gather interest. That is an interesting concept, but it remains to be seen as true. Mr. Tim Armour has generally been right about a lot of things, however.

His friends call him Tim. He is Timothy D. Armour, and he is the chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group. But that is not all. He is also chairman of Capital Research and Management Company (winch is part of Capital Group).

He is an equity manager; he manages portfolios of stock holders. He started 34 years ago as an investment analyst at Capital Group. He mainly covered U. S. service companies.

Mr. Armour has been very much involved in education, having served for fifteen years with the JASON Foundation for Education. He was, in fact, the President of the foundation, which helps those in middle school with attempting to interest them in the sciences and mathematics.

His earlier career includes the fact that he was a senior fundraising official at Harvard Business

Living in Los Angeles, California, Timothy Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics.

How EOS Beat Out Chapstick

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For decades, when people thought about lip balm they thought of Chapstick. Chapstick, owned by global pharmaceutical company Pfizer, was long the standard for lip balm in the market. Not that they were an innovative or great product; after all, for nearly a century, the product offering from Chapstick had not significantly changed or kept up with the tastes of consumers.

EOS entered into this competitive landscape and began to offer lip balms that were a cut above those offered by their competition. How they were able to do so and become a giant, in their own regard, was detailed out in a Fast Company article ( and was an insightful look at how a company outdid a larger competitor.

EOS started out by targeting one niche group of consumers who bought lip balm; women, and learned that they were not passionate or loyal to their lip balm brands. They viewed them in a utilitarian way, as something they needed to use but did not enjoy. The issues with the lip balms they applied were questions about the ingredients used, the flavor of the lip balm, and the applicator tube itself.

The applicator tube was redesigned into a neat orb that was cute, colorful, and sanitary to use. It was also easier to find in a crowded pocketbook and female consumers loved its ergonomic feel. EOS products often seen on the shelves of Walmart and Target stores nationwide.

The flavors that EOS lip balm created were a far stand from the medicine flavor that Chapstick sold. Sweet mint, strawberry sherbet, and passion fruit are just some of the varied options that EOS sells today. The ingredients used were natural and they didn’t have the fake flavor that the other brands had in their balms.

Finally, EOS concentrated on the sourcing of their ingredients and used items that were natual and organic and had a greater impact on retaining lip moisture. These higher quality ingredients paid off in the lip balm and provided for added moisture and less chapped lips than Chapstick did.

This provided EOS with a far superior product than Chapstick and the brand experienced a great uptick in sales and profitability as a result.

Richard DeVos – Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

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The DeVos family name, currently upheld by Dick and Betsy DeVos, has a rich history of philanthropy and other charity activities that goes back for many years. Dick and Betsy DeVos have through their organization Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that they founded in 1989 managed to amass almost 139 million USD. As the current representatives of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation they’ve set education as one of the foundations main targets for its ongoing philanthropic activities. The couple stated in an interview their belief that good and accessible education shouldn’t depends on location, but is something that should be available to all children across all states. During the year 2015 the foundation successfully collected more than $3 million that were donated to support a wide variety of educations. This act of charity done by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation resulted in 69 percent of all donations made towards education in that year. Betsy and Richard DeVos donated about $2. 5 million to art and culture in 2015



Richard (Dick) DeVos Jr. is an investor, company owner, entrepreneur, as well as a recognised philanthropist. He comes from a family that has been a significant contributor to charity for decades. Richard DeVos is the eldest of his brothers and sisters.



Richard DeVos is the owner of a few successful startups. In 1974 he co-founded the organisation Amway Corporation. The company works in the industry of distribution. It is a part of a network and sells personal care products, household items and health – related items through the use of dealers. He used to work at the Amway Corporation for many years and occupied a wide variety of positions. Richard DeVos received a promotion is 1984. He was offered the position of a vice president. As Vice President, DeVos was responsible for the smooth operation of Amway Corporation. He overlooked the performance of the Corporation in 18 countries from all around the globe.



A few years later, Richard DeVos left the position to pursue something new related to business. He founded the Windquest Group which is an organisation that works with storage units and closet organizers.



In 1993, Richard DeVos joined the Amway Corporation once again and assumed the position of President which had been previously occupied by his father. The company experienced a significant change in structure a few years after his return. Amway Corporation became a holding company of the larger Alticor Corporation. Under the umbrella of Alticor Corporation, it underwent expansion and started operating in 50 other countries. Richard DeVos decided to retire from his position of President in 2002. He devoted his time and efforts to his private company – Windquest Group.