History Shapes The World View Of George Soros

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The majority of people in the U.S. know the name George Soros for the large donations he has made to Democrat’s and left leaning causes across the nation throughout the 21st century; however, fewer people are aware of the fact Soros has spent a large amount of his life looking for the best ways of helping others to live safe and productive lives. As one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers George Soros has embarked upon a career that began in 1952 on the London markets before he made the move to Wall Street in New York in 1956. Soros did not initially plan on making the move to the U.S. a permanent one, but eventually decided to become a U.S. citizen after finding success as a hedge fund manager in his own right and building a personal fortune of over $25 billion. Read the full story on nytimes.com.

One of the main reasons George Soros is always looking to assist others in bettering themselves is the fact the Hungarian born Soros has never been given a simple way of getting to the top of the financial industry. As a young child George Soros witnessed his home country of Hungary being invaded and occupied by Nazi German forces during World War II; the Soros family were Jewish and were only saved from the horrors of the Holocaust by the quick thinking of George’s father who purchased fake documents to hide the true identity of his family during the final years of the War. Not only was George Soros saved from the Holocaust, but his life was changed forever when Hungary was left to be rules by Communist officials following the end of hostilities on Forbes, forcing George Soros to set out on his own to complete a refugee journey that took him to London and later New York.

The Soros name was actually formed from a word taken from the Esperanto language meaning ‘to soar’, which has been a name George Soros has lived up to. Soros has always been looking for new ways of exploring his own work and that of the foundations he backs with a high level of philanthropic giving each and every year. Feeling he has been given an opportunity to help others, George Soros has explained he feels the work he completes as a philanthropist is equally as important as the financial work he completes reported by DiscoverTheNetworks.org. Soros has established a philanthropic career based around the work he completes with many different organizations that he feels can benefit the communities of different nations and faith based groups; George Soros has been dedicated to changing the lives of minority groups in the U.S. he feels have been subjected to racism that continues in terms of social justice and a loss of human rights.