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Eric Pulier: Innovator, Investor, Visionary

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Technology is one of the biggest, most popular, and most profitable industries in current times. Technology is used in just about everything that you can think of thanks to innovations. Whether it’s smartphones, computers, televisions, or video games; advanced technology is playing a critical role in these products success. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? if you haven’t then just know this, Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, guest speaker, and author. The guy has literally come up with some of the best business solutions (via) advanced technology.

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and as a child, he would always seem to stand out thanks to his creative mind. In just the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer. That’s right! During his high school days, Pulier started is first computer database company. The groundwork had been set for what will soon become a prosperous professional career. In 1984 Pulier began his college life at the prestigious Harvard University. This brilliant minded individual majored in English/American Literature all the while he was the editor of the area’s prominent Harvard Crimson Publication. Not add insult to injury, but he also was the publication’s column writer all while taking extra classes at neighboring MIT. In 1988 the kid from Teaneck graduated magna cum laude and by 1991 he would begin his professional career in California.

Eric Pulier started his career in Los Angeles with a founded company named People Doing Things. (PDT) used innovative technology to solve issues within the healthcare and education fields. On top of the he developed one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill children. Starbright World was a hit as it raised the moral and allowed these children to interact (via) blog, chat, message, etc. The guy has founded up to 15 different companies during his career and has donated hundreds of millions to charity and technology start-up companies.


Construcap: Leading The Way In The World Of Construction

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To establish a successful construction company strong enough to weather the competition of neighboring entities while evolving into a sustainable and ideally innovative money maker on YouTube is difficult enough as it is. To accomplish this in a market boom as represented today in the growing economic powerhouse that is Brazil is something else entirely. Therefore, taking the overall building business climate in that region of the world is important to understand and appreciate such and a high-functioning group such as Construcap. They have been in the game for many years and have managed to stay relevant and inventive in the ventures as ever, repeatedly recognized for excellence in their booming field for ground breaking and consistent quality of work.

The work of Construcap can be seen all over the whole of Brazil. Their headquarters are located in Sao Paulo but their work can be seen all over the country. Having emerged over seventy years ago in 1944, Construcap continues to make a name for itself into the aughts, with a multitude of publications perpetually acknowledging them for their maintained relevancy, not to mention how much profit they accrue. This goes to show the importance of maintaining a economic attitude that revolves around sustainability in the economic aspects of the ever-evolving construction world on . Some of their notable accomplishments include the ‘Companhia Paulista Metropolitan Trains’, ‘Solomon’s Temple (UCKG)’, and the ‘Santos Dumont Airport’. Their business concerns not only the construction of new buildings, but also energy and infrastructure to boot.

Construcap is a company who is furthermore, unafraid of change. Their core principles appear to revolve around adaptability as an entity that applies value to ever aspect of their group, ever individual in Contrucap is valued. In short, they recognize and validate the importance of the people involved as key to their the success of their operation on Every aspect of how they do business is taking into consideration, and they take everyone involved in their work seriously, which demonstrates a respect for the environment and clientele. Other economic institutions and companies could perhaps look to Construcap as a company to learn from.

The EOS Lip Balm Phenomenon

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EOS, know as the evolution of smooth, seems to be everywhere. The popularity of their colorful flavored lip balms has skyrocketed. Celebrities are loving these little pods as well. Available in a myriad of flavors, the favorites of customers appears to be unanimous.

What’s so great about these lip balms? People have been moving towards organic products more these days. Since 2009, EOS lip balm has been boasting about their petroleum-free 95% organic aspects of the lip balms. Other benefits include the following:

  • 100% natural ingredients, including Shea butter and jojoba oil
  • Glides on the lips
  • Promotes smooth lips without over-drying
  • Petroleum and paraben-free aspects prevent from having to reapply frequently
  • Vitamin E antioxidant
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic

As a small startup company, they’ve achieved success against very large corporations who’ve been in business a lot longer. Their innovative packaging has been a huge draw for customers as well as flavors such as strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, and lemon drop. Consumers love the smell but state it’s not overpowering. Selling at only $3.29 on, people are raving about the assortment of flavors. Pages of positive reviews in high-profile magazines attest to their success and the customers’ satisfaction.

Other companies attempt to emulate the lip balms in flavor and appearance, but they can’t compare to the original. With thousands of followers on social media platforms, consumers share their favorite flavors while praising the product. The luscious flavors and benefits of the lip balms keep customers loyal to the brand.

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Christmas is Merry with Securus

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For prison families who have to deal with the holiday season away from their loved ones, Securus is finally allowing you to have better communication no matter where you are located around the world. Video visitation Services during the Christmas season can be something that allows you to finally feel close to your loved one despite the fact that you are nowhere near located to the prison they are living in. This is why a lot of people are currently making use of this great system with amazing success and why did so recommended by people in the prison family all over the world.


Being able to use Securus has been one of the best options me and my family have done as well. It allowed us to finally keep in touch with one of their very close relative who went to prison for several years and who we otherwise would not be able to see because we had no way to get to the prison where they were located. During the Christmas season, Securus was especially beneficial for us and allowed us to easily keep in contact with each other no matter the fact that we were not able to see each other face to face.


I have loved to this amazing system and continually recommended to prison families all over the world because I think it can benefit so many more people than it is currently being used for at the moment. Another wonderful benefit to using this system is that it is very easy and quick to get the hang of using and it is also incredibly secure so that you do not have to worry about it being a problem when it comes to an insecure system that is not going to work well for you or your loved ones.


Make sure that if you are interested in using Securus, you check it out by visiting their website and learning about what it can do for you and any other information that might pertain to you when you begin to use it on a more regular basis yourself. Make sure to consider using Securus during this Christmas season so that you can have better communication with your loved one without having to make a lengthy and costly trip to the prison just to be able to see them and make them feel like they are still part of the family.


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