Handy Co-Founders Roll Out New Plan

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Early this year, the CEO of the popular cleaning company in the US known as Handy was living in fear for Tuesday. Oisin Hanrahan and the team of leaders in the institution would meet every week at the company’s headquarters, located in New York City. During these meetings, held every Tuesday, the dedicated CEO would look at the PowerPoint showing how the strategy he had worked hard to champion was backfiring. His co-founder was also blaming him for the problems the company was experiencing.

Handy was facing a serious problem because it wanted to change the way it was bringing the new cleaners. This change had been advocated by the chief executive officer, Hanrahan. His primary plan was to roll out a successful online onboarding process especially in the countries it had established itself.

The co-founder of Handy (https://www.handy.com/), Umang Dua did not agree to the idea when it was first introduced in the year 2014. His primary concern was the fact that some of the qualified individuals would not be able to complete the whole application process if there was no help from a human. However, the two leaders decided to test run the process and see how everything worked. The new system was rolled out in Washington DC and Miami in January 2015.

The two leaders debated on whether they could implement the plan in all the markets conquered by Handy. In November 2015, the company closed its fifty million dollar series of capital funding. The introduction of the new capital was a great relief to the institution, but it also brought a new form of stress to the co-founders of the organization. Most of the potential investors wanted to know whether there would be more funding’s in future for the business. Most of the investors insisted that they would only invest their money if the cleaning company managed to underwrite the next stage of its growth. Things were terrible for the two leaders, and they had to introduce the plan.