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Danny Ferry Contract Issues Prompts Bruce Levenson To Take Court Action

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The career of Bruce Levenson has taken many twists and turns, but few of these have been as difficult as the insurance claim made by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium with AIG. The claim stems from the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry who was seen by members of the former Hawks ownership as making comments and completing actions they saw as constructive dismissal; early negotiations with AIG should have resulted in a payment made against the workplace policy held with by the insurance giant that have not happened since the sale of the Hawks to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler’s consortium.

A statement from the current ownership of the Atlanta Hawks acknowledged the case that will be heard in the Superior Court of Fulton County but made it clear the insurance claim is the responsibility of Levenson’s consortium. Bruce Levenson’s ownership group appointed Danny Ferry as General Manager in 2012 with a six year $18 million contract; in the buildup to the sale of the franchise in June 2015 Ferry agreed to terminate his contract to leave the way clear for the new owners to install their own front office staff. Bruce Levenson’s legal team believe workplace torts questions will show a financial settlement should have been reached with AIG without the prolonged period of uncertainty that has lasted over a year.

Bruce Levenson has mastered a number of industries and been honored by his peers along the way as his UCG company as evolved since its founding in the 1970s. Levenson has served on a number of industrial organizations, including the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association; both Bruce Levenson and his business partner Ed Peskoqitz have been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association for their work that now spans four decades.



Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg reshapes fashion e-commerce through JustFab

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JustFab is a fashion business enterprise founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They both serve the company as co-CEOs to bring out the unique and the trending brands in the fashion industry. They both have a great passion for fashion, and to make sure that their brands or the business grow successfully, they resolved on having a different model of operations. E-commerce is one term that describes the way they carry out their business.

Don is an entrepreneur who specialized in brand building. Don Ressler sold one of his companies, in the year 2001 to intermix Media. Adam was working at Intermix Media then, serving as the Chief Operating Officer and his friendship grew into business partners a few years later. From the several businesses Don has been able to operate, he managed to raise about $1 billion, and when Intermix Media got bought by News Corporation, Adam and Don thought of establishing their company.

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They kicked off 2006 by creating an online shopping platform, Intelligent Beauty and after creating several brands, they realized that their clients had embraced the e-commerce shopping. The two entrepreneurs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler thought of a new personalized shopping method that they could introduce to improve their customer’s online shopping experience. They aimed at achieving an interface where people can interact freely, have fun and above all allow affordable subscriptions. JustFab grew out of this idea where they created the personalized platform, hired highly experienced designers and style consultants and ensured that the subscription model is cheap and attractive to all. The subscribers were able to select handbags, shoes, and many more accessories made according to their taste and preferences for only $39.95 a month.

Don says that they don’t just ship in any product in their premises. Instead, they engage their customers through the subscription model. Don Ressler added that they aim at inspiring women from their brand collections and also give them tips on styles through their leaders working in the field. Additionally, they are also given a chance to interact and share views with each other. JustFab was an amazing women’s fashion brand that they launched, and Adam says it brought them an overwhelming potentiality. He added that they focus on the best designs, creativity, affordable price range and hiring of a highly experienced team of stylists. JustFab has grown into a great e-commerce fashion enterprise globally.

Apart from JustFab, Don Ressler had established different businesses and served them holding executive positions. They include FitnessHeaven, Alena Media as well as Intelligent Beauty.

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Thor Halvorssen Championing for Human Rights

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Thor Halvorssen is a Human rights advocate. He is also a film producer. Thor is often referred to as the champion of the powerless and the underdog. Thor started advocating for human rights as a teenager in London in 1989 when he organized opposition to the apartheid in South Africa. Thor has his native origins in Venezuela and Norway. He became actively involved in the fight for human rights when his father was imprisoned in Venezuela. His father was a political prisoner. Thor contributed to the release of his father by asking Amnesty International for help. He mobilized people and organization and made a protest towards the release of his father. Thor’s father was later released.


Thor’s mother was shot and wounded while attending a political protest in 2004. This made him start a Human Rights Foundation in New York. The foundation is aimed at getting political prisoners out of jail and enhancing democracy and tolerance in Latin America. The foundation has contributed to the release of seven conscience prisoners, published two books on state responsibilities and individual rights, presented evidence to Truth commissions, and given amicus briefs in key international cases of human rights Since its inception.


Thor Halvorssen is the CEO and the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum. This is an annual global meeting termed as a spectacular festival for human rights. The forum is growing to be on the same status as the Davos Economic Forum. Thor is the patron of ON Own Feet which is a children peace movement based in Prague.


Thor is known all over the world for his courageousness when it comes to fighting for human rights. He inspires people from every part of the world to stand up and fight for their rights. He believes that everybody should enjoy the freedom of speech and they should not be scared regardless of their origin and background. Thor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science and History.


Thor specializes in areas of human trafficking, slavery, a dictatorship, and threats to democracy. He also gives lectures on the human rights subjects in places like the Harvard Law School, the New York City Junto, among others. His knowledge of the law and the human rights has made him a great activist. Thor has also been a guest speaker at the British parliament where he spoke on issues regarding human rights and the need for them to be implemented for purposes of having a free society.

Handy Co-Founders Roll Out New Plan

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Early this year, the CEO of the popular cleaning company in the US known as Handy was living in fear for Tuesday. Oisin Hanrahan and the team of leaders in the institution would meet every week at the company’s headquarters, located in New York City. During these meetings, held every Tuesday, the dedicated CEO would look at the PowerPoint showing how the strategy he had worked hard to champion was backfiring. His co-founder was also blaming him for the problems the company was experiencing.

Handy was facing a serious problem because it wanted to change the way it was bringing the new cleaners. This change had been advocated by the chief executive officer, Hanrahan. His primary plan was to roll out a successful online onboarding process especially in the countries it had established itself.

The co-founder of Handy (, Umang Dua did not agree to the idea when it was first introduced in the year 2014. His primary concern was the fact that some of the qualified individuals would not be able to complete the whole application process if there was no help from a human. However, the two leaders decided to test run the process and see how everything worked. The new system was rolled out in Washington DC and Miami in January 2015.

The two leaders debated on whether they could implement the plan in all the markets conquered by Handy. In November 2015, the company closed its fifty million dollar series of capital funding. The introduction of the new capital was a great relief to the institution, but it also brought a new form of stress to the co-founders of the organization. Most of the potential investors wanted to know whether there would be more funding’s in future for the business. Most of the investors insisted that they would only invest their money if the cleaning company managed to underwrite the next stage of its growth. Things were terrible for the two leaders, and they had to introduce the plan.