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Provided Property Reports Online for Better Services in Real Estate Industry

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In recent years title defects have become a real issue in the property market. Most people feel like it is leading to wrong foreclosures as well as stagnation in the transition of assets in the market. Executives of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) says that only proper records of property can ensure a clear title transference and reduce the risk of buyback and wrong foreclose. Nationwide Title Clearing is a firm that leads in providing research and document processing for mortgages as well as the financial industry in general. They have developed a way in which the process of securing property reports is simplified through an updated website they launched that avails these reports online.

Most title defects occur when an individual or an entity claims a property that is already owned by someone else. Other factors that would lead to an invalid title include:

• Wording in the document that does not comply with real estate standards,
• Non-inclusion of a signature of a crucial party to the transaction,
• Previous encumbrances that are not yet removed from the title,
• Poor filing procedures during the recording of the real estate documents.

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, says that everyone should address the issue of title defects before selling the property. To assist in the fast growing mortgage industry, NTC has developed the following online property reports.
• Assignment Verification Report Services
• Current Owner Report (O&E—Ownership & Encumbrance Report)
• Tax Status Report
• Tax Status (Plus) Report
Nationwide Title Clearing has provided a simple and fast process to secure property reports where Mr. Hillam says that their services are based on research done from actual land records and are available for residential property nationwide. NTC officials say that the process gives accurate reports for the intended purpose. They ensure that they understand well the result of the client need which they say has helped in their success.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.:
Nationwide Title Clearing is a firm located in Palm Harbor, Florida in the year 1991. It is a privately owned firm that provides research and document processing services to the residential mortgage industry. They lender their services to investors, servicers as well as lenders. NTC is known for the provision of accurate information in all their services to protect homeowners, assist mortgage banking industry and to maintain the nation’s land records. Their land records and documents experts are always able to track and fulfill all documents jurisdiction nationwide.

The company’s main services offered include property reports, land records research, assignment services, document tracking and retrieval, lien release services as well as other personalized business solutions. The firm’s ranking number in 2013 was 26, got listed in the Fast 50 Award list, and was ranked position 1900 on the 2013 Inc. 500/5000 list from 2,730 in 2012. Finally for putting Americans back to work they had been awarded Higher power award for the second consecutive years in 2013.

Learn more:,FL/Nationwide-Title-Clearing-Inc/profile

Handy Knows The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

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A lot of businesses don’t realize that their customers are the heart and soul of their entire existence, so some companies will treat their customers poorly. The statistics show that if a customer is unsatisfied with service, they’ll tell up to 10 people, who will each tell 10 more people, which means that the business can eventually lose up to 100 people that would have been potential customers. Unfortunately, bad news travels faster than good news, so it’s always good for a company to treat their customers like gold. Handy is a company that’s determined to make every customer a priority.

Handy doesn’t just have great services that make their customers happy, they entitle their customers to good service or their money back. Many companies have a money back guarantee but will make every excuse not to give the money back when the customer states that they are unsatisfied. Even though Handy will refund a customer who hasn’t been satisfied with the service they’ve received, Handy hires workers that can do a great job to ensure customer satisfaction. Most customers who hire Handy for services will want their home cleaned.

A customer will set up an appointment by stating what kind of services ( they want and what rooms they want cleaned. The Handy employee will be on time to service the customer and will be very professional as well as getting the job done properly and in a timely manner. The customer is to go over the work that the employee has done to ensure that they are satisfied. If every visit to a customer’s home goes smoothly, then Handy is likely to get some praise as well as the worker, and the customer is likely to repeat their service in the future.

Since Handy lets their customers know that they are appreciated and are very important, many will choose Handy as the only company to clean their home. Another bonus is that Handy supplies all kinds of services that are beneficial for anyone with a home or even to those with a business. With the availability of moving services, painting services, cleaning services, assembly services, handyman services and more, Handy has everything that anyone needs when they want to spruce up their home or business at any time of the year. Become a Handy customer by signing up for an account on the website or application.


Scaling the heights of customer satisfaction; Securus gets accredited by BBB

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Before business leaders such as Securus became part of providing services to the country’s correctional facilities, service delivery was way below the standard. However, after the company got the first contract to offer services such as screening, public safety, monitoring and even corrections, they haven’t looked back since. Their hard work has paid off because among the many other recognition and awards, they are now accredited by the better business bureau.

What it takes to get a BBB accreditation

Companies are supposed to invite the bureau to come and take a look at their activities if they need accreditation. The bureau then takes time and rates the business practices of the company without any interference whatsoever from the company itself. The criteria they use, and one which Securus satisfied includes among others, the following criteria.

  • Establishing trust with their business partners: when a company is accredited, it means that their partners are satisfied with the levels of trustworthiness in the company.
  • Advertising practices: companies that get accreditation are supposed to use positive advertising practices and steer clear of false advertisements.
  • Transparency: the business must be in a position to honor all the promises they make to their business partners and other associates.
  • When a business is entrusted with important and sensitive information, they must be in a position to safeguard this information.

The fact that Securus got an A+ from the BBB therefore shows clearly that they are doing business according to the recommended standards, maybe even a little better. They have about 1,300 partners and affiliates around the country, and all of them met these standards during the vetting.

When the CEO was speaking about the newest fete, he stated that he was glad to have been in charge when the scrutiny was done and the outcome was positive. He stated that even though industry competitors claim to have better services, they are clearly ahead of the pack in their field.


How Evolution Of Smooth Broke Through A Stagnant Industry

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Evolution of Smooth is a beauty and cosmetic company that sells lip balm products, hand and body lotions and shaving creams. The staple product of Evolution of Smooth is its all natural lip balms. EOS ranks second in the United States in terms of number of lip balm sold per year. The company is a recent newcomer to the oral care sector. Yet, it has outpaced established companies like Chapstix and Blistex in sales.

How has Evolution Of Smooth, a new upstart in the beauty and oral care field, outpace and out-hustle companies like Chapstix and Blistex? The company has shaken up the lip balm aisle. It has created a new packaging for lip balms. This has immediately caught the attention of customers and brought a buzz in a market that was stagnant. The new spherical packaging is also easier to carry around in purses and actually easier to apply in most cases to your lips.

Another way that EOS lip balm has broken into the lip balm market is through its use of all natural and organic ingredients. Natural and organic products are seeing immense growth that is only expected to increase. By using all natural and organic ingredients for its lip balms and creams, Evolution Of Smooth is taking advantage of the growth in natural and organic products.

Evolution of smooth has also introduced the concept of flavored lip balms. Thanks to EOS you now have lips balms in flavors besides cherry or original. EOS has also created lip balms that make your lips shine and smooth them. This combines beauty and oral care together, which is a new concept.

Over a million units of EOS lip balm are now sold each week. That is a staggering sum that is only projected to increase as the global demand for lip balms is also slated to increase. You will find EOS lip balm and other products in stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy. It can also be bought online thru eBay and ULTA. Visit the website, for more information.