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Fabletics is one of many different retailers that is based online, using online subscriptions for a base so that their clients get the most out of their buy. This famous retailer sells different types of women’s sportswear and accessories. These types of items have also been known to be called “athleisure”. Fabletics is happy to do all of the work for you, when it comes to picking out the right things to wear, by basing their outfits off of the lifestyle and the fashion preferences that are pertaining to the member. The Fabletics website has been a must-have for many women who love to look good.

The History Behind Fabletics

Kate Hudson (famous actress), Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler all put together their heads and launched this famous store on July 2013 with one goal in mind, making sure that everyone was able to get the style of clothing they wanted from Fabletics, while also not having to pay too much for it. In the year of 2015, Fabletics launched a new line, men’s activewear, and it was all thanks to the help of Kate Hudson’s famously known brother, Oliver Hudson. During the 2016 year, the Fabletics company made the decision to make expansions with their inventory by adding to it some dresses and swimsuits.

The expansion of 2016 made the company flourish even more so. Now the Fabletics company has reached a record high for exposure as far as their advertising is concerned, thanks to their brilliant team of people. Over the years, this company has made a great name for themselves.

During the months of September and October of the year 2015, the Fabletics company on Twitter made the great decision to launch its first ever brick and mortar stores of retail within malls that were owned by the well-known company Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc. This year, during the month of February, Fabletics was said to have been scheduled to launch between the amount of 75 and 100 more different types of stores to help expand their business.


The membership for the Fabletics website only costs $49.95 a month, which is a money saver and a half compared to other fashion retailers. The Fabletics subscription however, does allow members the opportunity to skip payment for a month without having any extra charges added on to their bill. When members sign up, they will have to fill out some basic question that are a breeze to go through, and these questions will be used to help offer some advice on which outfits members should choose from. All in all, this site is a must-have for every woman who wants to look good, and save money while doing it.