Swiss StartUp Factory Continues to Help Businesses Grow

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The most important factors that will determine whether a small business is able to get off the ground and grow is whether they have access to capital and helpful consultation. Small businesses that have a good idea and would like to see it grow into an actual business could benefit by working with a company such as the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory is a venture capital and consulting firm based in Switzerland. The company provides services to small and growing companies in a variety of fields including the technology, internet, security, and consumer services industry. Some of the companies that have worked with the Swiss Startup Factory have gone on to achieve significant success thanks to the capital and consultation that they have received.

The majority of the clients that work with the Swiss Startup Factory get their start working in the company’s accelerator program. The accelerator program is an educational program that is used ot help a small business reach its goals and come up with a concrete business plan within a very short period of time. While working in the Accelerator program, a new business will at times come in with nothing more than a basic idea and then be able to build a prototype and have it taken to the marketplace in as little as three months.

Once a company is through the Accelerator program, the assistance does not end. The Swiss Startup Factory will be able to provide more services to help a business grow while also not risking the future. This will include helping them find ways to grow efficiently while continuing to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and innovation.

The Swiss Startup Factory is still a growing company compared to its peers. It was developed by Mike Baur, and entrepreneur that was looking for ways to help other small businesses. Mike Baur has a long professional history and proven success in building small businesses and having them grow into sustainable companies. He is currently the founder and CEO of the company and focuses on providing initial consultation to small companies while also handling investor relations.