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Swiss StartUp Factory Continues to Help Businesses Grow

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The most important factors that will determine whether a small business is able to get off the ground and grow is whether they have access to capital and helpful consultation. Small businesses that have a good idea and would like to see it grow into an actual business could benefit by working with a company such as the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory is a venture capital and consulting firm based in Switzerland. The company provides services to small and growing companies in a variety of fields including the technology, internet, security, and consumer services industry. Some of the companies that have worked with the Swiss Startup Factory have gone on to achieve significant success thanks to the capital and consultation that they have received.

The majority of the clients that work with the Swiss Startup Factory get their start working in the company’s accelerator program. The accelerator program is an educational program that is used ot help a small business reach its goals and come up with a concrete business plan within a very short period of time. While working in the Accelerator program, a new business will at times come in with nothing more than a basic idea and then be able to build a prototype and have it taken to the marketplace in as little as three months.

Once a company is through the Accelerator program, the assistance does not end. The Swiss Startup Factory will be able to provide more services to help a business grow while also not risking the future. This will include helping them find ways to grow efficiently while continuing to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and innovation.

The Swiss Startup Factory is still a growing company compared to its peers. It was developed by Mike Baur, and entrepreneur that was looking for ways to help other small businesses. Mike Baur has a long professional history and proven success in building small businesses and having them grow into sustainable companies. He is currently the founder and CEO of the company and focuses on providing initial consultation to small companies while also handling investor relations.

Darius Fisher and his Accomplishments

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For businesses that wish to continue to thrive into the 21st century, a requirement for not only businesses, but also for individuals is to invest heavily in experts that can create a positive online presence that will guarantee more customers and more revenue in the long-run. It is especially crucial for individuals and businesses to invest heavily in the reputation management industry as this industry can negate any negative content on the internet and can create a backup plan for a business that has received bad reviews or bad comments about the products or even about the services. The reputation management industry is a thriving industry that has been exponentially growing over several years as it has become crucial for individuals and businesses to have a positive online presence. Through the use of social media as well as through the use of databases such as Google, online reputation management firms can give any individual or business a second chance.
One individual in particular who is highly regarded within the reputation management industry is Darius Fisher, the co-founder and the president of Status Labs reputation management firm. Darius Fisher created this company and has developed the company over the years to watch it grow exponentially. Within just four years of being in business, Darius Fisher grew his company by over 939 percent. Darius Fisher, with his digital tools and his marketing strategy has recently won an award for his excellence. This award is known as the Business Development Individual of the year which is an award given to those that show the greatest potential within the marketing industry.

What makes Darius Fisher an innovator within his industry is the fact that he has shown exceptional skills as the leader of his company. With experts that work with him, Darius Fisher gives free reign to all of his employees and makes each individual feel as though they are truly making the business better and greater. At Status Labs, Darius Fisher puts an emphasis on the importance of trust within the industry and within the business in order to thrive in the future.


Andy Wirth Might Well Be Nature’s Ambassador

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There’s been a balance between people and nature for most of humanity’s history. But recent history has shown some unfortunate disruptions in that balance. One of the more unfortunate things about the situation is the fact that people do, quite sincerely, want to spend time in nature.

Study after study has shown how beneficial it is for people to spend time outdoors. But people often don’t know where to start. And even if they do know about where some great natural spots are they often don’t know how to get there. And this is where one man seeks to make some big changes. That man is Andy Wirth, and he has a couple quite important titles.

The title he’s had the longest is CEO of CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. In this position he’s made a remarkable impact by both preserving the area’s natural beauty and facilitating access to it. And this is exactly what the world needs these days. He’s a businessman, but not just a businessman.

And Andy Wirth a nature lover, but not just a nature lover. Instead he’s in a unique position to combine both of these traits into a concrete plan of action. And this is why not only has Squaw Valley Ski maintained it’s natural beauty, but neighboring locations as well. He’s been an instrumental force in bringing everyone in the area together to both preserve and promote the region’s breathtaking wonder.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

And this is why his new title is so important as well. He’s the new chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This position might sound like it’s all about working with planes. But it’s actually about extending his general philosophy in running Squaw Valley Ski even further outward. The position centers on the idea of showing people just how beautiful the region is, and providing the means to get them there.

By taking the position Andy Wirth is now able to almost act as an ambassador for nature itself. He’s not acting for any specific part of the area. But instead he’s simply working hard to showcase the sheer wonder of what’s available. He’s also a great match for this responsibility due to the simple fact that he’s an avid sports fan.

If there’s an event in the area than he’s the one to ask about it. This is so true, in fact, that he even pushed his recovery from a serious injury faster just so that he’d be able to participate in the local ironman competition.

The Achievements of Don Ressler in the Growing E-Commerce Industry

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Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who established a chain of start-ups including one of the largest fashion/apparels e-commerce retailer in the world. His first start-up was Don Ressler established the company in 2001 but after one year of profit making, the company was acquired by Intermix Media Inc. operated a wellness and fitness website that offered insights on exercises, medicine, nutrition, sports, family life, diet, and healthy living. The website on dimensional experience and expert content for guests including personalized fitness, virtual trainers, diet regimens and real-time competitive workouts.

After had been acquired, Ressler partnered with a 19-year old Intermix’s Chief Operating Officer, Adam Goldenberg, to establish Alena Media. This business-to-business social media platform generated hundreds of millions of revenues in e-commerce and performance advertising before it was acquired by another company, News Corporation in 2005 at

Goldenberg and Ressler were left watching their highly profitable e-commerce enterprise that they had built tirelessly, ignored by a media corporation. Frustrated by the notion, they left to explore new opportunities. Lucky for them, they had gathered enough skills required to excel in online performance advertising. They, therefore, gathered a team from Alena Media, established Brand Ideas, a company that later changed its name to Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty operates a business in the personal care, fashion, and beauty spaces. The company is also an e-commerce and beauty site that provides beauty and skin care information, as well as skin care products including cosmetics, fragrances, retinol, antioxidants, sunscreens, eye creams, and glycolic acids as well as handbags, jewelry, shoes, hair care, and sunless tanning.

Don Ressler also created a couple of direct-to-consumer brand building businesses. His first creation was DERMSTORE, an online cosmetics and skin care store. Two years later, he and Goldenberg created SENSA, a platform that gave insights about losing weight. Both SENSA and DERMSTORE were substantially profitable.

By 2010, Intelligent Beauty was not generating significant revenue. The company, therefore, launched another subscription e-commerce fashion retailer, JustFab. With funding from Matrix Partners, the company had roughly $4 million members by 2011. Both Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg continued to raise money for the company from a series of investors including Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures and the parent company, Intelligent Beauty.

In 2013, JustFab began seeking opportunities from new markets. Ressler figured that many of their clients were athletes, parents, and kids. He, therefore, purchased several subscription services including Fab Shoes, Fabkids, and Fabletics. This increased their subscription membership to $10 million. They also took some of their services offline, opening their sale stores in 2014.

Treating Blonde Hair With Wen by Chaz

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Though the blonde hairstyle is one that is extremely popular in the United States, it is also a style that presents many difficulties. The process of taking hair from its natural color to a blonde color is a damaging process in itself. The process involves stripping the hair of its natural color through the use of chemical agents like bleach or chlorine. These harsh chemicals are extremely damaging to the hair and can ultimately alter the protein structure of the hair. The next step in changing the hair color to blonde involves the addition of the blonde color to the color-stripped hair. This step involves the use of coloring agents that are slightly less damaging than the bleaching agent. Adding this coloring step to hair that has just been chemically altered by the bleaching agent can be catastrophic to the hair’s structure. By using a quality hair care product like the Wen hair care system can drastically reduce the damage caused by creating blonde hair.

By treating blonde colored hair with the Total beauty hair care system, consumers can ultimately restore damaged hair back to health. The Wen by Chaz system was developed using pure and organic ingredients that were specifically chosen to heal and nourish damaged hair. This one of a kind hair care system can cause significant restoration to damaged hair in as little as one week. For individuals who have color-treated blonde hair, it is important to utilize the Wen by Chaz shampoo, conditioning, and moisturizing treatments at least twice per week. In a review of the product that was recently published on Bustle, one user described her incredible experience after using the Sephora advertised Wen by Chaz hair care system for one week. These results can be experienced by anyone who utilizes this nourishing product and the product is especially beneficial to those with blonde treated hair. Visit the Wen website