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An Experiment With Wen Cleansing Conditioner

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WEN Hair by Chaz is a line of hair-care products designed to make your hair routine easier and more effective. Their 5-in-one cleansing conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. An article on walks the reader through one woman’s 7-day experiment with Wen’s cleansing conditioner. The original article can be found at the following link:
The woman who conducted this experiment, Emily McClure, had shoulder-length, fine hair and was hoping the product would give her “luscious, QVC-worthy strands“. She provides pictures of before and after each use of the product on each of the seven days.

On the first day she noted that not as much hair piled up in the drain as usual and that her hair felt more shiny and bouncy. She also mentioned that the bottle says to use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium-length hair, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. She used 10 pumps which, from looking at the pictures, is about five times the amount of shampoo she would normally use.

Throughout the rest of the week she noticed that her roots were greasier and oilier than normal, but her hair was more voluminous and shiny as a result. Her hair was also softer, which caused her curls to fall sooner in the day than normal.

McClure concluded that this Wen hair works best if used everyday at the same time of day. She advises not to skip days, because hair will become extremely greasy and difficult to manage. Overall, this Amazon available product is good to use for shinier looking hair.

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Darius Fisher Discusses Positive Workplace Culture

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When discussing running a business so rarely do people talk about the importance of actually retaining their employees. Employee turnover in businesses, especially younger start ups, can lead to huge financial losses. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, had some words to say about harboring a culture that encourages long term employment. Fisher has run Status Labs, an online reputation management company, for the past several years and he has steadily seen his workforce grow — giving his advice some merit.


The most important aspect of running a business, according to Fisher, is creating a culture at the workplace that puts an emphasis on rewarding hard working employees. Fisher believes in publicly giving positive reinforcement to employees who accomplish tasks. Giving recognition to employees makes them feel empowered as well as a part of a bigger team. It’s not enough to know in their head that they’ve done well, hearing it out loud creates a bond among employees.


Next up Fisher believes in giving goals for employees to work with. Having prizes that employees can win makes them want to work harder for that extra little bonus. No matter the prize you’ll end up having employees working hard, with goodhearted competition at the work place. Some companies like Apple will go out of their way to create huge prizes but you don’t need to do that.


Finally Fisher advocates creating a workplace full of open information. Keeping employees in the loop at work will make them feel like a bigger part of the company. This will also prevent the creation of rumors from lack of intel. Treating your employees like real parts of the bigger machine will cultivate a better company in the long run.
As you can see there needs to be a real focus on creating a communal feeling in the work place. You have to treat your employees with respect while rewarding them for a job well done. Darius Fisher knows this first hand thanks to his work with Status Labs and the way the company has steadily grown since he took over to run the business.

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Wen By Chaz Tears Up Red Carpet

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As an actress I am constantly on the red carpet so I am always having my glam squad try to help me find new ways to beautify my look. One thing I always focus on when making my red carpet look is my hair. On any given day my hair could easily look like fly away Susie. It’s slightly embarrassing but unfortunately that’s my reality. I struggle with having great hair like my other counterparts that also join me on the red carpet. As I watch some of my friends flaunt across the red carpet I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if I had great hair.

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Recently, Allure did an article about a blogger who had given WEN By Chaz a chance on her own hair and the results were remarkable. Each day we watched in awe as she took us through her hair care journey and how the product made her hair fuller and beautiful as each day went by. I was thoroughly impressed and let’s face it we all love beautiful hair and if one bottle can do that for you who wouldn’t’ want to use it right? As I read the article I instantly called my stylist and let her know I wanted to give Wen By Chaz a chance.

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Getting Your Company’s Reputation Back

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Online reputation is vital to the success of your company. The real reason for this is because a lot of people search for your company before doing anything else. They may read reviews, read blog posts and check out articles that all pertain to your company. When you have negative information circulating out there and involving your business, this can truly deter people from wanting to use your services. This can, in turn, cause you to go out of business over time for the simple fact that your reputation has been tainted and was never properly restored.

A lot of people owners attempt to restore their own reputations online with little success. The best way to get your online reputation back to where it needs to be is to hire a company like Bury Bad Articles. Bury Bad Articles specifically works on reputations and can build the one you have to better your way of doing business. This can help bring in more clients and allow you to realize your potential as a new company owner or one who has been in business for years. When you help your reputation online, this can be just what you need to stay afloat as a business owner and get the client flow that you know you need.

Once you begin to make use of the Bury Bad Articles company, you will find them to be great at what they do. This is why hundreds of other company owners have used their services with fantastic success. You can contact Bury Bad Articles to see what they charge for their services and how they can help you to realize your potential. Once you begin to work with Bury Bad Articles, this is something that will help you to get where you need to be. There are a lot of things that you can do as a company owner, but one of the most important things is for you to build your reputation on the Internet so that people will want to make use of your business when they read all of its reviews and articles.

JustFab Opens Up Its Catalog To Plus Size Women

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The Curvy Fashionista is saying that JustFab has opened up their catalog to plus size women who want to wear good clothes. JustFab has been on the cutting edge of the fashion industry for a long time, and now they are making their catalog the place where plus size women can find the things that they need. There are a lot of things that women will love as they shop, and it is important that every woman at least looks at JustFab once to see what they can find.

Curvy women are trying to find a way to embrace their curves in a body positive society, but they still have to be able to shop for these things easily. The shopping is the hardest part, and that is why it is so important that JustFab has done this. Just Fab has made sure that they are making clothes that are going to flatter curvy women, and they are going to make as many clothes as they can to help plus size women find something they want.
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JustFab’s Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Accessories

The next best thing for women to do is to make sure that they are going to have clothes that actually look like the clothes their friends wear. JustFab is trying to be right where other fashion lines are, and they are going to make it easy for women to see something that they saw on the runway or in a magazine that was beautiful.

The report from The Curvy Fashionista is something that women need to pay attention to even if they do not wear plus sizes themselves. They are going to be able to help women get the clothes they want, and they are going to be able to recommend the site to their friends. A friend who finds something at JustFab is going to be really happy, and they are going to feel great because they have been given their friend a way to get some great clothes. The two can shop together, and it helps plus size women avoid shopping in places where they know they would never find a thing.

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GoFundMe with Attorney Ross Abelow

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Ross Abelow is an attorney practicing law and a native of New York City. Abelow graduated from the Albany State University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1989, he graduated from Brooklyn Law School.

After more than twenty-five years of providing law and counseling services in matrimonial law, family law, entertainment law, writing legal blogs, and commercial litigation, Abelow and his partner established a law firm called Abelow & Cassandro, LLP. Through this law firm, they were able to help several individuals in family matters, such as processing divorce, seeking child custody, inheritance issues, and writing wills.

Through his humanitarian nature, Abelow was inspired by the misfortune of the homeless and stray animals in Ney York City due to their inability to fight for their lives. He noticed the grave issues that faced homeless animals, such as the dangers associated with tough winter season conditions.

He noted that several animals suffer during the cold weather. Some animals lack good shelter as a result of limited space or due to lack of enough resources to provide them food and treatment. Due to his sympathy, Mr. Abelow put aside his law practice and founded the GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising money in support of the animals and their shelter in New York.

The GoFoundMe campaign was to develop the community by ensuring that stray and homeless animals are cared for and their needs are met. The campaign started in January 2016, and its target was to raise five thousand dollars to aid in reducing deaths of homeless animals, especially during the cold season, under the management of Mr. Abelow.

Mr. Abelow pointed out that homeless animals lack necessities, such as water, food, and warm shelter, leading to their deaths. The money raised from the campaign would be used to provide the animals with shelter, food, vaccines, medical care, and other required supplies, which escalated throughout the winter season.

The GoFoundMe campaign was a significant initiative by Ross Abelow in a very gratifying cause that would unquestionably help preserve conceivably a high number of homeless and stray animals, which could perhaps die. Helping homeless animals is a benevolent undertaking by Mr. Abelow.

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Wen: A Hair Transformation

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In a recent article found on, a young woman describes her experiment with a popular haircare brand called WEN. Known for its cleansing conditioners which are three-in-one products, this woman decides to put this highly talked about brand to the test. This cleansing conditioner makes hair washing easier- it’s a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all in one bottle.
These hairstyling formulas are said to work wonders and are mostly known for being used by its creator and Hollywood hairstylist, Chaz Dean. Chaz uses these cleansing conditioners on all of his celebrity clients, and we all know how beautiful the hair of Hollywood stars are!

In this Wen seven day experiment, the author records her results each day, noting the pros and cons. Although, she gained immediate volume, she found that washing it at night wasn’t the best route for her hair type. She has thin, hard to style hair, so when she woke after washing not during the evening, it became greasy. Once she overcame that obstacle, she started washing and styling every morning. This worked absolute wodners for her- no grease, just pure shine! She even started receiving compliments on how shiny and beautiful her hair was! The pictures were there to prove it as well.

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