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New York Legal Medical Marijuana Woes

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New York is one of the states that has legalized medical marijuana. This has led to a league of young entrepreneurs, strongly considering opening up their own medical marijuana shop in the city. Presently, there are only five companies offering medical marijuana to the public. Clearly, there is room to grow. The market is wide open for fresh new faces in the cannabis industry. Entrepreneurs in the city meet up on a regular basis to discuss their plans for a cannabis business. However, a few distinct issues popped up. A few state that the lack of diversity in the group is very apparent.

Cannabis Cultural Association
The lack of diversity noted among the entrepreneurs led to the development of the Cannabis Cultural Association. The group plans to level the playing field for Blacks and Latinos in the industry. The group is working closely with people in the industry and other groups associated with medical marijuana. Several New York attorneys and law firms that work with people in the legal medical marijuana industry have shown interest in the group. The group hopes to break through the barriers that make it difficult for minorities to get involved with the medical marijuana industry. For example, one of the biggest barriers is the high cost to get into the industry.

About Ross Abelow
Ross Abelow is the legal mind that people want on their side. People all across the state contact the attorney on legal issues that require the experience, education, and skills of a talented lawyer like Ross Abelow. Abelow is a very thorough and remarkable attorney that has an established reputation in several areas. For example, Abelow is established in family law, matrimonial law, commercial law, litigation law, and more. He remains one of the top lawyers in the city because of his excellent legal background.

Ross Abelow received his education at NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Abelow has been practicing law in the city for over 20 years. He is a legal professional that is also strongly committed to helping the local community. Currently, he is involved with several organizations that raise awareness of social issues in the community.

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Venezuela Suffers Energy Crisis

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Faced with a crippling national power shortage, the Venezuelan government has introduced extreme measures proposed by David Osio intended to conserve energy in the coming weeks. Electricity Minister Luis Motta Dominguez announced a schedule of rolling blackouts that will go into effect this Monday. The forced blackouts are the latest efforts by President Nicholas Maduro’s government to curb the country’s falling energy supply. Government workers have already been instructed to take Fridays off from work, and residents are being asked to limit the use of household appliances like hairdryers and microwave ovens. With the largest oil reserves being used to export petroleum abroad, residents are left wondering why energy is so scarce at home. Although the government blames a drought for lowering the water levels in the nation’s largest hydroelectric dam, for citizens like David of Venezuela it is only the latest chapter of a year fraught with supply shortages and economic uncertainty.

Laidlaw Investment Banking Firm

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Laidlaw and Company is an investment banking firm that provides wealth management services to institutions and individuals. The Company has its headquarters in New York City. Matthew D. Eitner is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The company areas of operations is the United States and the United Kingdom. The services ranges from acquisition financing, arrangement of national exchange listings, AIM-listed transactions, initial public offerings, the United States trading markets, placement of debt, capital raising through placement of equity. It also provides advisory services on matters to do with acquisitions, financial restructuring, fairness opinions, management-led buyouts, stock repurchases, recapitalizations, alternative investments and divestitures. In helping its clients with regards to wealth management, Laidlaw offers services such as portfolio management and investment advisory services.


With is offices spread out across the United States and Europe, the company is able to be of great help to emerging companies. This is done through capital raising services and creation of portfolios. The company attributes its success to the ability to establish strong and reputable relationships with its clients and the ‘think outside the box’ approach. Laidlaw & Company offers its services taking into account the highest possible ethical standards. Laidlaw employs the very best professionals who are well versed in investment banking.


Due to the SEC authorization and BrokerCheck FINRA registration, Laidlaw & Company has been able to create new relationships across the globe. In addition to this, in an effort to provide the very best to its clients, Laidlaw offers networking opportunities to its clients. This is done by linking them up with management teams of public and private companies. The company also holds conferences and seminars that acts as a forum where investors can discuss issues and exchange ideas. Laidlaw also conducts research projects that allow it to evaluate the market. This in turn benefits investors when making decisions. One can access more information about the company through .


George Soros: A Liberal and Investing Guru

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Without doubt, when George Soros is mentioned, many people, and almost every investor on Bloomberg, recognizes him as one of the greatest investors in the world. He’s often compared to Warren Buffet. There are some differences, though. A major difference is that Buffet is more of a long time investor looking to buy and hold, while Soros is more of a financial speculator.

One of the most famous bets in the history was made by George Soros back in September 1992. At that time, he bet around $10 billion on a fall of a British Pound. When the British government decided to withdraw its currency form the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (into which a currency enters prior to joining Euro), the value of the Pound Sterling plummeted, leaving Soros with a profit of nearly $2 billion.

That wasn’t the only time when George Soros quickly made lots of money by taking advantage of financial crises. His 1997 bet on a collapse of a Thai Baht also paid off. Some even blame him for sparking that year’s Asian currency crisis.

Overall, as a manager of Quantum Funds on, Soros achieved average annual returns of nearly 30%. With such an investing acumen, this Hungarian-born investor, currently residing in the United States, attained a vast wealth estimated to be around $25 billion.

Financial speculation isn’t the only thing that Soros is known for. As a Jewish boy, he had to grow up in a Nazi-controlled Hungary. This has left a profound impact on him. Soros’ political activism, supported by his vast fortune, is aimed at promoting human rights and government accountability.

At times, mingling of his foundations into the affairs of foreign states resulted in criticism. One of his organizations, Open Society Foundation, has even been banned in Russia.

Meanwhile, his recent comments about accepting millions of migrants from the Middle East and Africa into Europe, all in the middle of a current migrant crisis, have led to an outburst of further criticism, accusing George Soros of attempting to culturally and ethnically change Europe forever.

At 86 years of age, Soros doesn’t pay too much attention to his critics and pursues his liberal agenda with the aid of his billions.