“Queens Of Drama” Rekindle Soap Opera Success

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The eternal question for fans of a TV show is what happened to their favorite stars after they left a show; for many of the fans of soap operas from the 1980s to the present day the question of how their favorite stars have fared away from the limelight will be easy to see. The scripted reality show “Queens Of Drama” brings many of the most famous faces of prime time and daytime soap opera back to the small screen, which includes the iconic figures of Donna Mills and Joan Collins.

For more recent fans of soap opera shows who are not familiar with iconic stars like “Knot’s Landing” villain Mills, or “Dynasty” legend Joan Collins more recent stars like Crystal Hunt appear on the show. Hunt has been a major star of two of the best known soap operas in recent history, “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”; the award winning soap opera star has visited the world of prime time drama on many occasions, but has developed a range of skills as a performer and business person she uses during “Queens Of Drama”.

Crystal Hunt is hoping the abilities she has recently shown as a performer will assist the “Queens Of Drama” in creating a new prime time TV drama. Hunt has been a recognizable face for a number of years in different areas of the entertainment industry, particularly through her roles in recent successful movies. The major movies Crystal Hunt has appeared in have given her an increased global brand that will be used by the production company formed for the show to help attract a major TV network to the TV show being developed.  Follow Crystal on Facebook to see where her career goes next.

There are many reasons why the production company formed by the all female cast of the “Queens Of Drama” should be a success, not least the fact the women involved have a long history of finding success in the TV industry. By using the many skills they have developed the women hope to show off the reasons why they have found success over the course of the 21st century.